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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

A recent friend of mine told me that I must be those kind of people who doesn’t buy clothes at bazaar or bundle shop and only buy clothes at boutiques and malls.To which I laugh at because actually a lot of the clothes I wear,does not cost more than rm120 per item.

Maybe I do have the occasional expensive jeans but hey,they last a long time.Or I do splurge on one good handbag time to time because good leather last a longggg time and lingerie too like from La Senza cos' it's very comfy(c'mon what you wear inside is just as important on the outside!).

But I’m definitely not a snob & I have bought my clothes from various places from pasar pagi Sect 13(Shah Alam),to bundle shop,prelove sales,blogshops,and many many more.I shop anywhere and everywhere.:).You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes.

As long as you like it and it looks good on you,who cares where you buy it from? Make do with what you have!I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on looking good.

Thought I’d share some of my clothing items that cost me less than rm50!:)

I have worn this tuxedo blazer countless of times.I love the cutting,the shape & it’s so comfy & makes me look put together.It cost me....rm59!No joke!hehe..I bought it at Summit USJ..:)

This butterfly print dress is my fave & my dad picked it out when he saw it at a bundle stall at Pasar Pagi Section 13 Shah Alam.I have worn it so many times that I lost count.

The grey biker jacket below is a fave of mine.I love wearing it with feminine pieces like a dress be it long or short or a simple t-shirt.A friend even thought I bought it at Topshop but actually I bought it at Sungei Wang for a mere rm30!

And the pretty tie dye halter maxi was bought at Sungei Wang too for only rm85 if I remembered correctly..:)

This pretty maxi dress below with beautiful row of flowers motif on it cost me only rm30 & I actually bought it at the Empire Shopping Gallery!They were having this CNY sale in the middle of the mall & this lady was selling these pretty tops and dresses.

She gave me a great discount—2 tops & 1 dress for rm120 total cos’ it was her last day there!1 top was for Adela since it’ll be too greedy for me to choose all 3..:P..I got the maxi dress & the purple top below for rm30 each!:)

The halter that I wore a lot during Tioman was something that I made MYSELF!hehe.I created it out of my grandma’s old baju kurung top that she doesn’t wear anymore..hehe.

This billowy tunic dress with pretty butterfly print was bought at a bundle shop somewhere.I think it cost me rm5 & I’ve worn it so many times too.

So girls,do shop around & find the best bargains..get more bang for your buck!:)


Ahem, when you have a pile of clothes you don't want, and that are in good repair, do think of me! I've got the orphanage in USJ and my pal Ee Lynn has refugees - all of whom would looooove these dresses!

Li said...

i do have clothes that i want to give away ellen..you have an orphanage?didn't know about that!i'd be glad to help those refugees as well..i'll sift through my clothes & set aside those to give away!