What I want..

Thursday, February 24, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Sometimes work can be stressful and demotivating..Thus,I want to write a list of things that I want other than being stuck here..

1.A big bowl of creme brulee from Zen cafe

2.A warm milk bath

3.A full body massage

4.A goodnight sleep for 8 hours or more--haven't done this in days--explain the pimples!

5.More alone time with my boyfriend!--yeah imma selfish like that..bwahahaha.

--Oooh,I conspired with his lil sis& took him away yesterday afternoon so that his family can set up a little surprise for him..they're so sweet & loving towards each other!My boyf has 5 siblings altogether,3 boys & 2 girls.

He had no idea of it coming & he was a bit miffed because I kept taking too long using the wifi at Tutti Frutti when all he wanted to do was catch up on some much needed sleep..Poor baby been having back problems & haven't been sleeping properly..:((

He was even more weirded out when I wanted to stay at his house & watch him practice singing/playing the guitar with his dad & brothers for his sister's upcoming wedding when in fact,I had to come into the house with him for the surpriseeee!

His expression was funny cos' he was so sleepy so he was like whatttttt?hahahah.Fooled you sayang!!!:P He got 3 presents from his family--lucky dude!haha

Will upload pics of it tomorrow!:)