Baking time!

Monday, April 18, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

It seems that I haven't done baking in awhile..the last time I did so was last week but it wasn't posted here..I baked chocolate eclairs with vanilla custard inside using a fantastic recipe taken from Bisous A Toi.

Today since I'm not working,I was craving for dessert.Initially wanted to go out & buy some cakes from Secret Recipe but since I already ate there last week,I decided to buy some ingredients and bake instead.

But then I decided not to try just one but TWO new recipes..One is a steamed chocolate cake & the other is peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks.

The steamed chocolate cake recipe was taken from the blog Dapur Tanpa Sempadan(Kitchen without borders..ahaha) can get the recipe HERE.
An awful pic of the cake I baked..ahahah

Ah,cut it nicely & that's better!

While the peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks recipe was taken from the website of one of the handsomest chef coming out of OZ,Curtis Stone!You can see the recipe HERE.

I have to say that Curtis's recipe was the BOMB!The cookies was soooo good!I didn't have unsalted butter at home so use salted instead which still worked(since unsalted butter just means that it'll be sweeter).
See honey added into the batter??Choc chunks added at d end!

The addition of honey in the recipe was a first time since I have never use honey in a cookie recipe before.Try the recipe people & you won't be sorry!


OMC I'm so glad we don't see each other or I'd be as fat as a fawn!

Li said...

ahaha when we do i'll bring some bake goods for u!