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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Mmmm..Starbucks ice cream!!!yummmmmm..Now at Tesco!:))What the boyfriend has been doing while he's far from me..I miss youuuuu!
I still prefer the Cadbury version..M&S version is tooo sweet!
Haven't had pizza in over a month--mama's treat!Look at the grease--yikess
April magazine!I loveeee InStyle(usa) mag--goin for rm19.90 this month--the price change each month ey??Nevermind,it's still worth every penny!:))I never could picture Tina Fey as a cover girl..haha
Bought this uber uber pretty white dress which makes me feel like a cake..haha..PERFECTION..a bit pricey but when I put it on I just had to have it!
It was design by this lady & she makes only 3 of these in 3 diff colors(black & pale pink)..can't wait to wear it!
I've been eyeing this fuchsia blazer since last month but back then I was a bit broke..ahaha.So manage to grab it this month!yeahhhh

This sandal is a mixture of birkenstock+glam..sooo damn comfy but it sparkles as well & it's red!It's my go to sandals now..
Bought this shirt when I bought the stuffs for the boyf last cute right??
I have cute lamp in my room!Hello Kitty!Who can resist?
Organize my earrings & necklaces cos' I bought this pretty pink rack(look at the heart on top!) today..A girl can never have too many accesories..hehe..My rings & bracelets are in a box..Organize my bathroom stuffs as well..And yes,I take bathing as a serious ritual..ahaha..I do spend a lot of money at Watson/Guardian..I love buying beauty products!I got my Watson card the moment it came out last year!--Oh,I should totally be the Herbal Essences girl model amende ntah thingy since I've been using their products for yrs!But naahhh,tats not my thing..:P

All of my skin care + make up are tuck safely in this bag..I'll shield your eyes from the tons of stuff inside..:PP


nadd said...

li...where did you get the rack for the accessories?

Li said...

i bought it for rm15 je babe!kat gm plaza,across aeon bukit tinggi..i'm sure u knw the way!haha..pegi la..time i pegi design ni tinggal 1 je but byk design laen..:)