Movie Trailers--those I want to watch!

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Haven't done this in awhile..Below are a bunch of movie trailers of movies that I can't wait to watch with a brief opinion/description from me..:)


This movie is directed & written by Josh Radnor(or Ted from How I Met Your Mother for those of you fans like me out there!)& from the trailer it looks to be a very good one!I'm hoping it will & can't wait to watch it..although it is indie so maybe it won't be shown in cinemas here..Hopefully a dvd version of it will come out here..:)

2.The Help

I love Emma Stone and she looks very different in this movie.I'll probably buy the book first to know more about the story.Watching the trailer pique my curiosity to know more about it.Especially the part where all those toilets are on that mean women lawn!

3.Something Borrowed

I find Kate Hudson so endearing and charming on screen.The trailer however looks like her character's a real bi*&% !Love love the song & I downloaded it soon after I hear it a few weeks ago--A little too much by Natasha Bedingfield..

4.Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules

The boyfriend actually watched the 1st movie at the cinema when it came out & after I watched it on dvd a few months ago,I have to agree that it is awesome!And the sequel looks to be awesome as well..Can't wait to watch it with him since it'll come out here on the 26th of May!:)

5.X-Men First Class

Nuff said!The fact that James McAvoy is in it will make me want to watch it!:P

6.Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows:Part 2

I have to confess that although back when I was a kid,I was an ardent fan of the Harry Potter books (& up to the 7th book,I always made sure I buy them the first day they came out here.),I didn't get to watch the Part 1 of The Deathly Hallows.

My parents was bewildered with me insisting on having the book everytime it came out,on the day itself,like my life depended on it..ahaha.But I guess because it's another world and a world that's magical & doesn't exist but only exist in the book that makes a lot of people a fan of them.

I'm hoping that before Part 2 comes out,I'll be able to watch Part 1 first.:P

There's more trailers I want to share with all of you but my brain is so tired from work ...haha.Download all of these trailers on iTunes!:)


Coffee before the sunrises

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Been super busy with work,not much time for anything else nowadays!Been waking up early each day now..atleast for these 2 weeks..My elixir of choice is shown in the picture below..
*Caramel Latte(sooo good!) and Mocha(the chocolate adds more bitterness)*
I loveee the cup..gonna buy the tumbler soon!:P

I buy them hot,a day before(we do have a drivethru Starbucks about 25 mins from here!) and then put them in the fridge so I can just take one to work in the morning..ahhhh a sip in the early morning when the sun isn't up yet is just bliss for me!

And if you are an American Express cardholder like me,you can get any 1 Starbucks handcrafted drinks for free when you charge 1 on your card.Sweet!The deals end by Oct 2011.So if you don't have a card,go and apply for one!:)

"I don't like coffee..I only drink it when my mum makes it or Starbucks,because you converted me to it.."..-The boyfriend,the not-so-lover of coffee..;P


The hours/days/months just flew by..

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..when you're in love..:P(continuation of the blog title)

Today means something to me & my boyfriend..:)

The distance that has been separating us for a few months,certainly doesn't change how I feel about you for even one tiny bit.I love you and everything about you..Don't you ever forget!

Thank you for loving me the way do.
Thank you for making time for me everyday even when you're super busy.
Thank you for listening to my nonsensical babble every single day since we've been together.
Thank you for handling my tantrums/kemengedaan very very well(HE ASK ME TO ADD THIS..pfffttt..haha).
Thank you for your words,your love,your warmth and you,you,you..:)
*The smelly one(he always say he is but I beg to differ!) whom I miss every single day..*
Oh yeah,the background was when we were at Oldblossombox(one of my fave shop!)


A much deserve break

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EDIT:Btw,we stayed at the Grand Garden Pool Villa..:)

*I stepped into the pool just as I arrived at the place!*

*The easter dinner buffet with a chocolate fountain--at rm72 per head,we forgo it!haha*

*The room entrance*

*Love the tv!*
*The pool!*
*Before going out for dinner*
*Me on the right chillin w Izza & Naddy*
*My friends!*

I have stayed at 3 different hotels in Port Dickson before..

