My boyfriend is so funny!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

Sometimes after going out on our dates,me & my boyfriend will chill at his house--get your head out of the gutter cos' he lives with his parents,just like I do too.

So last night,while I was there,using the internet at his house while his family was watching the dance sumtin2 show on astro,he wanted to give me the tv series that I asked him to download for me.

As I opened the pendrive,I saw a folder marked Hanim which I didn't like since I don't like people calling me using that name as I prefer Liyana.So of course I babbled at him & he asked me to click further on...

So look at what my cheeky boyfriend did,which shows just how much he knows me..bwahahaha.


homaigod that's totally adorable! ;)

nafasdunia said...

hahah! comey gilak!

Anonymous said...

Wah! buley pakai ini idea...cute!

Li said...

safynaz:hehe kan kan??i think lamaaa gila i gelak dgn boyfriend i..even dh balik rumah,otp pon gelak2 lg...ahahaha

teddy:comel sgt!!!!

Anonymous said...

been a way to the State few months and was too busy to read anything. Just opened your blog today.. it's so nice to hear that you have finally found someone new.. who loves and really know what he himself wants..Wishing you all the best and may God guide both of you :) cheers!!

Li said...

AMS:pakai laa..sbb it's funny,sweet & unexpected cos he knew i was goin to be piss about the folder name..ahahaha

anon:awww thank u so much for reading this blog!
yes,he loves me & does knw what he wants..
i'm hoping for the best as well..:)