Iron Chef America + The White House

As you my dear blog readers know,being an avid fan of cooking and baking,I love love watching shows such as Cake Boss(amazing baking chops & I’m going to download episodes from season 1 & 2 soon!!),Iron Chef America(I have lots of the episodes stored in my trusty vaio),Racheal Ray Show,Martha Stewart and many more.
Thus,since I have been quite busy with my practicum and dealing with my colourful personality-wise students,I didn’t get a chance to download new episodes of Iron Chef America.boohoohoo

BUT,since my last observation for my practicum ended last week,I managed to do so while hanging out at my aunt’s place in Mahligai (which had the super fastest internet speed ever—imagine the fact that I manage to download an episode in just 1 hour!!).

This episode of Iron Chef America was MONUMENTAL!Why??Because it was a battle between four amazing chefs and their secret ingredient involved the White House!The 4 chefs are Mario Batalli(I still don’t agree with the uber ugly Crocs that he wears...euughhh..doesn’t matter what color/how comfy it is,it’s still UGLY fashion-wise!My dad wears one too in brown,but he never wears it outside,only to do his gardening..hahaha),Bobby Flay(he’s so cute!),Emeril Lagasse(love2 the way he cooks) and of course,the White House Executive Chef herself, Cristeta Comerford.

I mean,the start of the episode was just so funny!How the heck the chefs managed to keep a straight face(I’m sure they did many takes of it!) with Alton Brown mucking about??He is so hilarious with the whole secret agent bit.

The best part of course was went Michelle Obama came out from the White House.It was like—tadaaaa!!The White House vegetable garden(which was the secret ingredient in this battle!!) is amazing!I loved the fact that she said that the president and the family loves sweet potato in response to what Bobby Flay asked her—which I love too(though I love the Japanese deep purple ones—so yummy & the colour just beautiful!).

The 3 judges was Nigella Lawson(woohoo!),Sigourney Weaver and Natalie something(an Olympic medallist swimmer).I won’t reveal who the winner is because it’s like so obvious!hahaha.


Tick Tock Goes The Biological Clock

Last Sunday,an article in The Star newspaper stated that more and more Malaysians are choosing to get married later in life or NOT at all.Because I have parents that have embedded in my head that I should put career first once I graduate and to marry later in life--they said preferably when I'm 27-29 years old & plus my father is dead set AGAINST me having a boyfriend while I'm studying---but it's okay for my brother to have a girlfriend though!Double standards just because I'm the only daughter & other blah222 reasons..-_-..

Thus,the article did not affect me at all..or so I thought..Until after the conversation that I had with Izza a few days ago,which actually made me a bit afraid and started to think about my future.What if I NEVER found the right guy for me??damnz..It made me sort of regret some of the guys that I didn't want to be serious with.Okay to be truthful,I get a lot of flak from my friends for being a serial dater and never leading to anything serious.

I've dated quite a few guys,had genuine feelings for only 1 or 2 but it never lead to anything serious because to be honest,I just don't feel BOTHERED(a British expression-as in,I could care less).I'm not one of those girls who text you for no apparent reason or call whenever they want too..I never even do that to my friends(we usually text each other when we want to meet up or call when we have hot goss..ahaha).

Throughout 5 years of pursuing my bachelor's degree I've yet to find the one that made me want to have anything truly serious with them.Here's the truth,despite the fact that I might look all modern on the outside, but I still prefer the guy making the moves.BUT,a recent story about one of my lecturer's love life and how she nabbed a husband which was by being really really brave in getting what she wanted,made me rethink about my nonchalant way.

Plus,I'm soo not one of those cutesy2 girls who talks in a cute way or is all 'manja2' all the time(I am manja sometimes but not all the time!) and I don't like being joined at the hip and has to follow my boyfriend everywhere he goes or have to see each other everyday kind of thing.If others are like that,that's great but I'm not going to pretend that,that's me!Plus,I don't like being asked where did I go just now,what did I do--even my own family members know that this irritates me.

