What a way to end 2011

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In less than 24 hours between last night and noon today, I managed to (a) got mugged & (b) got my car hit by an accident no thanks to a careless driver!Feel so damn malas(lazy) to elaborate on both matters because everything has happened and nothing bad happened to me during both mishaps.

My mum & my lil brother who was in the car with me are okay as well.What matters like what the boyfriend said,is that I'm okay and not hurt/injured in any kind of way.

I was so glad that my boyfriend was there for me on both occasions.He proves it further how awesome he is to me not that he's not awesome before,but now he's even super duper more awesome!haha.He dropped everything,his deadline &all,to be there for me.I.Love.You.

Today my dad actually came back from his office in KLIA which is like an hour or so away & came to the police station along with my brothers & boyfriend.So much support so how could I not be the strong person that I am?

So I'll try to persevere by being car-less for the time being though actually I've no idea how I'm going to go to work..T_T..

But above all that,I am thankful for a great support system--my family and the boyfriend.They make me feel safe and that nothing can harm me even after all that has happened.Let's hope for the best in 2012!:)


Tackling the Cherry Brown Butter Bar recipe

Monday, December 26, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I love cherries and I always correct people who says that it taste medicinal.Because in actual fact,cherries were used in medicine such as cough syrups because they have sleep inducing properties and that's why when people taste them,they associated it with it.

If you don't believe me,try eating a big bowl of fresh cherries(not the maraschino kind) or even a few handful of them & wait for a few minutes for the zzzz effect to kick in.

So a few months ago,I came about this recipe but I never tried it because...

1)Fresh cherries are expensive here in Malaysia.
2)I don't have a cherry pitter.
3)I tend to eat cherries rather than bake them.hahaha.
4)Some cherries aren't sweet & lean towards the sour side instead.

But yesterday I bought 2 cartons of cherries& pitted them last night--using a satay bamboo stick which was A DISASTER & it looked like a murder scene because the cherry juice is redddd.
Cherry blood allover!
But this morning,I finally did it!!And the result--IT TASTED AWESOME!The recipe is really simple and the only hard part was pitting out all of those cherries!There's 3 steps.

1.Make the crust & bake it & then cool it.
2.Arrange the cherries on the crust.
3.Make the brown butter filling & pour it over the cherries & bake.

Making the crust
Arranging the cherries
Pour in the filling
Tadaaaaa :)

Super awesome because usually whenever I bake or cook something,most of the time I don't really eat it.But this time I really enjoyed eating it.So this will be my fave recipe next to the creme brulee & blueberry boy bait cake.

You can get the recipe from HERE.Happy baking!:)


Rundown of the new season of Gossip Girl & 90210.

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Although I have a tv in my room,I don't really use it.All the latest tv shows that I watch are downloaded from torrent thanks to the boyfriend's superfast unifi connection.

And I watch A LOT of different tv shows.From tv shows that my boyfriend doesn't think is good for me like Real Housewives or Gossip Girl or 90210.But then sometimes people watch tv shows that are so far from their real life as a form of escapism. :P

1.Gossip Girl

This season has been pretty crazy and we can see lots of the character evolving into something more than the rich brats that they are.Blair's pregnant with Prince Louise child.Chuck becoming a much better person than we've seen him ever been.Dan becoming a famous author.Serena breaking into the movie industry,although in the production background.Nate also owning his own online tabloid.

Of course there has been shocking revelation.CC who is indeed very sick(although we saw glimpses of this in past seasons).Charlie/Ivy's ex Max who is pretty much a scumbag than the sweet chef that we saw earlier on.Chuck's mother is Diana Payne who is also Nate's girlfriend(ewww) but of course it wasn't reveal to anyone,not even Nate that she's Chuck's mother.

This season instead of Serena,Blair is the center of every guy's attention as Prince Louise,Chuck and Dan are all in love with her.But of course we know who she really loves and in the last episode of the first half of the fifth season(wow that's a mouthful!),she finally end up choosing him but not without a tragedy,as it always is because what fun would it be if everybody lived happily ever after?