1)The Regency: a family fave & been there many many their childrens room as a kid..the books were awesome & they have a snack bar by the beach..loved eating hotdog there with the smell of the sea & the wind in my hair with my cousins.They have
movie nights by the pool years ago & I don’t know if the hotel still exist or not..haha

2)Delta Paradise Resort or now known as Corus Hotel
We’ve stayed there 2 times & I remembered how pretty the delta wa
s.Other than that,not so memorable to me.

3)Costa Rica Apartments
We went there years ago & back then it had just opened so everything was okay.But now I heard so many bad reviews about it!

Oh,staying in hotels aren’t unusual because I have a mum who loves staying there and if I have to list all of them,it would be a very long one.I remembered back when we live in Penang for 2 years,every weekend my family would stay at a different hotel.

I guess it is because of the ambiance and the amenities and the vacation spirit of it that makes staying in a hotel so appealing to us.Fun fact:My boyfriend's dad used to evaluate the hotels in Malaysia & rank them so he has been exposed to fine dining & staying in hotels much more than I have!Cool!

But I have to say,hands down,the best in PD now is of course The Legend International Water Homes.It is next to The Legend Water Chalet..although it is under the same company,the rooms are totally different because Water Homes have a swimming pool in EACH room!
*Covering my face w a top cos it was hot*

I actually stumbled upon this hotel while I was googling on places to stay in PD a few weeks back & read rave reviews about this place on numerous blog.It daunted on me that bloggers certainly have the power to influence other people and boost a person’s business.

I told one of my bestie,Izza about it & she decided that we should invite our other girlfriends to make it more enjoyable since heck,we’ll have our own pool!

So after a few planning with the girls,I booked the room over the net,we were on our way!

When we arrived,I can see that they are still in the midst of more renovation and adding more rooms or ‘water homes’.They had buggy cars to carry us to our room which was fun!The staff was attentive & courteous.
*I took this pic early morn when everyone was still asleep & I was in the pool!*

As I was about to swipe the key,I was nervous because I didn’t want to disappoint my friends just in case the rooms could be subpar to what I saw on the net & I was the one who suggested this place to them..but boy did the 5 star hotel surpass our expectation!
*The girls hopped into d bed when we arrived--it was sooo comfy!*

The room was AWESOME!Huge beds,lcd tv,the big pool,and many many more cool stuffs.Even the toiletries was from Aigner & Crabtree & Evelyn!
There were some downside though like a few malfunctioning amenities in the room(the exercise bicycle,the lamp outside near the pool), but I’ll overlook that since they’ve only been operating for 1 year.
*We spend time in the room & in the pool throughout the stay!haha*

But people,if you have money to splurge,stay and enjoy the luxury.We didn’t even went to the beach AT ALL during our stay & just chill in our room & in the pool.There’s free wifi in the room as well.
*Tomyam campur & kailan ikan masin at this seafood place somewhere in PD*

Oh,eat out for dinner--seafood/food is cheap outside—tomyam campur,ikan 3 rasa,telur bifstik x2 & kalian ikan masin with 4 kinds of fruit juices was only rm61 for 4 ppl.
*Baked beans,fluffy pancakes(I had 4 of these!) w maple syrup,beef bacon,sausage,sauteed mushroom & potatoes*

But the free buffet breakfast at the hotel is good.Imagine that there were so many people staying there that they had to do 2 buffet breakfast,one downstairs in the restaurant & the other in the ballroom!
*Was hungry when I arrived at d place & had to order this Nasi Goreng 1 Malaysia frm the room service menu which cost me rm29..a bit bland..didn't finish it!*

Though the ala carte menu was disappointing because everything was transplant from the room service menu.There is a Japanese restaurant though but didn’t get to see that.

When we went there,the parking lot was FILLED with cars from Singapore—no joke!I guess they heard rave reviews about the place as well.:)

If I have the money,I want to go there again and also there’s a couples package which cost around rm1100 that I hope I can get for my parents 25th anniversary this coming July!



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I've blogged about wanting to go on a vacation at International Water Homes twice this month and today I managed to actually go there along with 3 of my other girlfriends!Weeeee!

Off to bed..will blog with more pics when I come back!:)


It's all about love

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He's not here..yet,but he'll come back soon!:).But the love just keep on growing and growing.Our personalities are almost similar but yet he's far wiser than I am.