It's like this,I'm soo used to being single and comfortable being one that being in a relationship and the steps leading up to it makes me very uncomfortable.Thus,I'll need a MAN who's emotionally secure and one that I can depend on because I'm used to being independent, that it's good sometimes when you can depend on others instead.:)

BUT if worse come to worse,I'll accept my parents choice of a man that I should marry.Because like what I told my mum,if it ends with a divorce,it won't be my fault cos' they're the one who choose him..lols!


I saw some people doing this on their blog and it was interesting to see some of the material things in their wishlists.Since it is a wishlist after all,some of the things in mine might be a little bit extravagant but I thought why not just do a fun list with a mixture of things that I could and could not afford?:)

1.Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series.

I watched the movie and love it although it was not that great.I would love to get all 5 books for my collection(I’ve about 150+ books in my bedroom..hehe).Currently,I just finished reading the first book,The Lightning Thief which I borrowed from one of my students,Hariz.I've to say that it's VERY different than the movie so go & buy the book!

2.Lola by Marc Jacobs EDP

I tested this perfume like 2 months ago and love the smell and I love the cool bottle too!My current perfume have such a pretty bottle and the box that it came with was pretty too.It’s running out though & I think this perfume along with a few more in this list would be the perfect replacement for it.

3.Nixon 'The Player' in Gold

I really want this watch and been looking high and low for it but..sigh.It’s nowhere to be found!
I’m not one who likes a delicate watch on my wrist.I was given my Crocodile Sapphire watch since I was about 14 years old but I never wore it to school cos’ I thought it would be just too big and mannish looking.

Thus,I gave it back to my dad to keep.But after 2 years ago,the big men watch on a lady’s wrist trend took off and I thought why not wear it now?And yes,buying an expensive watch is a big investment because that watch looks brand new but it has been in the family for almost 10 years!I have another watch, an Elysee, that my mum hand down to me(it was hers) and it’s still ticking after almost 10 years of me wearing it.Thus,when it comes your watch,choose quality!

4. Winter-Kate Japanese Kimono dress

I love Nicole Richie’s look.She’s impossibly chic and she just launched her own clothing line,Winter Kate in the States.I know it’ll be months or years before the line will be in our country but it’s okay to dream owning a piece of it right?Besides I love dresses,especially maxi ones because you can just throw it on, add some accessories and shoes & just go!Nicole loves long dresses too because she doesn’t like the in-between lengths.

5. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

I love makeup,I love gussying up others,and I love playing around with it.This would definitely cover up my eyebags which are getting darker and obvious because the my complexion is quite fair..ahaha.

6.The Nanny series dvd set

I grew up watching this series thanks to one of my aunts and I remembered when I was little, watching it everyday because we had it on VHS.I would love to have the dvd set because I saw it being sold at Shah Alam Mall in all places.Haven’t got money to buy all of the season yet though(6 seasons altogether).Thus I would love to have it as a gift.*hint hint*..;)

7.A pair of sturdy boots

I have a pretty pair of ankle boots with bows on it.But I would love to have a pair that is flat and sturdy but not too chunky like Doc Martens.Maybe a bit like Timberland but not as thick inside either. Haven’t found one yet though.I would love it to be in grey or black or even pale pink.If you do found it,my shoe size is 8 .:)

8.A bib necklace

A few bib necklaces have caught my eye but they cost a little bit more than what I usually spend on a necklace.Would love to have a really pretty one for my collection!

9.Kim Kardashian EDP

It smells amazing & I really really want it!!Plus I l LOVE Kim Kardashian—she’s gorgeous!

10.Anya Hindmarch Marano bag

I went to the Isetan at the Gardens and asked if they have it cos' I didn't see it on display at the Anya Hindmarch bag section--and get this...they said that it was sold out!!!

11.Salvatore Ferragamo 'Verina' flats

I wear flats everyday(I am glad that one of my fave fashion queen,Victoria Beckham who doesn't like em' has even started to embrace them!) and this one is PERFECT!!!Look at the Grey colored one??Sooooo beautiful!!!I WANT IT!!!

