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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Mmmm..Starbucks ice cream!!!yummmmmm..Now at Tesco!:))What the boyfriend has been doing while he's far from me..I miss youuuuu!
I still prefer the Cadbury version..M&S version is tooo sweet!
Haven't had pizza in over a month--mama's treat!Look at the grease--yikess
April magazine!I loveeee InStyle(usa) mag--goin for rm19.90 this month--the price change each month ey??Nevermind,it's still worth every penny!:))I never could picture Tina Fey as a cover girl..haha
Bought this uber uber pretty white dress which makes me feel like a cake..haha..PERFECTION..a bit pricey but when I put it on I just had to have it!
It was design by this lady & she makes only 3 of these in 3 diff colors(black & pale pink)..can't wait to wear it!
I've been eyeing this fuchsia blazer since last month but back then I was a bit broke..ahaha.So manage to grab it this month!yeahhhh

This sandal is a mixture of birkenstock+glam..sooo damn comfy but it sparkles as well & it's red!It's my go to sandals now..
Bought this shirt when I bought the stuffs for the boyf last cute right??
I have cute lamp in my room!Hello Kitty!Who can resist?
Organize my earrings & necklaces cos' I bought this pretty pink rack(look at the heart on top!) today..A girl can never have too many accesories..hehe..My rings & bracelets are in a box..Organize my bathroom stuffs as well..And yes,I take bathing as a serious ritual..ahaha..I do spend a lot of money at Watson/Guardian..I love buying beauty products!I got my Watson card the moment it came out last year!--Oh,I should totally be the Herbal Essences girl model amende ntah thingy since I've been using their products for yrs!But naahhh,tats not my thing..:P

All of my skin care + make up are tuck safely in this bag..I'll shield your eyes from the tons of stuff inside..:PP


A beautiful thing

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Am I sharing just a little too much here about my love life?Hurm..I don't think so..Why do I feel that way all of a sudden?Probably there could be people out there who finds it a tad TMI?But to me,this is my blog and I have the rights to blog about my own life.

Plus,if you love someone,to me,you should never be embarrassed about it.It's a beautiful thing to be shared.When you give love,you will receive love.

The most important thing to me is that if you are truly honest and your heart is true,that other person can feel it as well and if you're lucky,reciprocate.Which is what happened to us.:)

I guess because even at the start of the relationship,he was never ever shy over how he felt about me & he's even far more bold than me in real life since he's not an active net user(no blog,fb & twitter abandon for weeks/months) like me,you guys don't know that..:P

Me,I like to write hence I blog about it..:)

"Love is the shortest distance between hearts"


Gotta keep the love alive!:P

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*Pics taken by the boyf from his hp*(sorry for my awful handwriting)

Just because we are separated by miles of miles of distance that does not permit me to drive over and visit him when I'm free(for now),does not mean that we can't take care of each other from afar or like the title said,we have to keep the love alive..:)

I send out the parcel to him last week & it arrived today,a date that actually means a lot since today(27th),awhile back, was the day when he asked me to be his girlfriend..*blush*..altogether now...awwwww..teeheee..

I didn't even planned for it to arrive today..I send him the items last week which I bought back when I was on a shopping spree with my friend Zara, & because I miss him so much & since I couldn't be there,I thought I should send a few things to comfort him.haha.

Look at these cute pig cookies(it's butter cookies w raspberry fondant--no pigs in it whatsoever okay!) below!ahahaha..Hey,lil pigs are cute.Even my most alim friends does not frown upon this because it's not like I eat them or hold's just that back when I love to watch the movie Yours,Mine & Ours,I was fascinated with their little pig,Fiona! *Oops what is that behind them cookies that I send as well?;)*

Counting the days till you come back here sayang..:))


How do you know & Tangled review

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How do you know?

“When you’re in gotta give it everything you have.Or else,what are you doing?”-Lisa-

This is another chick flick and as much as I don’t like the term,it is what it is.And it is a bit different because of course,the heroine ended up with the guy who is right for her,I didn’t feel bad for the guy that wasn’t right for her because his mannerism is so cute.

