Friday, February 11, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The boyfriend came home yesterday & I picked him up with coffee & doughnuts!

Lots of things to do this weekend since amazingly I won't be working on both days..weeehoo!

I went to Embun Seri spa today & had my first pedicure(they use OPI stuffs!) & also did a full coconut body scrub which was amazing!!My skin felt sooo soft & smooth after the scrub.Both treatment cost me rm180.Go there girls & book your appointment!I have already book my next appointment..can't wait!

Oh it's at Laman Seri sek 13..where Old Blossom Box is situated--bought a few stuffs from Jezmine yesterday--a lilac skirt that Jezmine sew,a pretty colorful cardigan & a billowy blouse with row of bows in the front(I'll upload photos of them soon!)
Been busy with life will blog more soon..:P