Sedetik Lebih..:)

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Can't stop listening to the song Sedetik Lebih sung by Anuar Zain from the much awaited movie from KRU Production Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. The song is just so beautiful that it's my caller ringtone right now.hehe

The lyric is just so lovely. There's an English version as well titled The Memory Remains(i think) which I've read the lyric but haven't listened to it yet.But I prefer the lyric of the Malay version.

There's a 1.49 mins video of it on Youtube which was uploaded by KRU Productions as a teaser.It looks awesome & I can't wait to see the full vid.

Sedetik Lebih composed & written by Edry Abdul Halim

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu


Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa


Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu

Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu



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It is TGIF for me today because today is my off day...weeehoooo!Yesterday I had an amazing traditional malay massage & coconut body scrub at Embun Seri at Laman Seri sect 13 shah alam,again.I just love it's clean & the staff are great.
For both treatment it cost me rm148.So girls go there!I definitely recommend the coconut scrub as it makes your skin super duper smooth afterwards!I've done the treatment twice & it is amazingggg.Also,manage to soak myself in a warm bubble bath as well..weeeee.

And then spend some much needed time alone with the boyf.*bliss*..I love you baby..:)

Gonna get some much needed zzzzz.And look at the boyf's bewildered look when his family surprised him 2 days ago..hehe.


What I want..

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Sometimes work can be stressful and demotivating..Thus,I want to write a list of things that I want other than being stuck here..

1.A big bowl of creme brulee from Zen cafe

2.A warm milk bath

3.A full body massage

4.A goodnight sleep for 8 hours or more--haven't done this in days--explain the pimples!

5.More alone time with my boyfriend!--yeah imma selfish like that..bwahahaha.

--Oooh,I conspired with his lil sis& took him away yesterday afternoon so that his family can set up a little surprise for him..they're so sweet & loving towards each other!My boyf has 5 siblings altogether,3 boys & 2 girls.

He had no idea of it coming & he was a bit miffed because I kept taking too long using the wifi at Tutti Frutti when all he wanted to do was catch up on some much needed sleep..Poor baby been having back problems & haven't been sleeping properly..:((

He was even more weirded out when I wanted to stay at his house & watch him practice singing/playing the guitar with his dad & brothers for his sister's upcoming wedding when in fact,I had to come into the house with him for the surpriseeee!

His expression was funny cos' he was so sleepy so he was like whatttttt?hahahah.Fooled you sayang!!!:P He got 3 presents from his family--lucky dude!haha

Will upload pics of it tomorrow!:)



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I need to relax.
I need to destress.
I need a getaway of some sort.
Or else I'm going to burst into flames.

All these stress are wreaking havoc on my complexion.
Pimples are popping up when they don't usually do so.

I really need some solitude and peace and quiet.Hopefully I'll get them during these 2 days.

Oh,saw someone today that I haven't seen in a long time..and guess what,there's nothing there anymore..inside,I meant.Which made me feel so glad like you wouldn't believe.

Currently in my heart & head there's only one guy & he has taken up all the space inside.:)


My Birthday Boy!

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*Baked both of this for him!*

It's 6.20 am & I'm at the office!hooyeahhh..Why is that so??Well I came to work at 11pm tonight..this is a 24 hours office after all..Will go back in an hour--yes!!!

Anyhoo,this post is dedicated to someone that I never expected to have met,befriended,realize that we have lots of things in common(although we have different interests),and then fell in love with.

You came into my life when I was at an all time low and you healed me and you bring the sunshine and rainbows.You have no idea how glad I am that I have you now..:)

Happy 26th Birthday to my sayang,my deareast Razin!You'll have many more great days filled with laughter,love and more and more happiness!I love you!

**Picked him up a few hours ago the minute he arrived & surprised him with a red velvet cake & apple pie that I baked..hehe.
Recipe for the red velvet cake is taken from HERE.While the pie is actually an apple tart recipe from Joyofbaking!:)

Will upload the pics in a few more days as I have limited internet access at the mo' since I'm not staying at my parents for this few days due to work!


Pilates--watch this space!

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Being in love,being happy,having a job that requires me to sit at the desk & stare at the monitor for hours..all of this made me have a very healthy appetite..not that I didn't have one to begin with but now it's even more so.hahah.