Reese Witherspoon plays Lisa,a baseball player for Team USA who got kicked out because she turned 31.Her boyfriend is Matty a successful baseball player in his prime.And then there’s George who’s in trouble because of his own father.I love this movie.It is not great but it has its moments.

Matty is just so bumbling and cute.ahaha.Like having a drawer full of brand new toothbrushes and pink sweats in diff sizes in his closet for girls staying over???George is just honest and sweet and the fact that he got into such big trouble for something that he didn’t do and accepting sad!

Lisa is a bit confused looking.ahaha.And I guess it’s hard because she has nothing to fall back on other than sports and she was booted out.But I was more distracted by Reese’s chin because it looks surreal like an implant was put there to make it look more protruding?ahaha.

All in all it is a great movie to watch to fill up your free time.

Ahh who doesn’t love a Disney movie?I am so glad that this came out & it restored my love for Disney animated movie(Pixar usually dominates now).

It is just lovely and beautiful and funny and have great songs which I’m currently listening to over and over again.

Some of my favourite scenes is at the start of the movie when Rapunzel does her chores and when she finally goes out of the tower with Flynn & have an inner conflict—sort of bipolar-ish..ahaha.The usage of frying pan as a weapon—bwahahaha.

Mother Gothel makes me wonder what hazelnut soup tasted like!Rapunzel makes me want to have big green eyes!!

Zachary Levi & Mandy Moore was perfect for both characters & they sing well too..Mandy sounds amazing in the movie!I miss seeing her act on screen!I have EVERY SINGLE one of her movies on dvd..even the indie one Dedication!:)

I want to watch this movie over and over again!


UT Mara Debate Alumni Reunion Dinner

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Friday night I had an alumni reunion dinner with my former utmara(UiTM) debater friends.I dabbled in debate backn in 2005 & 2006..when I was in pre-degree..But mostly I adjudicated debate after 2006 & even took a test for it.

Due to being swamped with degree & the fact that I was in the high committee of 3 diff society(MPP,PMFP & Ethos!) at my faculty,I couldn't commit much to debating.But I manage to join quite many tourneys.VC Cup,Arau Open,Royals,UM Humanitarian Law,Intec Open & many others..But I'm sure lots of juniors now doesn't know me since I haven't been there in a looong time.

Oh,the dinner was held at Passage thru India in KL.It was my first time going there & the ambience is very very nice though I don't know if I'll be able to find my way back again since me & Izza got lost along the way.haha.

The decor was very beautiful.It was like stepping into another place.Very exotic.The food was good as well but don't order the was a disappointment.I ordered 2 desserts--Gulab Jamun & Kulfi,Garlic Naan,Manggo Lassi & this mutton dish.

I didn't know it was mutton since I don't take mutton due to the smell but somebody at the table had it & it tasted so good..crispy & spicy..but alas the name fails me..haha.Mac took the tab & treated everyone--he is one of my customers since he holds a gold amex charge card!

It was so great meeting all those faces that I have not met for years and years.Even a friend of mine who gotten back from Canberra & turns out he's now working in the same company as my cousin but in different department!

Everybody is working & doing something with their life and becoming a success.From lawyers(Sherri is now a lawyer with KL BAR!) to working in the corporate world,to being a famous enviromentalist(Khairun who also has been nominated fr Klue Blue Chilli awards previously)becoming a recent AJL winning singer(Kak Ana Raffali!),auditors and a few are working with Petronas & Shell as well.

We have come a looong way back from our debating days.Debating definitely gave us the confidence to speak our mind and build our personality.I am proud to say that I am a UiTM graduate because we are employable and we can speak in English well(maybe not all of the graduates but most of us can).Most will get a job right after graduation or even before me & my TESL friends!

I got a job,less than 2 weeks after I submitted my thesis--SUBMITTED..and back then I had not even finish my semester yet.And I only managed to enjoy 2 weeks of my semester holiday after my degree ended before I was pushed straight into the working world--which meant that I didn't catch a break--maybe I'll get to do so during my honeymoon(ahahaha..yeahhhh!:P).

The reunion consisted of catching up on what everyone has been up to.Sadly our head honcho,Hafiedz was not present since he was at Borneo Cup.He along with a few of the debating seniors created MIDP which is base in Butterworth.Why in Penang?Well he inherit the building from his late father & converted it for MIDP headquarters.