The question is,what will happen when the season continues in a few more months?It seems like Diana will reveal herself.Will Blair ever get her happy ending?

I have to say that this season was a bit blah that at some point I think the writers of the show have no other ideas on how to make it better that they have to come up with outrageous things.

Annie becoming an escort which leads to a bit of prostitution.Dixon got addicted to ADHD medicine.Navid is 'helping' his uncle with his illegal activities.Raj & Ivy are on the rocks.Liam becomes a famous male model.

The point being,the end of the season was explosive and unexpected and frustrating.Naomi got betrayed..I was so angry at stupid Austin!She should have stayed with Max!What will happen to Liam?And will Silver ever know the truth about Navid??Questionssss which will only be answered in the next few months!

I will blog more about other tv series soon--pictures below.But some other times cos' typing is tiring!hahaha :P


Super comfy maxi dresses frm Thepoplook.com

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It's hard to find a maxi dress that will fit me well because of my height and body shape.Most of the time,the maxi dress will end up becoming a midi on me because of my height.Some are made out of unflattering material which makes you not only look but also feel uncomfortable.

Pleat maxi dress from Thepoplook.com
But now I don't have that problem anymore thanks to Thepoplook.com,for providing me with chic and comfortable maxi dresses which I can purchase with a click away.They are always prompt with shipping as well.From the 3 times that I've ordered from them,I've never gotten my items late as it'll arrive in 2 days.

 So far I've gotten 4 pretty maxi dresses from them but my fave has got to be the pleat maxi dress which comes with a pretty braided belt as well.I have them in 2 colors,blue and purple.It is so affordable--which explains why I got it in 2 different colors--hey if something fits you well & is comfy,better buy in various colors!:P

So for girls out there who wants to find comfortable,affordable and pretty maxi dresses,go to Thepoplook.com!

Below are a few pics of me wearing the dresses..:)
Me with Jezmine Zaidan,owner of Oldblossombox
when I partake in her recent Preloved party,
selling my brownies &cookies
With Razin
In the purple one!


A bit sappy..:)

Friday, December 16, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

In a few more days,2011 will end.I have been through a lot this year.The high highs and the low lows.I’ll be blogging more about ‘serious’ or I guess semi-serious stuff in my life as the weeks go by because this blog has had too much pictures and less words lately.

I mean the sole reason why I even started blogging was to practice writing in the English language.haha.

Okay back to what happened this year:

One of the biggest changes that happened to me in 2011 was the appearance of a guy named Razin(though actually I knew him in 2010).Last year,because of someone from the past,I thought that I’d never be okay again.I was a freakin mess after it ended.

Then one day,months after that chapter ended,out of nowhere,he came into my life and he listened to me.He was there to give me much needed advice and was there for me.He was just really there and he cared a lot although he didn't have to do any of that.

Although before him,I have to say there were other guys who tried to mend me,none of them were able to do so because their intention wasn’t to become my friend but to want something more when they should have known that wasn’t what I needed at the time or they wasn’t sincere.

Razin was different.He became a great friend to me and gradually we developed feelings for each other.He was with me every step of the way.Every single day,from December 2010,until now.he’s there for me.

After years of meeting the wrong guy at the wrong place and time, I finally met someone who was crazy about me as I was about him.I’m just really really thankful that somehow he manage to see me through all the insecurities,through all the craziness that is me.

So I was very into the relationship because for once in my life,I was with someone who wanted this as much as I did and we’re so compatible, it is unreal. But because of that, a few people in my life were a bit,well,sicken by it because I was always with him.In my defense,I was someone who's always gonna love with all of my heart.It's all or nothing for me.

At first of course I was a bit pissed because why couldn’t they be happy for me since this has never happen to me. But then one of them told me a few months back that she understood what I was going through now because only now she’s experiencing it as well.

