He's back to reality

Wednesday, March 02, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

My man has gone back to uni life..Watched him leave a few hours ago..T_T

Last night,had a proper dinner at Rakuzen& met his bestie Aie & his gf Julia.Haven't been able to do so( the go out on a date part)in days because he was busy with his elder sister wedding preparation & also because of my crazy work schedule..
I miss him so..*sigh*..

Oh,finally met Aie since Razin has been wanting me to meet him weeks ago but our schedule always clash..ahaha.Aie & his gf Julia..so sweet!:)I love the teriyaki salmon that I ordered(along with cream croquette--not in the pic)..soo damn good!
All of the dishes above isn't mine..it's the boyfriend's!!He eats a lot at times too..heheh.Last night he ordered 3 dishes--oyster sumtin from the fine dining menu,unagi set & tempura sumtin2(yes I am bad at remembering complicated dish names)

Now that he's not here to keep me company(though we do talk otp everyday),my free time will be about work,work and hopefully more pilates session.

I have to focus on work cos' it made the front news that certain industry will get a pay raise of 30% this year (which the field I'm currently in,is included!)..OR..maybe just maybe try a different career path though this one is more lucrative?The crazy hours are wreaking havoc on my health & complexion.


Ninja said...

The food looks yummy~