12.Annick Goutal Petite Cherie perfume

I tested a whiff of this perfume recently and it smells so fresh & I love it!The creation of this scent has an interesting story as well!According to Camille Goutal in an interview--'My mother created this perfume for me when I was 20 to mark the special time in life when a girl becomes a young woman. Petite Cherie or “my little darling,” is a fresh combination of fruity and floral ingredients including peach, musk rose, pear, fresh cut grass and vanilla. The fragrance was created as a symbol of a mother’s love for her child.'

Movie Reviews

1.The Blindside
Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her role in this movie and being a fan of hers,I thought I should watch this much talked about movie.By the way,this movie is based on a true story and Leigh Anne was actually at the Oscars when Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her portrayal of her in The Blindside.

When I first watched it,my heart reached out to Michael. He makes me feel really sad and looking at his expression and his clothes and the fact that at the start of the movie he only has a couch on someone else’s house as a place to stay,was just utterly heartbreaking.He looked like a big teddy bear that needs a good hug.Oh,the title of the movie refers to the game of American Football which was explained by Sandra at the start of the movie but when people talk about sports,it goes right through me..it doesn't register to me..:P

I cried when Michael said to Leigh Anne that he never had a bed to sleep in before when Leigh Anne thought that he never had a room of his own.That was so sad!And man,I admire Leigh Anne so much!I can only say that it’s a really really great movie which emphasize on love and family which Leigh Anne has so much to give and I admire her for that.

I hardly recognized Tim McGraw with his beard shaved off,playing Sean and Lily Collins--daughter of Phil Collins—duh & how appropriate that she’s playing Leigh Anne’s daughter whose name is Collins--looked really really beautiful! SJ character is just so cute and funny!!!I loved the part whereby he trained Michael for football.hehehe.I’d give this movie 4.5 out 5.People should definitely go and watch it!!!!I want to watch the movie all over again!!:)


Man,I've been waiting to watch this movie &I've to say that it disappointed me.I love Alexis Bledel & am a big fan of hers & think that she's one of the most gorgeous celebs in the world.BUT,I hate the ending of this movie.I can however identify with what she's going through in the movie because I am about to embark into the working world in a couple of months myself(insyallah).

Fashion-wise,I like the fact that in the movie she wears this big manly watch like I do which to me is so chic!Like Rachel Zoe(fashion stylist extraordinaire) said,she likes her watch to cover her wrist.

This is such a spoiler but I hate the fact that Ryden,after getting the job that she so badly wanted,left it just so she could go to Columbia & tell Adam that she loves him.Like QUIT the freaking job opportunity that's so hard to come by..like where the heck is the logic in that??Why can't she just tell him that she loves him and keep the job too??Only in movies people,only in movies.Sigh.I'd give it 3 out of 5 just because I love Alexis and her hot neighbour David.But I would love someone like Adam as a boyfriend because he is so funny & sweet!


Super Short one

Been AWOL for awhile because I had to send my laptop to the Sony Service Centre since there's some problem with the screen.Thanks to the 50 month warranty,I don't have to pay a dime.BUT,it has been there since last Tuesday and I've so many things to do this week that requires me using the laptop.Thus,I hope that it'll be ready by this Thursday like they said it will.

Anyhoo,during the 1 week break,I didn't do much actually,which is GREAT!I'm a homebody and staying at home & doing nothing after a hectic week is such a luxury.But I did go out once in awhile and had my teeth pulled out by the dentist,scheduled a minor operation on April,went to assist the school drama practice and went to Lumut,Perak for 2 days for Hanna's brother's wedding.

I've soooo many effing things to blog about BUT since this is not my laptop(it's Napisah's) and there's pictures that I've yet to upload here on what I did in Lumut so I'll blog about that later on too and about other things that has been playing in my head..

