The shining light

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Should blog about other things & believe me,I have lots of things to blog but lots of em are in the draft folder..ahaha..Will try to blog more on other things..but before I do so,there's one person who's taking a whole lotsa place in my mind & heart..awwwww..

The only person I know off that actually save my blog pages & read it..:)

The one who gives me time out of 5 mins when I'm angry & send a number for each mins on my hp..hehe

The one who knows how to pujuk me so well..

The one who makes me miss him every single day when he's not around..

The one who's always holding my hands..even when his relatives are around!hahaha

The one who would go..'so what can I do to make things better' when I'm not okay..

The one who can put logic into perspective when I'm overwhelmed by emotions..

The one who thinks I'm cute even when I'm angry or annoyed..ahaha

The one who never hangs up/put down the phone & will wait for me to say goodbye & end the conversation..

The one who knows how to make me melt..

The one who does silly little love things without being asked..

The one who can multi-task while driving..ahahaha

The one who showers me with nothing but love love love..

I know you will be all malu again when you read this...but I just had to do it cos' I love you so..

I will be strong for us..don't you fret!:)


multi task while driving hah? care to elaborate? hahahaa

Li said...

oh he likes to hold my hand while driving..ahahaha

ok. i trust u. bwahaahah