Soooo..made a pact with the significant other that if he can quit smoking,then I'll stick to my diet!Thus,let's begin again with pilates.A very great workout for the body though it's not for someone who's not flexible(I'd like to think I am..wait,I KNOW I am!haha) & faint hearted.

The workout centers around your core--your abs(in my case,mostly flab nowadays!damness!) & works the whole body.My body hurt after I did a session yesterday since I haven't done so in months!It hurts even when I sneeze or laugh!

But it's a very good thing since I NEED to get on with my fitness.Eating and eating and having a bad sleeping pattern is working its toll on my complexion.I rarely have pimples but now a few has popped up!ayeyayayay!!

Thus I'll share with you,a part of the workout video that I follow from months back & now back again video from Mari Windsor.


Sad cos' i miss u

Sunday, February 20, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Sayang has left the building...Okay fineee he didn't exactly left the building but he boarded the bus & will be back in 3 days..but still..I miss him..terribly!

Just got back from dinner with him & sending him to the bus station.I picked him up last week & I send him back as well.

How can I not miss him?He is as crazy about me as I am about him and sometimes I think even more than I do..hehe.He put effort to make this relationship the best it can be.He never ever ever fail to tell me he loves me many times in a day & talk to me every single night without fail.

Like recently,I finish work at 11 pm and he actually came to the office & brought me starbucks because he knows how sleepy I'll be & the drive back home will take me atleast 30 minutes.

He has an amazing family and I have met them a few times.I always believe that a guy's relationship with his family members reflect a lot on who he is as a person & seeing how great he is with them,makes me love him even more.

His mother is so nice & once when I was there for lunch recently,she even packed me (again,as previously she packed lunch for me on CNY)food to bring to the office to share with my workmates.

She likes to make fun of him in front of me and I have met all of his siblings as well.They're all musically talented!They'll be singing or playing their instruments..even his own dad is good at it.

He makes me feel good about myself and I find myself becoming braver whenever he's around.He has a brilliant mind and we can talk about a lot of things.He comes up with solutions whenever I'm feeling negative,not good about myself and makes a positive spin out of it.

It's hard to explain in words but all I know is that this is a very special thing we have going on.I love youuuuuuu!Can't wait for you to come back in 3 days.1,2,3!!*takes a deep breath*


Movie Reviews:Scott Pilgrim,Burlesque,I Love U Phillip Morris & etc..

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Reviews on movies that I watched recently..not on the list is Paranormal Activity 2 which I watched at the cinema which was a big dissapointment cos' I like the first one!

1.Scott Pilgrim vs The World

My brother gave me this movie months ago but I would not have watched it if not for my boyfriend's enthusiasm over it.Yes,the love of life loves comic books or the cooler term would be graphic novels.He has many of em' in his hard disk though I've yet to want to transfer them into my laptop..I read Archie comic books though..Something that my mum passes on to me & my siblings as she still buys of em to this day.

Okay,moving on to the movie.Since this is based on the comic book,of course some parts of it doesn't make sense but just go with it cos' really this movie is awesome!

The movie consist of a stellar cast from Micheal Cera,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Jason Schwartzman,Kieran Culkin,Allison Pill,Ellen Wong& even Chris Evans & also Brandon Routh.

The movie is about Scott who has his own band named Sex Bob-omb and he lives with his gay roommate Wallace.One day he fell for Ramona & turns out she has 7 crazy exes who wants to duel with him to the death.The movie is super fun with cool scenes & great one liners.ahaha.

It's a very very enjoyable movie to watch!And ooh,the Katanayagi brother's are pretty cute!

2.I Love You Phillip Morris

This movie is awesome in so many ways and what's mind blowing about it, is that it is based on a true story!

You just HAVE to watch it!!I saw the trailer a few weeks ago & forgot about it until my boyfriend gave the movie for me to watch.

Watching the movie,it daunted on me how bad the system in the US is because Steven a man with no qualification,became a lawyer & actually won a case,and then he became a freaking CFO of a company.It makes you ponder how dumb and gullible some people can be because lots of them were fooled by him!

And props to both Jim Carrey & Ewan McGregor for great great performance in this movie.You actually believe that they truly do love each other.This movie is a really great one and definitely an eye opener to all of us.

When I watched the trailer of the movie,I wanted to watch it so bad because come on,Christina & Cher in one movie?It should be awesome..right??WRONG!