I'll leave you guys with pictures of Siwon(my fave!!) from Super Junior(SuJu) at their recent concert right here in Malaysia!woooohoooo!!15,000 people came to see them perform yo!It happened on the same night of Zee Avi's concert as well,which I am a big fan of too..look at my old posts of her last year..I would be torn over which concert to go too but since Hanna asked me a long time ago and she's a good friend of mine who's been there for me through tough times,both concert had to go..hehe.

*Although he looked a bit gay here but still..YUM!!!:P*


Movies that I recently watched

Yeah2,I know I’ve been abandoning this blog for quite sometime.I mean,what’s the point of having a blog if you don’t update it frequently right?BUT I have a reasonable excuse in doing so..Been busy with my practicum and catching up with my friends.This week is school holiday thus I am free(sort-of) for 1 week.Have soo many things to do and I’m looking forward towards a few things that’ll happen soon.:).

Oh,are you guys watching the current season of American Idol??Is it me or is it getting more and more boring?Somebody please breathe some life into the show!I still like Didi Benami & the youngest guy(I still forgot his name again!).

Below are some of the movies that I’ve watched these past few weeks.

1.My sister’s keeper

I watched the trailer of this movie late last year I think, or was it early this year..but the point is,I was puzzled why a girl would be selfish and doesn’t want to give her kidney to save her sister’s life?When I watched the movie and as the story unfolds, when Anna decided to sue her parents over the rights of her own body,I was still dumbfounded but in a way iget the pain that Anna had to endure because she was a designer baby conceived to help her sister Kate who have leukemia to live.

The movie was great and I thought Cameron Diaz did a great job especially the part where she fight with her husband when he wanted to take them all to the beach.Some things puzzle me thus I think I’d buy the book to get a clearer picture like... why Jesse likes to hang out by the road side at the Red Light District?It’s understandable if he goes there to get ‘some’, but, all he does is sit by the roadside and stare....

And oh Taylor Ambrose is HOT.He is Kate's boyfriend and they met while they were getting treatments.He is just the sweetest thing ever and he makes looking bald because of cancer HOT.:P

2.Julie and Julia

Ahh,I bought the book for this movie in the year 2008 and it was a chance encounter because I’ve never heard about the book before but the cover catch my eye.As I recall,I think I bought the book at a warehouse sale.As I read it,I was amazed at Julie’s determination on wanting to cook ALL the recipes in one THICK cookbook for 1 year.

Now,the movie on the other hand, is a combination of 2 books.1 is the book Julie & Julia while the other one is a book of a collection of Julia Child’s husband,Paul letter’s.Now,as an avid cook and one who was exposed to cooking at a young age(thanks to my maternal grandmother,my only grandparent that is still in this world)this movie made me actually want to write a cookbook!

I swear that straight after the movie ended I made chocolate pudding(inspired by the chocolate cream pie that Julia made at the start of the movie) and crème caramel because the movie was just great!I like the fact that Meryl was totally transformed into Julia Child and even her voice was different!Amy Adams did a great job too and it looked like she gained a few pounds for the part.

3.My name is Khan
I watched the trailer of this movie around 2 months ago and I was intrigued to watch it because to tell the truth,I am not one for Hindi movies but I thought Shah Rukh Khan looked great in it and the storyline looks promising.Boy was I wrong when I finally watched it.

I guess now I know why the movie that actually tackles quite a few important issues didn’t become that well known.The intention of the movie was great but the execution quite frankly,didn’t come through. The saying is true that' too many cooks spoils the broth'.. because the movie had too many heavy issues in one movie from dealing with Asperger syndrome, racial discrimination and interracial marriage and it became one big mess.

BUT there are good things about the movie too.SRK’s(Shah Rukh Khan) acting was great.He managed to make a person who has Asperger come off as charming and cute(if you watched Grey’s Anatomy,there was a doctor who had Asperger and there’s many tv series in the States that have a character with Asperger ).I t didn’t hurt the fact that he looked good even at his current age!But I thought that there some scenes that made me rolled my eyes because it was soo farfetched and illogical.All in all,people should watch this movie because of its message and for SRK’s acting chops alone.

