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Last Sunday afternoon,I went to Razin's elder sister,Ruzanna's wedding at Dewan Banquet MBSA.Didn't manage to go to the akad nikah ceremony the day before at their house due to my work which started at 9am..a bit sad cos' his mum asked me a few times..but what to do right?Duty calls..*sigh*

Saw the vid recording of it thanks to Razin & it was heartwarming seeing his parents reaction,having to give her away to her husband..

A few pics of the wedding ceremony below..the food was awesome!Nasi minyak,ayam masak merah,beef sumtin(which was my fave) & there was lamb as well(which the boyf lovesss but he can't actually eat it but he did anyway cos' hey,you have to live a little sometime!:P).

The place look sooo pretty..pink and white and green,flowers everywhere,heart shaped balloons,little pink cake boxes filled with sweets & also caramel popcorn for the wedding favors.They played the song Endless Love when the bride & groom walk down the aisle with the family members right behind them..so beautiful!!
*Syg with his siblings(the grey clad girls are his cousins & so is the little boy in the red bow)

Also,the pretty little flower girls,the performance by the family--didn't manage to catch that cos had to go to the office..but I told Razin's lil sis,Raqeema to record him singing (yes my man can sing & play the guitar!)though he has yet to let me look at the vid..soo shy..:P
*My handsome geek*

*With adela & razin's lil sis,Raqeema*
We do look good together right?hehe..:P