Saturday, January 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I download a lot of tv shows..The stacks of tv dvd series that I bought also further proves that I am a tv show junkie.I don't watch much national tv but I do watch a lot of tv series on my laptop.

Some of them that I downloaded this season is Gossip Girl,Grey's Anatomy,How I Met Your Mother,Big Bang Theory,90210,and many more.

Recently however I discovered the series Parenthood and from the 1st episode from the 1st season,I was sold!The series has a great storyline and it's all about family and it's a very real modern family situation and how they go through their days and still become a very a close knit family.

I love love love this show as I myself, am a family oriented person.The series revolve around the Braverman family which is headed by Zeek & Camille.They have 4 children Adam,Sarah,Crosby & Julia.And they have 6 grandchildren Max & Hattie(Adam's kids);Amber & Drew(Sarah's kids),Sydney(Julia's) & Jabbar(Crosby's).

The series appeal to me because no matter how bad they get into fights with each other they always manage to overcome it & they definitely exemplified the saying'Blood is thicker than water'.I love the cute Jabbar,Crosby's son with Jasmine.He's so smart and adorable.

The show also tackles some serious issues like how Max has autism and Adam & Christina tries their best to live with the conditiom & deals with the issue that comes with it.

Sarah is a single parent who moves in back with her parents to make ends meet & dealing with her 2 teenagers,Amber & Drew.

Julia is a lawyer while her husband Joel is a stay at home dad.So she has to deal with the fact that Sydney is not as close to her as she is with Joel.

And lastly Crosby who finds out that he has a son named Jabbar only 5 years after when Jasmine came to tell him about it.

This is an excellent series & I absolutely love it.I have just finish watching the 1st season & now am downloading the 2nd season & can't wait to watch it.With all the scandals,over the top drama,crime series, vampire tv series that is on the air now,Parenthood is a breath of much needed fresh air.


aNn fArhaNaH said...

i almost nanges tgk last 2 eps parenthood s1...

Li said...

ann:i bukan almost..mmg nanges dh!!huhu..esp part amber & hattie baek balik..