It's great to have a voice of reason and someone who can keep things in perspective as I tend to get overwhelmed by my emotions.Words can't even begin to describe of how much I truly love him.

On another note,super excited over my little trip with 3 of my girlfriends!


Laskar Pelangi

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"Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, dan bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya"(live to give a lot and not to receive a lot)

I can't believe it took me 3 years to finally watch this movie!Because the movie was out on 2008 & I only watched it today.

The movie is Laskar Pelangi and is based on the book written by Andrea Hirata.It is about hope,education,friendship,dream and love.

The movie is about Muslimah,a young muslim woman who is adamant to teach the poor kids of the Belitung Island folks at SK Muhammadiyah along with the founder of the school,Pak Harfan, her uncle.

In order to be able to teach,a class has to consist of 10 students.So the story revolve around the journey of those 10 students,who was named Laskar Pelangi(Rainbow Troops).

It was a name given by Muslimah when they had to learn outside of the classroom one day,cos' their class was flooded & they came upon a beach & saw the rainbow come out.

Since the duration of the movie is 1 hour and 59 minutes,I will only blog about parts that I love in the movie.

Oh btw,the child actors in the movie are actually kids living in Belitung as the directors believed that by casting them,they'll have a deeper connection with the movie.And the school does exist!

And the reason why the way Muslimah & Pak Harfan speaks are not as thick Indonesian & sounded a bit like Malay language is because a percentage of the people living there are Malays.

*The part where Ikal/Kal saw A Ling's fingernails when she passed him the chalk through the hole in Toko Sinar Harapan and he said that it was the most beautiful fingernails he has ever seen & everytime he thinks about her,flower petals effects fall from the sky..AHAHAHA.Very funny!

*When the boys participated in the Independence Day parade and Mahar,inspired by Flo's National Geographic magazine,came up with the costume below & a brilliant dance routine..hahaha.

*During the Scholastic Tournament when Lintang proved the judges wrong because this one lady thought that he was cheating since he's very fast in answering the maths question & looked down on him just cause he looked poor!I was so furious when I watched that particular scene.

*When Mahar & Flo brought the kids to see Tuk Bayan Tula(a shaman) cos' their grades were low that time and they receive a mantra from him,written in a piece of paper..Watch this part guys,so funny!!

There are of course a few sad and very humbling parts as well but I'll leave that part alone as I truly believe more people should watch this gem of an Indonesian movie and see those parts.

Watching this movie made me appreciate the opportunities that has been given to me and the education that I have got, that made me earned my degree.And insyallah,I hope by 2013,I will finish with my Masters.

The movie reaffirms my belief that education is important but just like what they were trying to point out in the movie is that grades is not the most important is the values that education teaches that create a great human being.:)


Baking time!

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It seems that I haven't done baking in awhile..the last time I did so was last week but it wasn't posted here..I baked chocolate eclairs with vanilla custard inside using a fantastic recipe taken from Bisous A Toi.

Today since I'm not working,I was craving for dessert.Initially wanted to go out & buy some cakes from Secret Recipe but since I already ate there last week,I decided to buy some ingredients and bake instead.

But then I decided not to try just one but TWO new recipes..One is a steamed chocolate cake & the other is peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks.

The steamed chocolate cake recipe was taken from the blog Dapur Tanpa Sempadan(Kitchen without borders..ahaha) can get the recipe HERE.
An awful pic of the cake I baked..ahahah

Ah,cut it nicely & that's better!

While the peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks recipe was taken from the website of one of the handsomest chef coming out of OZ,Curtis Stone!You can see the recipe HERE.

I have to say that Curtis's recipe was the BOMB!The cookies was soooo good!I didn't have unsalted butter at home so use salted instead which still worked(since unsalted butter just means that it'll be sweeter).
See honey added into the batter??Choc chunks added at d end!

The addition of honey in the recipe was a first time since I have never use honey in a cookie recipe before.Try the recipe people & you won't be sorry!


Happy Sunday!

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Hello everyone?Been neglecting this blog for a few days due to being busy with work and simply just plain tired to even use the net..haha.

Haven't time to do much lately other than work,catching up on much needed sleep,hook on episodes of All Star Top Chef,and planning my vacay with my girlfriends!