I watched this with my man & as a hot blooded male,of course there was a lot of scenes that he enjoyed,involving lotsss of sexy lingerie & of course Christina's bountiful cleavage.:P

Oh btw we didn't watch it at the cinema since I'm very very sure lots of the scenes were taken out.I watched the movie at his house,while eating domino's, which halfway through it,his sister join in.ahahaha.

The great parts were the songs & the dance choreography..and man can Christina belt it out!The bad parts were the cliche lines and scenes and Kristen Bell as the nemesis cos' she's not convincing at all!


Okay,I heard somewhat positive review of this movie online & I thought why not & give it a go right?

Sigh..big mistake cos' it was not worth it going to the cinema with the boyf to watch it!It has lots of flaws BUT the twist at the end was great and it made me wonder about how easy it is to do black magic on a woman.

And funny thing is,throughout the WHOLE movie,my boyfriend kept saying to me that the actress who played Anna,which is Sabrina Ali is a 'mak nyah(tranny)' cos' she looks like one to which I told him she's a woman but he still insist she looks like one!ahahahaha.

I mean,props to Shamsul for trying to direct a horror movie but there's lots of room for improvement!



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Bila usia semakin lanjut(ececeh macam dah tua sangat padahal baru 24 tahun),tenaga pun semaking berkurangan.Senang mengantuk,senang letih,lingkaran hitam di bawah mata pun semakin ketara.Adoi.

Al kisah hari ini...Semalam saya balik dari kerja pada pukul 11 malam.Dan pada hari ini masuk kerja pada pukul 7.30 pagi.Gila tak gila?

Tapi sebelum itu,pergi la beli breakfast dulu di restoran berdekatan rumah nenek saya--sebab balik lewat malam jadi tidur la rumah nenek sebab jalan raya ke rumah family=puncak alam,sangat scary pada waktu malam--tiada lampu & tiada pembahagi jalan!

Belilah nasi lemak,surat khabar The Star & 100 plus activ sebab ye lah,masih mamai2.

Pergila ke kereta pastuh tekan yang alarm kereta tuh.Eh,kenapa kereta ni tak menyala??0_o

Tekan berkali tak boleh jugak..hurm..bateri alarm ni mati kot?Ok cuba guna kunci kereta pulak.Masih tidak boleh jugak.Adois camne ni..Masuk kerja at 7.30 kot!

Tiba2 tengok kat cermin,eh..apsal cermin kereta ni mcm lain je...Kejap.

Rupanyaa kereta saya selang sebelah kereta itu.kahkahkah..pandaiiii sgt..:P

Nasib pemilik kereta itu tak nampak aksi saya cuba untuk menceroboh masuk kereta dia!phewwww


Day outtttt

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What I did on Wednesday:

Went to my faculty to buy a book from my junior’s fund fair.They have to raise money for their final semester project,a seminar for professional development.A year ago when me & my colleagues did it,we ask donation from our parents.

Luckily some of us have wealthy ones & they drop a few thousands for it so we didn’t have to raise funds.But then again,we didn’t get to experience the excitement of getting together,brainstorming to come up with creative ways to earn money so I’m proud of my juniors!

After that,lunch & a movie with the boyf.Ate so much at Fullhouse—had the Wrap of Rome,Soft shell crab(deep fried crab—so good!),Aglio Oglio,Seafood platter(the salmon is yummahhh&so is the sauce!) & Creme Brulee for dessert(I still prefer zen’s cafe bigger portion for this dessert at the same price).

Watch Khurafat afterwards,my request of course.It was just not good!I’m sorry but seriously,the storyline has so many faults.The twist at the end was great but it didn’t save the whole movie.Buy the dvd instead if you guys plan to watch it in the cinema.

Bought a bunch of baking stuffs at Daisho.hehe.

Then we picked up Adela & went to visit Jezmine to give her the cookies I baked for her birthday. Bought a long black one shoulder lace maxi dress which my boyfriend adored me in it.ahaha.Of course it was a bit short on me since I’m a bit on the tall side.Though not as tall as my boyfriend!Which is good since I can rock high heels when I’m with him..hehe

Ate at Tutti Frutti & they have a new flavour which is Red Velvet( a cake which I’ve baked before)& although it was good,it reminded me of choc pudding.Oooh,the combination of flavours & toppings that we ate cost my boyf rm33.40..yikesss!But since it was eaten by 3 ppl,it was okay right?:P

Then we bought homemade burger at sect 7,this time I tried the BBQ patty since previously I had the mushroom one.Send Adela back to college & then I went to the boyf’s hse..Chatted a bit with his family,& then watched the latest ep of The Big Bang Theory & ate our burger.Went home,watch more Parenthood & finish watching I Love You Phillip Morris—which I will review soon & is very brilliant!