Movies that I have but haven't watched yet:The Blindside(can't wait to watch Sandra Bullock's Oscar winning performance) & Post Grad!



After a busy week,it's time to enjoy the 1 week holiday!wooohooo..I've many things to do during this 1 totally free to do anything week!I love making lists & can't wait to do all of this soon!!

1)Watch all new episodes of series that I haven't watched--Gossip Girl,Grey's Anatomy & GREEK(all thanks to Izlin!!)

2)Bake cookies!

3)Prepare for last observation after the holidays.

4)Finish my AE draft---bahahaha.

5)Go to Hanna's brother's wedding.

6)Help with drama practice.


8)Get pictures of me & my students from them.Oh,btw,they have fancier cameras than mine..T_T...some of them have lenses that cost up to 1k...that's just the camera,not the lenses itself..wait,maybe if I STOP spending money on shoes/clothes/accessories/fash mags...I could probably buy one or two cameras..:P..Oh in their defense,they use it for the school's Broadcasting/Journalism club(cool huh??).

9)Bring my mum to this great restaurant in Damanasara--it's so pretty!!
Hopefully I'll get all of this done during this 1 free week..:)

Oh,do you guys remember the Taiwan drama Meteor Garden based on a manga?Thanks to a fellow practicum teacher at the school that I'm doing my practicum,I've watched both the Korean & Japanese version too.The Korean version is called Boys Over Flowers while the Japanese one is Hana Yori Dango.I've to say that I prefer the original(Taiwan) version better,although not Meteor Garden 2, because it was just too complicated and sad(the whole amnesia thing & a new girlfriend).

Now,between the Korean & Japanese version,I've to say I prefer the Korean version although guiltily I've to admit,I only watched like 10 minutes of the Japanese version & don't feel like continuing.ahaha.Because when I look at the so-called-supposed-to-be-super-hot-guys F4 in Hana Yori Dango(except for the dude from Hanazakarino),I was like..meh???They're so NOT hot!!Like the main hero should be HOT!That's the point of F4 anyway because their looks put other men to shame in the story.

That is why I prefer the Korean version because all of them are hot.Man,that Jun Pyo is really hot!But the hottest to me has got to be Yi Jung.....;)Ji Hoo is hot too I guess but when he cut his hair short & wore glasses.When his hair was long,he looked like a girl!Plus his dyed hair looks liked it was filled with chemicals..urggh..(I have NEVER dye my hair!)

I cried buckets while watching episode 14 or was it 15 of Boys Over Flowers(BOF)....so sad!!

You know what,I really want a relationship like what Jun Pyo and Jan Di have.Because although I may look like a girly girl on the outside,my close friends know that I'm sooo not the cutesy and mushy2 type.Like in one of the episodes of BOF,Jun Pyo asked Jan Di to apologize to him and say 'sowy' instead of sorry and she refused!hahaha.

I love the fact that they have a very cool relationship,whereby when the other is being romantic,you know that it's special because they rarely do so.

I don't know why but I really really love Korean guys.Japanese guys too but I lean towards Korean more..maybe because they're just awfully cute!And always look dapper.Love that!Case in point,thanks to my friend Fana,I've been addicted to SuJu(Super Junior)'s video clips.I watched Sorry Sorry looooon time ago but I still love it!And the 'It's You' vid is good too.

Among the 13 members of Super Junior,I like Siwon..woohoo.Although,he can NEVER(even all of SuJu can't)beat T.O.P of Big Bang!!:P
Below is a Korean series that Siwon will star in..sadly,it'll come out in Korea on March 22nd..meaning that it'll be AGES before it reach Malaysia..T_T


Hectic but fun

Update:I just realize that I have 106 people following me on Twitter--are my tweets that interesting?lolss

I’ve been pretty busy last week & this week too..The school sports day was last Tuesday and it was fun because we were screaming our lungs out, supporting the students who ran in the relay, took pics and some of them are below.

The weekend was spent with my family. Below is a picture of my 3 brothers (I am the eldest & the only girl aka the princess..lol).

