Things I’m liking at the moment

Thursday, March 10, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

To diverge the attention from people thinking I have nothing to blog about but my love life..bwahaha..I would like to blog about stuffs that I'm liking very much...

1.Olive Hand & Foot Cream

I thought that THE best hand cream ever is from Neutrogena’s since it’s made for Norwegian fisherman & they have such rough hands & it has won countless of awards in various magazines..But boy was I fooled!This cream here works wonders!It makes your hand feels super soft and smells nice too!Will definitely keep buying this!

2.Black raspberry vanilla body mist

On normal days,I feel so ‘sayang’ to wear my 2 perfumes—Alexander McQueen ‘Kingdom’ & Paul Smith ‘Rose’ I’d prefer to wear a body mist.And since everyone wears VS nowadays,I was glad when I found a body mist that smells super nice & isn’t VS..hehe.It smells so sweet & lovely & I like how I can spray it allover me without feeling guilty!

3.Miss Rose eyeshadow palette

I don’t wear much makeup everyday.My basic everyday routine is to curl my eyelashes,a bit of Maybelline mascara & a swipe of LipIce Sheer Color & if I'm not so lazy,some brown Body Shop eyeliner.But sometimes it’s fun experimenting with makeup!

So my friend are selling this brand which is halal & is from U.A.E & the colors are amazing!The pigments are bright & glides on smoothly and best of all..there’s sooo many colors..I’ve worn only 2 colors but can’t wait to try more.

4.Neutrogena Sunblock

Sometimes my work starts late in the afternoon and I do drive a lot so my arms tend to get burn a lot as this sunblock is convenient because all I have to do is spray it on & even it out!

5.Herbal Essences Color Me Shiny shampoo

I have tried so many shampoo from Clairol’s line and this one is awesome as well!I loovvee the way it smells on your hair..

6.MOD sparkly sandals

I don’t wear’ll be ballet flats,wedges,clogs,booties,heels or the one I wear while I’m driving—flip flops..But when I was buying shoes with my mum last week,I saw these pair & she said I should get em..I was there to buy shoes for her but ended up getting a pair of sandals for myself as well.

They’re sparkly & sooo comfy..cos the sole are cushion-ized or sumtin.hehe.And it’s red!!Don’t have a pica cos it’s in my car(like all of my other shoes..ahahah)

7.Blueberry ‘Tinkerbell ‘fairy necklace

This necklace is a bit cumbersome since it gets tangled easily but it’s so pretty & sparkly!I love love wearing it!:)

8.Pumpkin red studded maxi dress

It’s red,it’s studded and it’s a maxi though cos of my height it’s a bit ‘senteng’..ahaha But it’s gorgeous,nuff said!But I have to cinch it with a belt since it’s a bit loose around my waist...

9.Old Blossom Box one shoulder black lace maxi dress

Black can you not love it and lace is so in right now!This dress is amazing!!It’s just so pretty & perfect.It’s my 1st one shoulder dress!It’s a bit ‘senteng’ on me as well..hehe..But it’s still a gorgeous dress!Oh,I bought the red butterfly belt as well!hehe

10.Paul Smith Rose perfume

Other than Davidoff Cool Water,this is the only perfume that I have bought more than once..though the first time I got this perfume was last year during my birthday,a gift from my mum!It’s smells heavenly..:)

11.Crispy Popiah!
I'm sooo glad they're available again in Shah Alam!Previously they opened a kiosk at Shah Alam mall back in my degree days but then they close it up..glad I found them in Shah Alam again though not at the same place but still..I love eating them!

Ever since it's in season,my parents buy them EVERY WEEK!No joke!!If they buy em' everyday I would be so fat!!ahaha