And oh,I love you Razin!:)


My boyfriend is so funny!!

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Sometimes after going out on our dates,me & my boyfriend will chill at his house--get your head out of the gutter cos' he lives with his parents,just like I do too.

So last night,while I was there,using the internet at his house while his family was watching the dance sumtin2 show on astro,he wanted to give me the tv series that I asked him to download for me.

As I opened the pendrive,I saw a folder marked Hanim which I didn't like since I don't like people calling me using that name as I prefer Liyana.So of course I babbled at him & he asked me to click further on...

So look at what my cheeky boyfriend did,which shows just how much he knows me..bwahahaha.


Transition--from graduation to the working world

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I have been working since middle of June last year.It is definitely a whole different world compared to my uni days.I am so glad that I have close friends who are experiencing the same thing and who understands each other's situation as well.

Oh and this month I have been working the 3 cycle shift.Which means sometimes my work starts at 2pm or 3pm or 12pm or 7.30 am & the worse is 11 pm(yes,the midnight shift!).So I will get a schedule for the whole month at the start of each month so that I can plot my off day(which are given as well as in I can't request to have an off day anytime I want to!).

The upside is that you get a bit of a pay raise & the downside is that you don't work the normal working hours.

Soooo,let me list down a few of the things that have change ever since me & my friends transition from the uni world into the real world--the working world..It's not all peachy keen folks!

1)You have to schedule your dates/gatherings/functions according to your work because it's hard to have everyone being free at the same time and plus if you don't you'll get fired..cos' unlike uni days where you can skip classes,skipping work shows that you're a free loader & also you'll get an earful from your manager & worse,get fired.

At my workplace,even MC's are frown upon.So yeah,sometimes it's hard because you have to plan your life but if you don't you basically won't have any time to spend with your loved ones and friends.Thank god I sort of like to plan things.

Because of my work I have miss 2 weddings & it's unfortunate,but it is what it is.Atleast I was able to go to one of my bestfriend's wedding,Napisah last year!

2)Less time or no time to see your friends who live faraway from you.Most of my close friends are experiencing the same thing so they understand this one.

Hanna & Napisah are busy pursuing their masters at USM while also teaching at UiTM Merbok.Napisah is also busy being a wife.The last time I saw them was during graduation.Yeah,THAT long time ago.But we do keep in touch though & I know I have to visit them in Kedah soon.Hopefully my work schedule in March permits me to do so!

Hani is teaching at UiTM Perak and I haven't seen her in ages too.But she knows I love her & she does too,it's just that we're busy with our life!Mak(farhana) is teaching in KL at ELS.Miss her as well!But they know about me & my boyfriend as I've told all of them everything & updated them from time to time so they don't feel left out.I haven't seen Yaya(in Klang),Izlin(teaching in Kelantan),Hafriz(teaching in KL) in ages as well.

Tatie & Nadia are in KL & we do catch up sometimes.The last time was during Sep's wedding a few days ago & then at Empire afterwards.

And last but certainly not least,Izza Izelan.The one who text me during Valentine's Day & wish me!aahahah.She's even busier with work than super duper busy.So she understands the most!Next to my boyfriend of course..hehe.

Manage to hang with her for both days during the weekend & she have met Razin as well & they get along so it's all awesome!She's going to Bangkok next week which I'm a bit jealous about but she's going to buy me a few stuffs--so yeayyyy!:P

3)You can't come home at 2am or 3am in the morning anymore.Back when I live with my friends during uni days,we can go out in the wee hours and stay up to do our assignments.But living with the family cancels that out which Izza,Tatie & Nadia are experiencing as well.

And plus,generally getting older,your body needs more sleep.ahaha.

4)You have bills to pay.Earning your own money means you have to start paying your own bills.You can't ask money from your parents anymore as well.I now have to set aside a big amount from my pay for my car bill,credit card bill,post paid bill,student loan bill,and many others.

Plus I have to divide the remaining for shopping,food & petrol.Once you start working,then you'll know the value of a hard earned pay!

