The perils of the only daughter in the family

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I would like to take the time and post about this in order to share my experience as being the only daughter in the family of boys and having an overbearing and overprotective father.

It SUCKS.Big time.You may think..wahhhh the only daughter,she doesn't have to share clothes or stuffs with any of her siblings,so awesome!bahhhh

Fine,maybe that part is quite awesome..the own room,own everything stuffs.But of course there's the not so great part too which at times weigh moreeee than the great part.

Some of the not so great part of being the only daughter in the family are..*drumroll please*

1.You have a super protective,overbearing,crazy controlling father who prefers you to stay at home all the time like an old fart!

2.He doesn't allow you to make any have to be perfect all the time..when you make one tiny slipup he will go berserk and scream and shout like there's no tomorrow.

3.Any boyfriend of your is his enemy and to him,have hidden motives towards his daughter.

4.Don't even dream of going on a holiday abroad on your own let alone in the country.

5. Don't talk about love,relationship or marriage in front of him.Those are taboo!

Thank God I have a pretty cool mother who most of the time understands where I'm coming from.That is why I told my boyfriend Razin that I am jealous with his family because they're just so chill and loving towards each other.

Whenever I go]to their house they're so nice to me and that is why in a way I am protecting him from ever having to meet my dad..fineee I know he has too someday but I love him too much to put him in that position.

I sure as heck doesn't want to scare him away though I know he's not that kind of person..he loves me too much too(barf sounds insert).He has met my brother though..and my mum is pretty cool so atleast there's somebody in the family who's supportive!:P


Anonymous said...

hye.. sama lah nasib kita! sangat sama! arghhh stress betul kan? and,yet..sama.. i also jealous dgn my boyf's family..hee

Liyana.H said...

omg this post was such a long time ago!!funny thing is,my dad really like my boyfriend razin now!a very rare thing..

he gave razin a planner for d new year,he asked me to ask razin's opinion on like where should he buy a pc monitor la & razin has come to our house many time dh to meet my parents!hehe

in fact this saturday,me,razin& my dad gonna be in my dad's car to pick up my fixed card..:)