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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

*Pic taken at recent KLPAC Open Day*

It's decided,today I filled up all the forms and stop my master's research for 1 semester & will continue with it next semester.It has been approved & signed.Truth be told,last year,in less than 2 weeks after I finish my last semester of degree,I got a job offer & also masters by research.And imagine the fact that my 5 years of studying for a degree ended in less than a month & I was thrown into the real world soon after.

Thus,I didn't catch a break.I started working mid June & my semester just ended in May.The only break that I got was a 3 day trip to Tioman with a bunch of my friends and after that it was work work and also with my masters by research. SIMULTANEOUSLY.

My convocation was in November.So everything was a WOOOSHHH.It happened so fast.So I decided to take this break and to think clearly over what I want to do with my education and not feeling all panicky while working cos' I know I've yet to work on my research.Plus my work takes up a lot of hours in a week..a LOT!

Just ask a friend of mine who decided to do the same thing as well cos working + masters by research is very hard.Unless you don't have a 9 to 5 job,then you can pursue your masters as well.

Or opt for what some of my friends are doing,go to class on the weekends(masters by coursework which of course,cost more--range from 1k-2k per sem)or just focus on education & don't work(wish I can opt for this but alas I have lots of things to pay for).

Oh,met one of my lecturers at the faculty today which I am very close with,Miss Salliza & she said that I look a bit on the plumper side because around 4 months ago I look her words..'macam rangka'.And although I know she meant it as a compliment that I look 'healthier',I can't help but want to go back to my 'rangka' days.Yeah yeah I know not so healthy.

FYI,I looked like a 'rangka(skeleton)' because at that time I was still dealing with the breakup & food didn't really appeal to me.So yeah,if peeps out there wants to look like a skeleton,only eat once a day like what I did back then.But for now,things have change & I met someone who makes me smile,who has a really really big heart & cares for me a lot &...*sigh*..:)..

Well,I eat a lot more nowadays.Besides,a guy friend of mine said that if someone is too skinny,it's a sign that they're not happy with their life(or genetic wise..but then again being too big is unhealthy as well!).

What I've been up to lately?Shop a bit here & there,a top,a dress,a pair of shoes,some accesories(found angel wings ring & tinkerbell/fairy necklace at Blueberry)..Went to Empire for threading,went to KLPAC open day whereby I met a lot of my TESL friends & seniors as well & even a primary school mate..very random!

Had sleepover with Adela at my hse..she was amaze at the amount of books& also clothes that I have in my room..ahaha.Explored Bangsar on Sunday night with Izza & then went to pj old town(she had to meet her boss) & then back to Bangsar again to meet up with some of the girls.

Ate at Chawan with Izza before going to PJ--d food is pretty nice,at Devi's when the girls cam--love that they had coconut candy & tried what's all the fuss with Tutti Frutti as well..Now I can't wait for more adventures!!:))..

Here's a toast to life,no matter how hectic or sucky it can be sometimes,I'm glad I have awesome people in my life to support me..:))


Mya said...

cik adek liyana. awat la ni nmpak kuruih sgt? hee.

(ehemm. em anyway im hepy fer u okay =PPP)

Li said...

kak mai:dlu lagiii ni dh naek byk dah!!

thank u!!