Gotta keep the love alive!:P

Sunday, March 27, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

*Pics taken by the boyf from his hp*(sorry for my awful handwriting)

Just because we are separated by miles of miles of distance that does not permit me to drive over and visit him when I'm free(for now),does not mean that we can't take care of each other from afar or like the title said,we have to keep the love alive..:)

I send out the parcel to him last week & it arrived today,a date that actually means a lot since today(27th),awhile back, was the day when he asked me to be his girlfriend..*blush*..altogether now...awwwww..teeheee..

I didn't even planned for it to arrive today..I send him the items last week which I bought back when I was on a shopping spree with my friend Zara, & because I miss him so much & since I couldn't be there,I thought I should send a few things to comfort him.haha.

Look at these cute pig cookies(it's butter cookies w raspberry fondant--no pigs in it whatsoever okay!) below!ahahaha..Hey,lil pigs are cute.Even my most alim friends does not frown upon this because it's not like I eat them or hold's just that back when I love to watch the movie Yours,Mine & Ours,I was fascinated with their little pig,Fiona! *Oops what is that behind them cookies that I send as well?;)*

Counting the days till you come back here sayang..:))