Movie Reviews:Scott Pilgrim,Burlesque,I Love U Phillip Morris & etc..

Saturday, February 19, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Reviews on movies that I watched recently..not on the list is Paranormal Activity 2 which I watched at the cinema which was a big dissapointment cos' I like the first one!

1.Scott Pilgrim vs The World

My brother gave me this movie months ago but I would not have watched it if not for my boyfriend's enthusiasm over it.Yes,the love of life loves comic books or the cooler term would be graphic novels.He has many of em' in his hard disk though I've yet to want to transfer them into my laptop..I read Archie comic books though..Something that my mum passes on to me & my siblings as she still buys of em to this day.

Okay,moving on to the movie.Since this is based on the comic book,of course some parts of it doesn't make sense but just go with it cos' really this movie is awesome!

The movie consist of a stellar cast from Micheal Cera,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Jason Schwartzman,Kieran Culkin,Allison Pill,Ellen Wong& even Chris Evans & also Brandon Routh.

The movie is about Scott who has his own band named Sex Bob-omb and he lives with his gay roommate Wallace.One day he fell for Ramona & turns out she has 7 crazy exes who wants to duel with him to the death.The movie is super fun with cool scenes & great one liners.ahaha.

It's a very very enjoyable movie to watch!And ooh,the Katanayagi brother's are pretty cute!

2.I Love You Phillip Morris

This movie is awesome in so many ways and what's mind blowing about it, is that it is based on a true story!

You just HAVE to watch it!!I saw the trailer a few weeks ago & forgot about it until my boyfriend gave the movie for me to watch.

Watching the movie,it daunted on me how bad the system in the US is because Steven a man with no qualification,became a lawyer & actually won a case,and then he became a freaking CFO of a company.It makes you ponder how dumb and gullible some people can be because lots of them were fooled by him!

And props to both Jim Carrey & Ewan McGregor for great great performance in this movie.You actually believe that they truly do love each other.This movie is a really great one and definitely an eye opener to all of us.

When I watched the trailer of the movie,I wanted to watch it so bad because come on,Christina & Cher in one movie?It should be awesome..right??WRONG!

I watched this with my man & as a hot blooded male,of course there was a lot of scenes that he enjoyed,involving lotsss of sexy lingerie & of course Christina's bountiful cleavage.:P

Oh btw we didn't watch it at the cinema since I'm very very sure lots of the scenes were taken out.I watched the movie at his house,while eating domino's, which halfway through it,his sister join in.ahahaha.

The great parts were the songs & the dance choreography..and man can Christina belt it out!The bad parts were the cliche lines and scenes and Kristen Bell as the nemesis cos' she's not convincing at all!


Okay,I heard somewhat positive review of this movie online & I thought why not & give it a go right?

Sigh..big mistake cos' it was not worth it going to the cinema with the boyf to watch it!It has lots of flaws BUT the twist at the end was great and it made me wonder about how easy it is to do black magic on a woman.

And funny thing is,throughout the WHOLE movie,my boyfriend kept saying to me that the actress who played Anna,which is Sabrina Ali is a 'mak nyah(tranny)' cos' she looks like one to which I told him she's a woman but he still insist she looks like one!ahahahaha.

I mean,props to Shamsul for trying to direct a horror movie but there's lots of room for improvement!