Reviews on dvd movies that I've watched..

Wednesday, January 05, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Hey everyone,is it 2011 already?wow!!!:)

So,here’s my reviews on 4 more movie dvd’s that I watched recently.

Diary of A Wimpy KidHow cute is Greg & Rowley?This movie is endearing,funny and cute.Really cute.It’s about Greg’s life being in middle school and trying so hard to make it into the year book .Rowley is such a cute and chubby kid.But I have to say that the cheese part was really really disgusting*stomach churning*.Maybe I’ll buy the books this year since I heard its really funny!

She’s out of my leagueI remembered when this movie came out a few months before,I thought it mirrored my own relationship.LOL.Duh,of course I’m the 10—I’m kidding!Jay Baruchel is just so adorable in this movie that you just go all awwwww..He’s just so sweet and bumbling.:P..

And he’s so incredibly honest(watch out for the ‘came early’ part..bwahahahaha) and open and ahhhhhh so geram!I love the fact that when Kirk introduce Molly to his family,they were bewildered & Marnie’s reaction was PRICELESS!

There are some gross parts as you’d expect but overall it’s a sweet romantic comedy.

The Sorcerer’s ApprenticeI love me a bit of magic in a movie.I love LOTR,Stardust(best!),Percy Jackson,Narnia, and so many more.I guess it’s because I don’t have any magical powers and it’s a whole fantasy that you can’t attain.This movie is not that great but when there’s Jay Baruchel,you don’t hate it!

The best part was when they could change their car into any kind of car that they want...super cool!If I have that power I’d change my car everyday..a Bugatti today,a Lamborghini today..hehe.

The movie is about Dave who is destined to defeat Morgana,the evil sorceress & he’s the Prime Merlinean,meaning that he’s suppose to replace the great wizard,Merlin.So,Balthazar is suppose to find him & make him his apprentice so he can teach him to become Merlin’s successor & finally free Veronica who’s trapped with Morgana in that Russian doll thingy which I forgot it’s name.ahaha.

AfterlifeThis movie which starred Justin Long,Christina Ricci & that other dude,made me confuse while watching it.I was like is she dead,or isn’t she?She’s no,shes’ she’s dead laaa..You get me right?Christina Ricci is naked a lot of the time in the movie so I guess guys would love it..ahaha.

But the storyline was so-so.Pretty creepy though if this sort of person actually existed & I didn’t like the ending!!Bahhhh!