5)You gain weight!First,when I started working,I lost a lot of weight because I was too busy to even eat & plus,I was going over a breakup.

But now after almost 8 months of working, and since working means sitting at the desk & your friend brings food & you bring food too & also when you go home,you feel tired & doesn't feel like exercising,you gain weight!

Add to the fact that I am in love and he makes me happy & he doesn't mind my fats & likes to make fun of it in a cutesy way & he feeds me & makes me more happy & have a healthier appetite now.Okay fine,so it's not his fault,I know,I know.

I HAVE to,in some way,incorporate some semblance of exercise into my life.STAT!

Will blog more when I remember more things to say.Am at the office cos' today in the schedule,it's my working day!But lots of my workmates are here as well.Yeay!


Spread the love around

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Yesterday was Valentine's Day..And I know,I know as Muslims we should not celebrate it but really,people harping on about like it's such a big and scary ordeal when there's other things happening around the world and even in our country like the recent flood,seems so petty to me.

We know we shouldn't celebrate it,it's haram,point taken!

But hey,that's my opinion and you can agree to disagree.

Personally,I don't care much about V'Day.I have never feel the need to celebrate it BECAUSE I love the ones I love everyday and show it to them every single day as well.

Plus although I love roses,buying them for an exorbitant amount of money for 1 day seems such a waste to me..wouldn't mine getting a bouquet on any other day though..;P

Went to the boyf's hse before I went to work to drop the choc chip cookies I baked which I promised to give to him days ago but didn't have the time to do so because of WORK(urghhh).

He's not feeling so well and it worries me a bit since a few hours ago he was rocking it at Deftones concert--he has to go since he bought the tickets months ago!While I was stuck at the office.Bleargh.Sucks!

Nevermind,I'll have my off day on wednesday!!yeayyy!

Oh,it's so great that I can talk about anything with him..and when I mean ANYTHING..I mean ANYTHING.He's awesome!(I know ur reading this jgn kembang hidong sgt..though you are most definitely awesome..hehe)

The pics in the previous post down below are from Sep & Dila's wedding(both are my TESL colleagues & Sep was my former co-worker & he used to have a crush on my boyfriend,Razin..ahahahahaha),which was held at MAEPS in this huuugeee hall which MAHA was held previously.Went there with the boyf & Izza.

Went to Chilli's at Empire after the wedding to chill with my friends & gossiped which made my boyf jaw dropped.ahahaha.And then the next day,I went to hang with Izza at Bangsar while the boyf had band practice for his sis's wedding.Ate at Plan B which was pretty awesome!

It was the 1st day since whenever he came back that we didn't get to see each other which bums me out a bit but then again I had to go back to Puncak after Bangsar...thank god for our Skype & Post paid line!:P


Pics only

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No time to blog..leave you guys with a bunch of recent pictures instead..:)



Friday, February 11, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The boyfriend came home yesterday & I picked him up with coffee & doughnuts!

Lots of things to do this weekend since amazingly I won't be working on both days..weeehoo!

I went to Embun Seri spa today & had my first pedicure(they use OPI stuffs!) & also did a full coconut body scrub which was amazing!!My skin felt sooo soft & smooth after the scrub.Both treatment cost me rm180.Go there girls & book your appointment!I have already book my next appointment..can't wait!

Oh it's at Laman Seri sek 13..where Old Blossom Box is situated--bought a few stuffs from Jezmine yesterday--a lilac skirt that Jezmine sew,a pretty colorful cardigan & a billowy blouse with row of bows in the front(I'll upload photos of them soon!)
Been busy with life will blog more soon..:P


Lip smackers & other stuffs!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Back in my teen days & even when I was a lil kid,I was fascinated with the array of flavors that lip smackers,a brand of fun lip balm from bonne bell has.But alast,I couldn't get my hands on them since duh,I live in Malaysia.

So I'd look at them longingly on my mama's huge collection of Archie comics since they were advertised in them the most.I would log on to their cool website & dream to be able to wear some of the fun flavors on my lips.hehe.

But now,they're available at Guardian!I had to practically restrain myself fr
om buying all of the cute sets!The one that I bought had 2 lip smackers & 1 squeezy lip smackers(like a lip gloss).

The 2 lip smackers flavor are Gingerbread Grettings & Candy Cane Cheer.The gingerbread smell so yummy!Like a cinnamon toast or a buttered waffle...mmmm..The squeezy flavor was Cotton Candy & it tasted sweet!I love em!

