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Friday, February 18, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

What I did on Wednesday:

Went to my faculty to buy a book from my junior’s fund fair.They have to raise money for their final semester project,a seminar for professional development.A year ago when me & my colleagues did it,we ask donation from our parents.

Luckily some of us have wealthy ones & they drop a few thousands for it so we didn’t have to raise funds.But then again,we didn’t get to experience the excitement of getting together,brainstorming to come up with creative ways to earn money so I’m proud of my juniors!

After that,lunch & a movie with the boyf.Ate so much at Fullhouse—had the Wrap of Rome,Soft shell crab(deep fried crab—so good!),Aglio Oglio,Seafood platter(the salmon is yummahhh&so is the sauce!) & Creme Brulee for dessert(I still prefer zen’s cafe bigger portion for this dessert at the same price).

Watch Khurafat afterwards,my request of course.It was just not good!I’m sorry but seriously,the storyline has so many faults.The twist at the end was great but it didn’t save the whole movie.Buy the dvd instead if you guys plan to watch it in the cinema.

Bought a bunch of baking stuffs at Daisho.hehe.

Then we picked up Adela & went to visit Jezmine to give her the cookies I baked for her birthday. Bought a long black one shoulder lace maxi dress which my boyfriend adored me in it.ahaha.Of course it was a bit short on me since I’m a bit on the tall side.Though not as tall as my boyfriend!Which is good since I can rock high heels when I’m with him..hehe

Ate at Tutti Frutti & they have a new flavour which is Red Velvet( a cake which I’ve baked before)& although it was good,it reminded me of choc pudding.Oooh,the combination of flavours & toppings that we ate cost my boyf rm33.40..yikesss!But since it was eaten by 3 ppl,it was okay right?:P

Then we bought homemade burger at sect 7,this time I tried the BBQ patty since previously I had the mushroom one.Send Adela back to college & then I went to the boyf’s hse..Chatted a bit with his family,& then watched the latest ep of The Big Bang Theory & ate our burger.Went home,watch more Parenthood & finish watching I Love You Phillip Morris—which I will review soon & is very brilliant!

And oh,I love you Razin!:)


Donut said...

Hang dtg pokoi bapa? tak nmpak hang pun?

Au ate again so we're hoping he's on an upswing. We really appreciate your support.