Happy Sunday!

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Yeah yeah I change my blog header...it's a combination of pictures that I like...:)

Yesterday,I didn't sleep for more than 20 hours...almost an entire day!And I survive!!Reasons being was that on Friday nite I went to the office & started work from 11pm-7.45 am & usually afterwards,I'll go home & sleep until late afternoon.

But my juniors/friends are having this awesome seminar with cool speakers ranging from Jezmine Blossom(the one with a boutique where most of my clothes come from),Hana Tajima,Fynn Jamal(the most awesome & honest live performer!) and 2 others & was held at UiTM's UIC.

For their last semester,TESLians have to create a seminar for their Professional Development course..which is cool because after the course,we'll know how to throw one,professionally..hehe..

So I went& manage to stay awake, thanks to constant conversation, Grapefruit flavored Gatorade & food & the fact that Izza was the one who drove in her car.

The seminar was very empowering because of the speakers & they shared their experiences & what does it take to become successful.I was very touched during Fynn's speech particularly when she explained the meaning behind the song Sampai Tua..Almost everyone shed a tear or felt something when she sang it live to us.Below is a vid of the song which she sung last year..

I really admire her because I feel that whatever she is singing/performing on stage is very honest and you can feel her emotions and she connects with her audience which is very powerful.She does it(singing poetry)because it's her passion & she's also an English graduate& used to be a lecturer but then she choose a path that makes her happy.

After the seminar went to Empire with Izza cos she wanted to buy a pair of Maysaa pants from Hana but then when she did went,decided it wasn't for her.Had a bite at Serai Empire & I ordered the pistachio creme brulee(good & there's lotsss of pistachio!) though the pavlova looks tempting but I didn't order it since I can make one at home!hahaha

Then Izza drop me off at grandma's where I left my car & I drove back home while talking with the boyfriend(using hands free of course!) so that he could keep me awake through the whole 30++mins journey.hehe.

When I got back home,talk some more with him..even when he was having his dinner(sort of me being there to teman him..ahahah..ahhh LDR!!!) & then I slept for hoursssssssss..

Pictures frm yesterday!And to my friends--you guys did a gr8 job!!:)Gerenti dapat A+!

*In Old Blossom Box dress*

*Hana Tajima**Fynn Jamal performing with my one of my junior,Fitri*
*Acad,me & Izza mucking around..ahaha*

*With Rafeeza whom I haven't met in a long time!*
*With the girls & the ever fashionable junior of mine, Fira*
*With Acad & Chip--congrats seminar u guys dah habis & it was awesome!*
*Pistachio creme brulee..but I still like the ori one better..syg,can you make one for me plzz??hehehe*

P/S:Pardon the generic pose that I am always sporting in pictures..I sooo don't know how to pose!ahahahaah