UT Mara Debate Alumni Reunion Dinner

Saturday, March 26, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Friday night I had an alumni reunion dinner with my former utmara(UiTM) debater friends.I dabbled in debate backn in 2005 & 2006..when I was in pre-degree..But mostly I adjudicated debate after 2006 & even took a test for it.

Due to being swamped with degree & the fact that I was in the high committee of 3 diff society(MPP,PMFP & Ethos!) at my faculty,I couldn't commit much to debating.But I manage to join quite many tourneys.VC Cup,Arau Open,Royals,UM Humanitarian Law,Intec Open & many others..But I'm sure lots of juniors now doesn't know me since I haven't been there in a looong time.

Oh,the dinner was held at Passage thru India in KL.It was my first time going there & the ambience is very very nice though I don't know if I'll be able to find my way back again since me & Izza got lost along the way.haha.

The decor was very beautiful.It was like stepping into another place.Very exotic.The food was good as well but don't order the Kulfi..it was a disappointment.I ordered 2 desserts--Gulab Jamun & Kulfi,Garlic Naan,Manggo Lassi & this mutton dish.

I didn't know it was mutton since I don't take mutton due to the smell but somebody at the table had it & it tasted so good..crispy & spicy..but alas the name fails me..haha.Mac took the tab & treated everyone--he is one of my customers since he holds a gold amex charge card!

It was so great meeting all those faces that I have not met for years and years.Even a friend of mine who gotten back from Canberra & turns out he's now working in the same company as my cousin but in different department!

Everybody is working & doing something with their life and becoming a success.From lawyers(Sherri is now a lawyer with KL BAR!) to working in the corporate world,to being a famous enviromentalist(Khairun who also has been nominated fr Klue Blue Chilli awards previously)becoming a recent AJL winning singer(Kak Ana Raffali!),auditors and a few are working with Petronas & Shell as well.

We have come a looong way back from our debating days.Debating definitely gave us the confidence to speak our mind and build our personality.I am proud to say that I am a UiTM graduate because we are employable and we can speak in English well(maybe not all of the graduates but most of us can).Most will get a job right after graduation or even before graduating..like me & my TESL friends!

I got a job,less than 2 weeks after I submitted my thesis--SUBMITTED..and back then I had not even finish my semester yet.And I only managed to enjoy 2 weeks of my semester holiday after my degree ended before I was pushed straight into the working world--which meant that I didn't catch a break--maybe I'll get to do so during my honeymoon(ahahaha..yeahhhh!:P).

The reunion consisted of catching up on what everyone has been up to.Sadly our head honcho,Hafiedz was not present since he was at Borneo Cup.He along with a few of the debating seniors created MIDP which is base in Butterworth.Why in Penang?Well he inherit the building from his late father & converted it for MIDP headquarters.

Oh,and 2 of us are getting married soon..awwww..:)

We'll have more reunion after this,though it is hard to get everyone together since everybody are busy with their work.But it was great meeting everyone and see everybody doing well!