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Saturday was jam packed with stuff to do.In the morning I was invited to a gathering with all of the English teachers at my former highschool/school that I did my practicum at(yeah,I did my practicum early last year at my old alma mater & was in the shoes of my former teachers..hehe) for brunch because they had this brainstorming discussion of the latest literature component & a little birthday celebration for the Dec & Jan babies.
If I choose to become an English teacher,I would like to teach at my old school cos' it's the best..but I know that won't happen...sigh..But that would be cool cos' it meant that I'd be just like Haley in One Tree Hill..right?ahahaha.

Thank God I got my phone fix on Friday & within an hour because on Thursday I got a bunch of messages and one of em was the invi from my friend Fana(pic above) to the brunch thing.huhu.Almost missed it!I made lychee pudding(addicted to it) and brought it over to Datin's house(yes,she is a datin & also an english teacher).It was held at her cool is that?She has a guesthouse,in front of her own house..woww!

Talk and talk & catch up with Fana because the last time I saw her,I was still in a relationship..yes it was that long time ago!We have made many plans but it's either something come up on my side or something come up from her side.Of course we ca
mwhored as well.hehe.

Oh,my mentor(pic below) during practicum was there too and she's super cool!:))

Had a very insightful conversation with my former BM teacher who was there as well to celebrate the b'day celebration & I was amazed that her outlook on relationship was very modern,spot on & inline with what I thought about as well.Amazing because she might look all strict on the outside but she's definitely someone I look up too..:)Will share more about her and my opinion on my upcoming posts.

There was nasi lemak,roti canai,cakes,kuih muih,fruits & croissant at the brunch..I ate a bit of everything..hehehe.Afterwards,I went to Old Blossom Box(OBB) prelovesale with Fana.Adela was suppose to go with us but pity her since she has cocurriculum & it ended late.huhu.Next time dear!

Bought a Miss Selfridge studded belt for a mere rm5(cos it had red stains on the metal studs,which I managed to remove using my nail polish remover!!yeayyy!),a bohemian Topshop dress for rm20 & a pure white silk shirt for rm10=everything for just cool is that?

Met my 2 cousins Iqa & Wani who was there as well & they were there earlier & got a LOT of stuff!I also met a new found twitter friend,Syu.I went there at about 12.30pm & the event started at 12pm but there was so many people there already.Everybody as usual was rocking gorgeous looks & of course high high heels!
What I wore on that day(pic with OBB owner,Jezmine Zaidan):
Top:OBB scalloped bejeweled top

Wide-legged grey wool pants:Forever 21

Tailored blazer:Summit USJ

Grey platforms:Summit USJ(not in the pic..hehe)


Necklace & ring:Diva

Blue leopard print purse:OBB

After the event,met up with my mum at my grandma's because my dad send her there with my youngest sibling Raffiq,otw to his workplace(yes my dad works on Saturday as well..sob sob..but he get paid hundreds in a day!).Brought my mum to shop for pants(konon!since she didn't buy anything).

We bought foodstuffs at Cold Storage instead..Found my sundried tomatoes!!Can't wait to make aglio olio like the one they served at Fullhouse..yummy!I was tempted to buy a pint of Ben & Jerry's...but I remembered that hey,I'm not suppose to eat ice cream & even if I really wanted to,I should have a scoop or two & certainly not a whole pint to myself!ahaha.

I saw 3 stalks of rhubarb at the vege section going for rm46!OMG!I saw artichokes,fresh fennel,celery root(very different than normal celery),beetroot,raspberries,blackberries..arghhh!!
For someone who loves to cook,I can go crazy at Cold Storage or Village Grocer cos' they have lots of ingredients that aren't available at tesco or giant.

If I have lots and lots of money,I'd buy lots of cooking ingredients & cook everything & anything.Oh wait,a day ago I spend a hundred something on groceries when it was only for a few items!!sigh...And when I told my mum about it,she went you know how much things cost.huhu.I know now mama,I know!

AJL is on!!Rooting for Kak Ana & Faizal Tahir!!

Kak Ana(Ana Raffali) won!!TESLians rocks!:))5 years ago she won UiTM's VC Cup debate & now she won AJL with a song that she compose & wrote on her own...:)