Of course,me being me,couldn't not buy other things at the pharmacy.Bought Revlon's Color Stay foundation cos' I'll be going to a few events these upcoming weekends & I don't want to look shiny.Tried it on & it looked great on my skin & plus it's for oily or combination skin(my skin!).

Also bought Dove's Intense repair overnight treatment cos' I heard rave reviews about it.

My splurge was the bright turquoise bottle containing Olay white radiance celLucent(not a typo,it's how they spell it & its trademarked) white essence.Bought it cos I have brown spots on my face due to sun damage & hopefully this will lessen it.


Hocus pocus & freaaakkyyy

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The boyf has been pointing out how freaky it is that we tend to text each other when the other is in the midst of texting something to the other half as well.Or call each other when the other is trying to call the other one.


It has happened many many times.To us,atleast.Once,I was about to send a message to him & he called me right when I was about to push the send button.But I send the message anyway.ahaha.

Or when he was about to text me,but I texted him first.Or he texted me before I was about to text him.So both of us got each other messages at THE SAME TIME!AHAHAHA.

One night it was super funny because we were calling each other--AT THE SAME TIME.So both of us got the busy tone or the 'the number you have dialled...blah2'.Until I was like,stop calling him & he finally manage to call me & was all like..'why did you call me?let me call you lah"..BWAHAHAHAHAHA.


Looking forward to list..:)

Sunday, February 06, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Been a wee bit sad today cos' my man isn't's the first day that I haven't seen him..spend the day cooped up at home & sleep sleep sleep & okay fineee,we did talked a lot today..hehe..

SOO I thought I'd do a looking forward to list to make me feel a bit better..:))

Some of the things that I'm looking forward to:

*My friend Sep's & Lela's wedding this Saturday!!Can't wait to go with Razin & I got their wedding card 2 weeks ago cos' Sep used to work in the same office as me.Got a sneak peek at Lela's outfit for the day thanks to Sep who blabs..ahaha.It looks gorgeous!!

*Razin(my boyf) coming back home in a few days which means--more dates!

*When he's back--gonna get a couple of greasy burgers,cos' I'm not allowed to eat chicken when he's not around--cos' I found out recently that I'm allergic to it but but I love chicken!

So I'm trying my best to restrain myself & not eat it!Plus I haven't had a good malaysian burger in like months!!It could have been a year since I had one I think...yes..THAT LONG!

*Gonna watch Burlesque with him--not at the cinema cos' he has the uncut copy!!

*Baking something with chocolate since I have lots of choc chip & baking choc that I haven't use in the fridge..maybe some scrumptious brownies for V'Day??:))

*More new episodes of Gossip Girl,Grey's Anatomy,90210,Parenthood,How I met your mother & Big Bang Theory!

*More love love love & love..:))))

Hope all of you will have a great week!



Saturday, February 05, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

He's just the sweetest thing ever.

Calling me everynight.And when I mean every night,I mean every single night.We never run out of things to talk about.:)The longest we've spoken on the phone was for 5 hours.

I remembered back when we were still in the stages of getting to know each other,he actually called me & talked to me while I was driving from KL Sentral to Shah Alam,and then to Puncak Alam after a full day out with my bestfriend,cos' he knew that I was really sleepy.Back then,I knew that this guy was something else.:)

His phone bill is astronomical since previously I hold a maxis num & he uses digi.But last week we bought the celcom exec plan.Yeay!

He always comes to the office to have lunch with me when he's here.Packing a home cooked lunch for me.Just simply texting sweet things and many more.Feeding me and never afraid to show me or others that he loves me..(he has a folder of my pics on his fb..*blush*)

And he never ever wants to let go of my hand when we go out on dates.Sometimes it's dangerous cos' he even holds my hand while he's driving!ahahah

And yeah,I am in love.VERY.

It makes me want to always always be good to him,to always appreciate him and most importantly,to always love him.

Last night was our last date before he went back to uni(he's in his last sem)& we spend a low key night watching Easy A at his family's house(yep I've met his family now) and eating dinner there as well.It was comfy and perfect and filled with love love love.Went to his house today as well & it was a bit sad.:((

I know he'll be home this weekend but yeah,I'm used to seeing him EVERYDAY.I actually love seeing him everyday which is not something that I was accustomed with,with the previous other guys.But with him,it's different.It's something special.:)