We're going to stay at the place below..a swimming pool in our own room!SWEET!Gonna enjoy it to the max since haven't been to the beach & stayed in a hotel in a loonggg time..sometime you just need to get away from the city!Sun,sand,sea,pool,food and lotsa pictures!

On the love front,it's been a few months that we've been together & amazingly the feeling is like the first day we met in a sense that it's still fresh and nothing but love love and love.

He just somehow really understands me and is constantly making sure that the foundation of this relationship is strong and solid by talking things out if there's anything I am not happy with,finding solutions for it as well and we don't hide things from each other--no problem communicating with him at all!

It's a very open and honest relationship and believe it or not,we tell each other the mundane,from the embarrassing and many more.He told me to not get suck into the movie/tv/society definition of a relationship whereby you can't tell this or that to your partner cos' you're afraid how they'd react..ahahah.

To cut it short,I'm still very very much in love with him as he is with me..:)

The song above that he gave to me will always remind me of him & I listen to it constantly while driving but the downside is that because of it,I have been drinking sugarcane 3 times in a week(listen to the lyric!)!*ooops!*

Sunday is meant for sleeping in so since I worked until late night until wee hours in the morning yesterday,gonna get some much needed zzzzz.Won't be working tomorrow as well..weeee no Monday blues!!hahaha

Have a happy Sunday!:)


Check out Butikafe

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Girls,have you always wondered what to wear to your friend's or relatives wedding other than the normal baju kurung that has been worn so many times?How about trying something a bit different like caftans but still comfortable but at a much affordable price?

Well now you can buy them online via Butikafe.I have bought 3 items from them & am a very satisfied customer!They sell this gorgeous caftan dress that I saw a similar version at Drias which retails at rm395,for just,get THIS--RM97!!INSANEEEE!But just because they're cheaper doesn't mean the quality is compromised!

So glad that I waited & didn't buy the caftans at Drias because I ended up buying not one but TWO caftans from Butikafe because it's much cheaper and it's pretty & comfortable.A picture of me wearing the beautiful white caftan(I have a purple one as well) at a friend's wedding early this year,with my boyfriend.

I got this purple caftan last month as well because two is better than one!hahaha..

This green blouse is something new from them it's sooo floaty,ethereal & pretty on!Plus,I don't have much green colored tops in my closet so this is perfect & I can't wait to pair it up with a simple black maxi to wear on a special occasion.
They have many other pretty caftans with various designs there so girls,head over there & start to shop..I know I have!:)


I fall for a beautiful mind

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A conversation that somewhat went like this..

Me:Sayang,I'm sorry for acting like a kid sometimes towards you..

Him:What do you mean?How should you act like then?

Me:Like an adult lah kan?Like how a 24 years old should?

Him:How exactly does a 24 year old should act like sayang?'ve got a point there...ahaha.


iPhone 4 for Celcom??FINALLY!!

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I've been meaning to buy iPhone4 but..I can't due to the fact that I've change my phone plan from Maxis to Celcom.Although in actual fact I have all 3 numbers--Digi,Maxis & Celcom,the one that I'm using currently is the Celcom 1+5 plan because it's so freaking cheap--no joke!

Free calls among all registered celcom number under the 1+5 plan & free internet usage during the weekend & sometime after I settle my bill early,they give me free internet usage and free domestic calls from celcom to celcom until the next month bill!

Last night I told my boyf how I wish Celcom has iPhone 4 plan..and now tadaaaa they're going to do so!!Yipeeeee!!



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Madeline in this post is not about the French cookie but about the little French girl cartoon which I was crazy about when I was a little girl.I saw it on a food blog that I read frequently just now & was just so happy about it because there's so many of the episodes on Youtube!!!

I love love love watching Madeline when I was little.The French accent is just so adorable.And do you know that the narrator is Captain Von Trapp from Sound of the Music?


First Impression

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Last night I had one of those usual long phonecalls with the boyfriend.I never get sick of talking to him for hours on.I just can't get enough of him! close friends and family members would probably say that I never get sick of talking,period.And actually,he has said that as well..ahaha..:P

Okay,so at some point during the conversation,we talked about our first impression of each other when we met for the first time months ago.It was hilarious because both of our first impression was just not what we expected!But we ended up falling in love with each other anyway.Life is funny that way!:)

Not to sound conceited or anything but I have dated quite a number of guys during my uni days but never leading to anything serious because frankly I just didn't have the time or commitment for a relationship,or the guy just wasn't right for me or I was just too shallow back then.Ooops!

