Hocus pocus & freaaakkyyy

Tuesday, February 08, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The boyf has been pointing out how freaky it is that we tend to text each other when the other is in the midst of texting something to the other half as well.Or call each other when the other is trying to call the other one.


It has happened many many times.To us,atleast.Once,I was about to send a message to him & he called me right when I was about to push the send button.But I send the message anyway.ahaha.

Or when he was about to text me,but I texted him first.Or he texted me before I was about to text him.So both of us got each other messages at THE SAME TIME!AHAHAHA.

One night it was super funny because we were calling each other--AT THE SAME TIME.So both of us got the busy tone or the 'the number you have dialled...blah2'.Until I was like,stop calling him & he finally manage to call me & was all like..'why did you call me?let me call you lah"..BWAHAHAHAHAHA.