Saturday, February 05, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

He's just the sweetest thing ever.

Calling me everynight.And when I mean every night,I mean every single night.We never run out of things to talk about.:)The longest we've spoken on the phone was for 5 hours.

I remembered back when we were still in the stages of getting to know each other,he actually called me & talked to me while I was driving from KL Sentral to Shah Alam,and then to Puncak Alam after a full day out with my bestfriend,cos' he knew that I was really sleepy.Back then,I knew that this guy was something else.:)

His phone bill is astronomical since previously I hold a maxis num & he uses digi.But last week we bought the celcom exec plan.Yeay!

He always comes to the office to have lunch with me when he's here.Packing a home cooked lunch for me.Just simply texting sweet things and many more.Feeding me and never afraid to show me or others that he loves me..(he has a folder of my pics on his fb..*blush*)

And he never ever wants to let go of my hand when we go out on dates.Sometimes it's dangerous cos' he even holds my hand while he's driving!ahahah

And yeah,I am in love.VERY.

It makes me want to always always be good to him,to always appreciate him and most importantly,to always love him.

Last night was our last date before he went back to uni(he's in his last sem)& we spend a low key night watching Easy A at his family's house(yep I've met his family now) and eating dinner there as well.It was comfy and perfect and filled with love love love.Went to his house today as well & it was a bit sad.:((

I know he'll be home this weekend but yeah,I'm used to seeing him EVERYDAY.I actually love seeing him everyday which is not something that I was accustomed with,with the previous other guys.But with him,it's different.It's something special.:)