Transition--from graduation to the working world

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I have been working since middle of June last year.It is definitely a whole different world compared to my uni days.I am so glad that I have close friends who are experiencing the same thing and who understands each other's situation as well.

Oh and this month I have been working the 3 cycle shift.Which means sometimes my work starts at 2pm or 3pm or 12pm or 7.30 am & the worse is 11 pm(yes,the midnight shift!).So I will get a schedule for the whole month at the start of each month so that I can plot my off day(which are given as well as in I can't request to have an off day anytime I want to!).

The upside is that you get a bit of a pay raise & the downside is that you don't work the normal working hours.

Soooo,let me list down a few of the things that have change ever since me & my friends transition from the uni world into the real world--the working world..It's not all peachy keen folks!

1)You have to schedule your dates/gatherings/functions according to your work because it's hard to have everyone being free at the same time and plus if you don't you'll get fired..cos' unlike uni days where you can skip classes,skipping work shows that you're a free loader & also you'll get an earful from your manager & worse,get fired.

At my workplace,even MC's are frown upon.So yeah,sometimes it's hard because you have to plan your life but if you don't you basically won't have any time to spend with your loved ones and friends.Thank god I sort of like to plan things.

Because of my work I have miss 2 weddings & it's unfortunate,but it is what it is.Atleast I was able to go to one of my bestfriend's wedding,Napisah last year!

2)Less time or no time to see your friends who live faraway from you.Most of my close friends are experiencing the same thing so they understand this one.

Hanna & Napisah are busy pursuing their masters at USM while also teaching at UiTM Merbok.Napisah is also busy being a wife.The last time I saw them was during graduation.Yeah,THAT long time ago.But we do keep in touch though & I know I have to visit them in Kedah soon.Hopefully my work schedule in March permits me to do so!

Hani is teaching at UiTM Perak and I haven't seen her in ages too.But she knows I love her & she does too,it's just that we're busy with our life!Mak(farhana) is teaching in KL at ELS.Miss her as well!But they know about me & my boyfriend as I've told all of them everything & updated them from time to time so they don't feel left out.I haven't seen Yaya(in Klang),Izlin(teaching in Kelantan),Hafriz(teaching in KL) in ages as well.

Tatie & Nadia are in KL & we do catch up sometimes.The last time was during Sep's wedding a few days ago & then at Empire afterwards.

And last but certainly not least,Izza Izelan.The one who text me during Valentine's Day & wish me!aahahah.She's even busier with work than super duper busy.So she understands the most!Next to my boyfriend of course..hehe.

Manage to hang with her for both days during the weekend & she have met Razin as well & they get along so it's all awesome!She's going to Bangkok next week which I'm a bit jealous about but she's going to buy me a few stuffs--so yeayyyy!:P

3)You can't come home at 2am or 3am in the morning anymore.Back when I live with my friends during uni days,we can go out in the wee hours and stay up to do our assignments.But living with the family cancels that out which Izza,Tatie & Nadia are experiencing as well.

And plus,generally getting older,your body needs more sleep.ahaha.

4)You have bills to pay.Earning your own money means you have to start paying your own bills.You can't ask money from your parents anymore as well.I now have to set aside a big amount from my pay for my car bill,credit card bill,post paid bill,student loan bill,and many others.

Plus I have to divide the remaining for shopping,food & petrol.Once you start working,then you'll know the value of a hard earned pay!

5)You gain weight!First,when I started working,I lost a lot of weight because I was too busy to even eat & plus,I was going over a breakup.

But now after almost 8 months of working, and since working means sitting at the desk & your friend brings food & you bring food too & also when you go home,you feel tired & doesn't feel like exercising,you gain weight!

Add to the fact that I am in love and he makes me happy & he doesn't mind my fats & likes to make fun of it in a cutesy way & he feeds me & makes me more happy & have a healthier appetite now.Okay fine,so it's not his fault,I know,I know.

I HAVE to,in some way,incorporate some semblance of exercise into my life.STAT!

Will blog more when I remember more things to say.Am at the office cos' today in the schedule,it's my working day!But lots of my workmates are here as well.Yeay!