The point being is that,most of those guys,when I met them for the first time they will look all metro-ish and neat, because they want to put on a good first impression.It was totally different with my boyfriend,the loveable and loving Razin..:)

He literally looked like he just woke up from his sleep which is true since he arrived a few hours before from his university(which is miles away from our hometown--Shah Alam yooo!) and he is sooooo not a morning person so the fact that he dragged himself out of bed just so he could have breakfast with me was an achievement on its own(his words,not mine!)..hahaha.

And he didn't wear anything fancy.A simple rumpled shirt and shorts.While although I was in one of my best(but hey,I always look my best..ahahaha) outfit,I had on,according to him..a 'kerek'(stuck up) expression because I was covering up my nervousness.

But I told him that in my defense I thought that the way that he was dressed looked like he wasn't excited to see me hence the look on my face when I saw him waiting for me!haha.Boy was I wrong because he did something after we finish our breakfast that totally caught me off guard..;)

I have to say to all those girls out there,don't be put off by a first impression.It is important however in a work interview to give a good first impression,but when it comes to love,give a chance for a second impression or third even. Because although our first impression of each other was not perfect,it turns out that we are perfectly suited for each other.:)

Dia ingat saya ni kerek,saya tengok dia macam selekeh.Tapi semua tu ternyata sangatlah salah..:)

P/S:He's actually my senior back in highschool & is 2 years older than me.One of his cousins is my classmate in primary school and my boyfriend & I went to the same primary school as well..:)


The time of the month

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It's the time of the month and I hate it!!Urghhhhh..I hate the pain in my stomach and it hurts so bad and all I want to do is lay in bed with socks on,because my body also becomes very sensitive to anything cold--no cold drinks,no aircon on.

Just stay strong & bear with it until it's over I guess.The boyfriend is so sweet cos' he can't do anything to ease the pain though I've asked him if he wants to switch bodies..ahahaha.:P


Only one more episode to watch from the 3rd season of The Rachel Zoe show.Loves it!

On the 8th was my mum's 48th birthday..both she and my dad turned 48 this year!Nothing fancy,just that I plotted my annual leave months ago so that I can take her out on her birthday & not work(annual leave has to be plotted atleast 2 months in advance at my workplace).And tomorrow is my boyfriend's mum's birthday as well!Both of us were raised by Aries mum's.:)

Planning on going a little trip with some of my girlfriends..we need a vacation people!Hopefully we'll be able to do so..

Planning on a shopping trip with 2 of my workmates cos' for the first time ever,all 3 of us are having our off day on the same day(we don't work the normal working hours,hence different off day!)!

Saw a beautiful ruby ring that's just utterly perfect for me and I'm hoping that I'll be able to buy it when I get my pay soon!Please please stay there for me!haha

Will try to blog more soon..stay tuned!:)


Dress me up!

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Growing up,I was not one of those girly girls who always look neat and put together.I was a tomboy who lived in her black Converse Weapon kicks and a pair of baggy Levi jeans and get this—I had super short hair!

Not a good look then, as I can’t even imagine myself without my long hair now..haha..Ooh,my deareast boyfriend begs me for the pics back when I was fat(still a bit fatty now but back then I was bigger!!) & had short hair but he’s never gonna take a look at any of it!:P

Maybe when I was a little girl,I did wore a lot of dresses cos’ my mum & my late grandpa bought me those frilly dresses to wear for birthdays or Raya,but during my teen years I was pretty much a tomboy.

Only when I finish highschool did I get in touch with my more feminine side & started wearing skirt and dresses.

Below is a collage of some pictures of me in dresses..

I love wearing dresses and can’t stop buying them because:

1)They make you feel pretty and put together and like Barney said in HIMYM :

Barney: I'm sorry, I'll let you work.. But first a riddle; What piece of woman's attire, most stokes a man's desire?

Ted: A sundress.

Barney: Correct! What light weight outfit, pink or white, makes the front of my slacks abnormally tight?

