Weddings Galore

Sunday, December 12, 2010 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

There has been a lot of weddings happening lately.3 of my friends got married during these past 2 months.I only manage to go to one.The other 2,one of them clashed with a family day out & the other one was akad nikah & the persandingan/kenduri will be in January so I hope I'll be able to make it!

In January,another friend of mine will be getting married as well & I can't wait to go because I know the whole process on how she met her husband & was there for the was sometime in march I think..quick right?But that's what people call fate or in Malay,'jodoh'.:)

Sometimes I get a bit panicky when I see lots of my friends are getting married already but then I realize that hey,I'm only 23 years old.You tend to forget how young you are when you have so many things to do and responsibilities and expectations to live up to.I am not worried because I know god has someone for me out there and maybe one day if our path cross,he'll be the best thing that has ever happened to me and vice versa.Insyallah.:)

Talking about weddings,last night I went to the wedding of my mum's former boss/friend--Puan Salmiah & Uncle Bokhari's son--Aizat with his bride,Mardiana.It brought a lot of good/awesome childhood memories because I had an amazing childhood filled with toys,vacations and huge birthday parties.

And everytime we vacay,be it Cameron or Langkawi(both are my holiday playground & I know them inside & out),we would stay at Pn.Salmiah's resort for free(Semarak Resort which she has sold now) or their huggeee bungalow in Tanah Rata,Cameron(that's still there but nobody lives in it & there's a caretaker) where we would go with all of our relatives & their family or back when we live in Seremban,we would bring all of our close neighbors-- so there'll be 5-6 families in the huge house & it was so much funnnn!

In Langkawi, me & my brothers would order lots of room service when our parents went out(the resort staff are like our friends) & hang by the beach(Cenang Beach is the best!).

Okay back to Aizat's & Mardiana's wedding--they had an mc who spoke about how they met during the ceremony & the story was just sooo beautiful not to share!Okay,both of them are former lectures at UiTM Shah Alam & their faculty was next to each other.Aizat is now the dean at a college in Perlis or was it Kedah?

Anyhoo,Aizat was performing his Haj with his family and Pn.Salmiah asked him to pray for 'jodoh',a good one(duh) at Kaabah.And lo and behold like it was fated,they met there because Mardiana was accompanying her Opah(grandma) to perform Haj.They stayed at the same hotel and although the hotel(I don't remember it's name) is now defunct,their love still blossomed..:)

The funny part of the story was that the mc asked them how did they fall in love to which the groom said that when he met his bride in Makkah, she was 'gemok,hitam & pendek'(not anymore laa) while he was 'kurus & takde style'.But true love brought them together.:)

And the wedding favors was of course,chocolates from Langkawi--huge toblerones for the kids(my brothers got em') & bars of Belgian white chocolate for the ladies & dark chocolate for the men.

Wedding fun fact about my parents/family:

*1* My parents wedding had huge fireworks--the kind you see in the sky during special holidays!How cool is that??

*2*ALL of my mum's siblings wedding ceremony was held at night..none got married during day time.It's a family tradition because I guess it's cooler & mama said my persandingan will be at night as well..hehe.

*3*My parents wedding theme was blue and white on my mum's side and bronze/choc on my dad's side(I think).Mine will be lavender!!ahahaha*Berangan*

One of my favorite2 wedding blog is LAYER CAKE--so many great2 wedding ideas..some simple but always nice & some elaborate & still nice too..:)