Rainy day

Sunday, March 20, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

*Disclaimer:The previous post is about ME,& not directed to anyone.I tend to be a brat& am really glad that I have someone who can put things into perspective & he was the one who told me about the proverb awhile back..:))..I love you!!

On Saturday after going to the boyf's hse for his lil' sis garage sale,where I bought 2 dresses & gave my vanilla eclairs to the family as well,I zipped to Putrajaya for the Hot Air Balloon festival with Adela & Sam.

*Funny bit,yesterday,otp with the boyf & updated him about his family like hey your bro cut his hair,your dad bought the Mahathir book..*hehe..I miss him so much!And he misses me too that he's a bit bonkers now..ahahaha

Pics at boyf's hse is in Adela's camera so didn't manage to upload it yet.Had a quick lunch at Laksa Shack at Shah Alam mall which was disappointing..the Sunway Pyramid outlet tasted muchhhh better!:(

Unfortunately,it rained when we were otw to Putrajaya& it rained even while we were there & even when we went back!Basically the rain didn't stop!So we ate & talk & take lots of pics & laugh & laugh along with Izza & her 2 sisters.

Afterwards,hung out a bit at Old Town with some of my ex-students which I haven't seen in a longggg time & they were a bit pissed at me for that..Sorry I am a busy woman!:P

Below are some of the pics that were taken on the day..:)

P/S:And yeah,I changed my cardigan after the fair for dinner..I carry a few in my car..along with a few bags & lots of shoes..makes it easier to change my look anytime I need to..ahahaha