The picture was taken during one of our rare family lunch. Rare because my brother Haziq (the 1 in the middle) is studying at UiTM Segamat.Let’s talk a little bit about them because I rarely put up pics of my family here.The one in the middle,Haziq, is the only one that is taken & he has a pretty girlfriend, which was my mum’s word and I agree too.hehe.He is 6 feet tall and just turned 20 on 12th of Feb. He eats a LOT and sleeps a lot too.Nobody messes with my brothers at school because they know that he’ll beat them up when he gets back from uni break..lol.

The second brother is Syafiq who is 17 years old and I’m very very hard on him. I nag and scold him a lot because at times he deserve it.ahaha.But he is very generous to his friends to a fault and both me & my mum like to nag him about that too.He buys extravagant stuff for them and even lends them his stuffs.
Although I’m very hard on him,he knows that I love him and last Saturday I taught him how to make rice krispries treats because he wants to sell it as a school project or whatnot. He is very the metrosexual kind of guy in the sense that he wears Loreal face products for men—yes,the one with the Vitamin C in it--,he buys lots of hairproducts, clothes and accessories too.I guess,the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..hehe.

The last one is Raffiq,who’s 15 years old BUT he is much taller than me.Can you believe it??He’s only 15 & much taller than me & he likes to remind me about it,many times.I told my family that whoever becomes Raffiq’s girlfriend/wife will suffer because he is a VERY picky eater.His ‘makanan ruji’ are chocolate chip cookies, pizza(just cheese+tomato sauce,NO TOPPINGS at all—he’ll take out all of the toppings until there’s only cheese on top), anything in a shell(cockles,mussels,oysters)crossaint and fried chicken. He doesn’t like lauk-pauk Melayu at ALL(except for my mum's/grandma's daging goreng dish)!He is the most ‘dennis the menace’ brother of all because he can be so rude at times.

Amidst all the hectic, I managed to watch 2 movies at the cinema(Valentine’s Day & Percy Jackson) and 2 on dvd’s(Sherlock Holmes & Old Dog)

Percy Jackson to me, although the storyline was predictable, nonetheless, it was enjoyable. I love adventure/fantasy journey movies that involves a bunch of friends. It was a fun ride, watching the movie and I especially love the part when they took the Maserati. Road trip in a Maserati? Coolness! Plus it didn’t hurt the fact that Percy is so cute..and I love the fact that Annabeth is a strong representation of a girl and not some waiflike damsel in distress type.bleargh. The movie got me interested in Greek mythology because before this I only knew a few stuffs like about Zeus,Hercules and Aphrodite.

Valentine’s Day turns out to be a comedy, in a good way. It doesn’t make people who are single goes all damn; ‘I wish I had a girlfriend/boyfriend’ if you watch it. There were many LOL moments in the movie. Although people gave Taylor Swift a lot of flack over her character in the movie, I thought that her character was one of the funniest and bimbo-est. I’ll always remember the ‘spit’ line, the way she dances, the ‘walk it off’ line to Taylor Lautner and the fact that she’s obsess with her big teddy bear.

My favourite scene has got to be one of the earliest scene..the one involving the LA Flower Market.There were so many beautiful flowers!I love love Siena Bouquet because they have a tiny bakery inside the flower shop.I want to open one too!!:)

Sherlock Holmes was awesome!Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law combination actually worked!I actually loved Jude Law as Watson.The plot was great too because I almost believed that it was sorcery that Blackwood was practicing.But of course,everything have a logical explanation.Robert Downey played a very dapper and funny Sherlock Holmes and albeit a very unkempt one.hehe.BUT,Rachel McAdams totally paled in comparison to both the male leads.

Old Dog was funny and I love the fact that the whole Travolta family was involved in the movie. His real wife and only daughter played Robin William’s wife and daughter.Seth Green character was so funny and I love the gorilla part.The movie is a celebration of friendship and family which I loved.
Ok,back to reality&back to my going-at-a-snail pace AE...:(