It made me realize that you cannot be mad at people who does not understand what you are going through when they have never know what it feels like and sometimes it’s not even your fault,it’s just that you don’t know what they’re going through with their own life as well.
Razin is the guy who bring me to see his family like 3 weeks after we became a couple.He met my family on his own and actually talk with my dad and manage to hold a conversation with him and have met them a few more times after that.Heck,my dad actually HELPED him,with his car.Rare cos my dad doesn’t like any guy that I date.haha.

He’s the one who surprised me on my birthday.He’s the one who was there for me when things were tough between my parents(long story).He never ever fail in making sure that I know how much he loves me,every single day that we’ve been together.When my grandma passed away,he was there to hold me while I cry.He was there to help my family members during that fateful night as well.

He’s the one who manage to see through all my craziness and see me for what I really am.

He did this through skype
I may not be perfect looking or perfect in general.I may be emotional and over sensitive at times and I think or worry too much.But one thing I know is that as long as I live and as long as we’re together,I know for a fact that I will love him with all that I can and have.
Yeah,you can choose to cry right now or puke.haha.Everybody has a different reaction right?:P

This is a song that he shared with me.Some parts of the lyrics reminded me of us.


2 days in KL

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Being someone who was born and bred in Shah Alam,where there's literally no traffic EVER except for certain unusual days,it is pretty taxing to drive to KL where there's never no traffic.Even my parents avoid going to KL at all cost if they can.
Chillin..on the staircase.haha
But because my bestie lives there so sometimes I do have to go to KL to visit her.haha.So a last week,a day after Izza's birthday dinner,I went to KL because I had to attend a thing for work super early the next day there.Manage to walk around BB at night with Izza for a bit.

Su's Bakes for Kicks Meringue..so good!
Izza picked me up & we went to Fahrenheit where she introduce me to this awesome bakery called Su's Bakes for Kicks& the meringue there is so yummms!I think they put pink candy floss in the middle.I bought one of their super pretty durian cheesecake to try.Seriously I spend a lot on food than anything else..okay..maybe clothes as well..:P

We also went to Sephora & I bought a few things..Haven't been there in AGES!The last time was in MAY when the boyfriend went along with me!Me & Izza went crazy there because of the Christmas sale so there were lots of pretty things to choose from that I had a hard time deciding what to buy.I'm so glad that they finally brought the brand Fresh here!:))

Here's a few pictures!
Izza's sisters..love Lia's nails!
Weird bears outside of Pavillion..
This one is very colorful
With dear Ilin who wants to learn to bake from me!
One day  we'll have a day of just baking stuffs!:)
The super pretty durian cheesecake & don't be fooled by its size..it's very rich!

Sephora haul:Soap & Glory eye roller ball thing,body scrub,
fresh by sugar tinter lipbalm & Sephora cake shimmery body lotion(Izza got one as well)

My fave starbucks drink:Mocha praline!Got it for free thanks to my senior,Kak Najah!:)
View from the 46th floor
With Kak Zai & Kak Najah!
Funny thing,thanks to Izza's help(cos I've no idea how to navigate my way through KL),I manage to go back to Shah Alam from KL in about 40 mins from the KL office,with no traffic!Thanks to DUKE highway..:)


Izza's birthday dinner

Monday, December 12, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

On the 6th of December was Izza's 24th birthday.So since it was a weekday,we meet up for dinner.But actually I wasn't working on that day and came to Bangsar an hour or so earlier than the others because I want to beat the traffic.

Managed to find a lil gift for Izza & also a pretty top for myself from Cats Whiskers!:p Izza came first to Bangsar.So we walked a bit & then Aimi came & last was Fa.I haven't seen her in months because she's been busy with her job!
The tired looking birthday girl!haha
We went to Peacocks first because the girls wanted to walk around.Me & Aimi bought a pair of shoes because they were on sale!weehooo.Haven't bought heels in a while.I've been buying lots of flats because I prefer to wear them to work as it is more comfortable.But they were too pretty to pass up!:P

Me & Aimi parading our new shoes!haha
Afterwards we had dinner at Ben's General Store.Man the roast chicken there was good.It was deceiving because it wasn't dark brown the way I usually like my roast chicken.It was just plain brown but the skin was so crispy!

