Of La Dolce Vita--yeahhhhhhh & American Idol

Sunday, March 06, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Today I was really really sleepy but had to wake up early & go to Amcorp Mall because my mum wanted me to bring her to the flea market.I was really sleepy because came home at like 12 sumtin last night..and then talk and talk with the boyf until 5am.

My mum woke me up at 9.30 & then by 10 sumtin we were out & had to stop at Grandma's first to pick up my cousin & lil brother who's there as well(ever since SPM,he lives there because he's working).

So with no brekkie except drinking lemon & warm water upon waking up,I drove groggily to Amcorp Mall.Didn't expect to find anything but boy was I wrong!!!

I found this book!!The one that I have been dying to have for months and months.The one I have search at MPH but they don't sell em!

My OCD behavior in book browsing works wonders because when I went to Xcess Bookstore,I scan all of the shelf.Except for some genre's which had nothing to do with me.Although they have a very extensive selection of books,sadly their travel section is so tiny.Like one sad shelf!

Soooo,back to how I found the book pictured above.I was scanning the shelf at the back.And being OCD when it comes to books,I had to look at all tittles from top to bottom and GUESS WHAT--I saw the book at the top shelf like high up there.So I had to ask this teenage boy who was sitting on the chair that was used to climb to get the books for,to lend it to me.

So I did and manage to grab a copy out of the only THREE that was available.

You have no idea how happy I am!!!It was like a background song was playing while I hold the book and guess what,because I bought it at Xcess,it was only rm17.90!!All of their books are brand new but at a much lower price than MPH or Popular bookstore!Loves it!!Can't wait to read the book..woohooo!

Shared my exciting experience to the boyf and of course he freaking LAUGHED at me cos he can't relate to books..hahahaha.-__-

Anyhoo,are you guys watching American Idol newest season?I had to watch online because been working during the hours they showed it on tv..My fave are Pia & Thia.

My mum loves Pia as well.She's GORGEOUS!Like when you look at her,you'll be like..this girl is freaking gorgeous and she's a makeup artist who's gorgeous so people must flock to her to get their makeup done..hehe.

Pia has an amazing voice with that good looks of hers--the perfect package!I hope she makes it further ahead along the competition...:)