Oh,and 2 of us are getting married soon..awwww..:)

We'll have more reunion after this,though it is hard to get everyone together since everybody are busy with their work.But it was great meeting everyone and see everybody doing well!


Look good,for less..:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

A recent friend of mine told me that I must be those kind of people who doesn’t buy clothes at bazaar or bundle shop and only buy clothes at boutiques and malls.To which I laugh at because actually a lot of the clothes I wear,does not cost more than rm120 per item.

Maybe I do have the occasional expensive jeans but hey,they last a long time.Or I do splurge on one good handbag time to time because good leather last a longggg time and lingerie too like from La Senza cos' it's very comfy(c'mon what you wear inside is just as important on the outside!).

But I’m definitely not a snob & I have bought my clothes from various places from pasar pagi Sect 13(Shah Alam),to bundle shop,prelove sales,blogshops,and many many more.I shop anywhere and everywhere.:).You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes.

As long as you like it and it looks good on you,who cares where you buy it from? Make do with what you have!I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on looking good.

Thought I’d share some of my clothing items that cost me less than rm50!:)

I have worn this tuxedo blazer countless of times.I love the cutting,the shape & it’s so comfy & makes me look put together.It cost me....rm59!No joke!hehe..I bought it at Summit USJ..:)

This butterfly print dress is my fave & my dad picked it out when he saw it at a bundle stall at Pasar Pagi Section 13 Shah Alam.I have worn it so many times that I lost count.

The grey biker jacket below is a fave of mine.I love wearing it with feminine pieces like a dress be it long or short or a simple t-shirt.A friend even thought I bought it at Topshop but actually I bought it at Sungei Wang for a mere rm30!

And the pretty tie dye halter maxi was bought at Sungei Wang too for only rm85 if I remembered correctly..:)

This pretty maxi dress below with beautiful row of flowers motif on it cost me only rm30 & I actually bought it at the Empire Shopping Gallery!They were having this CNY sale in the middle of the mall & this lady was selling these pretty tops and dresses.

She gave me a great discount—2 tops & 1 dress for rm120 total cos’ it was her last day there!1 top was for Adela since it’ll be too greedy for me to choose all 3..:P..I got the maxi dress & the purple top below for rm30 each!:)

The halter that I wore a lot during Tioman was something that I made MYSELF!hehe.I created it out of my grandma’s old baju kurung top that she doesn’t wear anymore..hehe.

This billowy tunic dress with pretty butterfly print was bought at a bundle shop somewhere.I think it cost me rm5 & I’ve worn it so many times too.

So girls,do shop around & find the best bargains..get more bang for your buck!:)


Rainy day

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*Disclaimer:The previous post is about ME,& not directed to anyone.I tend to be a brat& am really glad that I have someone who can put things into perspective & he was the one who told me about the proverb awhile back..:))..I love you!!

On Saturday after going to the boyf's hse for his lil' sis garage sale,where I bought 2 dresses & gave my vanilla eclairs to the family as well,I zipped to Putrajaya for the Hot Air Balloon festival with Adela & Sam.

*Funny bit,yesterday,otp with the boyf & updated him about his family like hey your bro cut his hair,your dad bought the Mahathir book..*hehe..I miss him so much!And he misses me too that he's a bit bonkers now..ahahaha

Pics at boyf's hse is in Adela's camera so didn't manage to upload it yet.Had a quick lunch at Laksa Shack at Shah Alam mall which was disappointing..the Sunway Pyramid outlet tasted muchhhh better!:(

Unfortunately,it rained when we were otw to Putrajaya& it rained even while we were there & even when we went back!Basically the rain didn't stop!So we ate & talk & take lots of pics & laugh & laugh along with Izza & her 2 sisters.

Afterwards,hung out a bit at Old Town with some of my ex-students which I haven't seen in a longggg time & they were a bit pissed at me for that..Sorry I am a busy woman!:P

Below are some of the pics that were taken on the day..:)

P/S:And yeah,I changed my cardigan after the fair for dinner..I carry a few in my car..along with a few bags & lots of shoes..makes it easier to change my look anytime I need to..ahahaha