Grinning from ear to ear

Sunday, January 16, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today one of my bestfriend,Izza texted me and said..'How are you friend?'..ooh sentap nok!ahaha.I haven't been in touch with most of my close friends cos' of me being busy with work.I'm really really sorry to all of you and most of them know that I am not that attached to my phone other than taking pictures or the occasional text.ahaha.

If not for Facebook,I probably wouldn't know what a lot of them are up to now..which is a bad thing as well since you need the human touch from time to time.So today we manage to catch up quite a bit.

One of Izza's latest blog post HERE,cracked me up because it encapsulates what a lot of us(my friends & I) are experiencing now.Less time for fun and more time spend at the office.Or in her words during our recent conversation,she doesn't know how many hours she has spend cooped up in the office.

And believe it or not,it is Sunday today but I am at the office.Previously I would make fun of Izza for being at the office during the I'm doing the same thing as well.ahaha.Well not to worry,my dad has been working yesterday and today as well,just like me.Sigh.Life oh life.

Today Izza & I shared some of the things that's happening to us.I'm glad that she's happy as well.hehe.I poke fun that we tend to have things happening simultaneously in our lives that I'm guessing if we get married & get pregnant,our trimester would be the same as well.ahahah.

She pointed out something that's been going on with me currently that is very normal but abnormal to me and I'm trying to get used to it.Truthfully,it feels great and I'm smiling a lot more.So I'm trying my best to take this all in stride.But it's too soon to share much here and I can't divulge much but it's safe to say that I'm grinning from ear to ear.:).