How do you know & Tangled review

Sunday, March 27, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

How do you know?

“When you’re in gotta give it everything you have.Or else,what are you doing?”-Lisa-

This is another chick flick and as much as I don’t like the term,it is what it is.And it is a bit different because of course,the heroine ended up with the guy who is right for her,I didn’t feel bad for the guy that wasn’t right for her because his mannerism is so cute.

Reese Witherspoon plays Lisa,a baseball player for Team USA who got kicked out because she turned 31.Her boyfriend is Matty a successful baseball player in his prime.And then there’s George who’s in trouble because of his own father.I love this movie.It is not great but it has its moments.

Matty is just so bumbling and cute.ahaha.Like having a drawer full of brand new toothbrushes and pink sweats in diff sizes in his closet for girls staying over???George is just honest and sweet and the fact that he got into such big trouble for something that he didn’t do and accepting sad!

Lisa is a bit confused looking.ahaha.And I guess it’s hard because she has nothing to fall back on other than sports and she was booted out.But I was more distracted by Reese’s chin because it looks surreal like an implant was put there to make it look more protruding?ahaha.

All in all it is a great movie to watch to fill up your free time.

Ahh who doesn’t love a Disney movie?I am so glad that this came out & it restored my love for Disney animated movie(Pixar usually dominates now).

It is just lovely and beautiful and funny and have great songs which I’m currently listening to over and over again.

Some of my favourite scenes is at the start of the movie when Rapunzel does her chores and when she finally goes out of the tower with Flynn & have an inner conflict—sort of bipolar-ish..ahaha.The usage of frying pan as a weapon—bwahahaha.

Mother Gothel makes me wonder what hazelnut soup tasted like!Rapunzel makes me want to have big green eyes!!

Zachary Levi & Mandy Moore was perfect for both characters & they sing well too..Mandy sounds amazing in the movie!I miss seeing her act on screen!I have EVERY SINGLE one of her movies on dvd..even the indie one Dedication!:)

I want to watch this movie over and over again!