The roast chicken with 2 sides.Me & Aimi choose potato salad w
 smoked salmon & pasta w pesto,mushroom &almonds
Izza,Aimi & Fa
We also shared a pizza--Il Carnivore & a roasted garlic flat bread.Got free dessert as well because the waitress told us that if we use Amex card,we'll get it.So I used mine since I was the only one who have one.haha.
Pizza!Love the crust but it had minced lamb on top which I wasn't keen on.
This was my choice!Love the roasted garlic..mmmm
Free cake w ice cream.So good!
After dinner the girls were recording each other via video and making up this talkshow with the main focus being Fa/Bawalians..taking a jab at well..I can't reveal here!But it was hilarious!I don't know how many vids they recorded using my hp..I mostly pretended to be the makeup artist to Fa.hahaha.
Izza was all decked out in bows that day!haha
A funny pic of all 4 of us!
Afterwards we walked around & went to this super cool home deco store at BVII named Sundays.I love the stuff though unfortunately I can't afford it!T_T It was nice to look though!:)
Love love love this drawer!
Obviously you can trust me!haha
Reminded me of Razin Yuzer..:)
It was great catching up with all of them.Izza is superrrr busy with her work and also with the creative stuff on the side that she's doing.Aimi is busy with her work and also her boyfriend came back from OZ so she's preoccupied as well.Fa is busy with her job and also with her boyfriend.And as for me,it's pretty much the same--work,love and family.Man are we getting old!T_T


Bake bake bake

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I love baking and cooking.But lately I've been leaning more towards baking since there's so many recipes that I want to try.So last week in 2 days I made pavlova & also creme brulee with the boyfriend's lil sister,Raqeema.

Creme Brulee

Previously which was a few months back I did manage to make creme brulee but the brulee part didn't turned out so well since I didn't have a blow torch.

So around a few weeks back,back after Empire Shopping Gallery was up and running again,me & the boyf went to Jaya Grocer to buy a set of blowtorch which came with 4 ramekins.Btw,a colleague of mine at work told me about the deal.

It was really inexpensive compared to other brands out there.It was less than rm60!CRAZY!So I had to buy it because I've been searching for a blowtorch for so long.

Although the recipe worked,but because I used the wrong brand of cream(since the supermarket ran out),the inside of the dessert was almost like creme caramel instead--a bit on the hard side of things and not as silky smooth like how a creme brulee should be.
1st attempt!
So yesterday,I tried again & made it using the brand of cream that I usually use(below) & it work!!
Milk & cream
The inside was super smooth & yummy!The recipe for the creme brulee can be taken HERE.Credits to Bisous a Toi,one of my fave baking blog next to Smitten Kitchen & Joy of Baking.

2nd attempt:Tadaaa smooth innards!Woohoo

Meringue in the oven!
I've been hearing about pavlova here and there but I never really cared for it so I never attempted to bake it though I have baked a chocolate meringue pie HERE a few years back(meringue is the base of pavlova).

Since Raqeema had lots of egg whites from making ice cream(she has her own ice cream machine which her dad bought for her..how cool is that??) and she asked me what to do with it and I suggested we make pavlova!
Qeema piled it up with whipped cream!

You can use the recipe HERE from Bisous A Toi.I have had questions by a friend who loves to bake as well on why her pavlova has a chewy innards instead of crunchy like the ones being sold in restaurants in Klang Valley?

Well when I watched Junior Masterchef and from what I read on the net & on Bisous A Toi blog on pavlova is that actually it is suppose to have a marshmallowy center but with a hard shell.

BUT since we're Malaysians & we're accustomed to the hard meringue instead of the chewy ones,we might be puzzled by why this turned out.So if you want it to be hard,omit the vinegar & cornstarch from the recipe & leave it longer in the oven,overnight after you have baked them.But any other way,if the recipe and ingredients are correct,it would turn out GOOODD!:)

The end product!!Yummahhhh..We put chocolate shavings as well but of course,
we ate it before even  remembering to take a picture!haha.