Ted: I really have to get this done.

Barney: Of course, of course. Sundress, by the way.

There are somedays where I don’t feel pretty & gross but when I put on a dress,it does brighten up my mood and makes me feel better.

2) Most of them don’t require ironing.

Here’s a thing,I actually pretty much don’t iron my clothes most of them time.A lot of my clothes are hung in the closet after being washed so they don’t wrinkle or most of my clothes are made out of wrinkle free material..haha.So I love the fact that I can throw on a dress and go!

3) They look flattering on me.

I have an hourglass figure(small waist,big hips..believe it or not,my waist is only 26 inch but my hips is wayyy bigger than that!) and most of the things I wear have to accentuate at the waist or else I’ll look ‘lost’ in it or look like a sack.

Somedays I do not care and end up looking like a sack,but it’s better when people can actually see that hey,I do have a figure you know!:P Thus,that’s one of the reason why I love wearing dresses because it makes me look good..atleast I think so..and my boyfriend too...ahaha.

4)They come in so many patterns and designs,it’s hard not to buy them!

My wardrobe consists of almost 70%-80% dresses.There are so many pretty dresses out there that it is so hard to not want to buy any of them.Mostly because they are affordable,though some of them can be pretty expensive but hey,if you have the money,go ahead!

Some of my dream dresses are those from Marchesa,Alberta Ferretti,Luisa Beccaria,and Milly.

Luisa Beccaria


Alberta Ferretti



Thursday, April 07, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Decided to delete the saying in the previous post because it's just so negative and because the boyfriend reads this blog & if he sees that,I will get an earful because he's always like ..'Sayang,you should be more positive about..*insert anything here*"..ahaha.

It's hard when you're someone who worries a lot,and for no apparent reason.-___-

Okay,so I should not be so pessimistic. Instead I should just be thankful for everything that I have now and live life to the fullest..

Keep smiling,give my best in everything that I do,love with all my heart and soul!:)

Yeah,that's better..Let's look at the brightside of things!


Pull through

Monday, April 04, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans a fire.
~Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld, translated from French

"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell."
Edna St. Vincent Millay

I was one of those girls who were skeptical that a long distance relationship could work.That was ages ago and that was before I met him. The one whom I am constantly thinking about now.

It has been over a month that we were separated by distance and I have to say that there were moments when I miss him so much that I could actually feel an ache in my heart--sounds corny but it is so true,you can actually,physically feel it!It is akin to something squeezing your heart like wringing water from a sponge.

Although he has no internet connection(due to it's his last semester,his housemates & him thinks having an internet connection is a waste) and we can't Skype like what other couples experiencing LDR does,our communication never falters.

The phone connects us and thank god for Celcom Exec Plan.We talk on the phone a few times a day,text and send mms of random pics to make each other feel connected with our lives.

Trust and an immense amount of love is important as well.Because if you think negatively,you will just work yourself up for no reason at all.He trusts me and I trust him too.Words can't even begin to describe how much I love him.

He has a weird calming effect on me and both of us are very sensitive towards each other's feelings since we are both from a Water sign(he's a Pisces,I'm a Cancerian).

And then there's the weird psychic thing going on between us.You must think I am making this up or joking but seriously I am not!It has happen many times and is still happening.It's like somehow we have this eerie cosmic connection.It is hard to describe but he understands the most because we'd be like wowwwww that was weird!

He's just very good to me.Which makes me want to even be a better girlfriend to him.

Why am I blogging about this?Because it's been a month since yesterday that I haven't met him and I manage to pull through and my feelings for him are as strong as ever!So proud of myself!ahaha.

I have to be honest there were moments when I was not strong and he was not as is because you miss each other so much!It was cute when it affected him I must say..ahahah.:P

I can't wait for you to come back soon sayang! :))

The super weird thing is,although he is not around,I never feel lonely..because it's like he is there with me in spirit..that's weird right?:P


I die--Kate Spade

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I die of course is one of Rachel Zoe's favorite catch phrase(I loveee watching her show!)..And when I saw Kate Spade stuff,that's what popped into my head..

When.Will.I.Be.Able.To.Own.One.Of.The.Stuffs?haha ..Click HERE!