Book review:La Dolce Vita by Isabel Coe

Friday, April 01, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I found out about the book La Dolce Vita by Isabel Coe from a food blog last year.I think it was early last year.But it's hard to find the book here so I had to search high & low & my last option was to buy through Amazon but that would be such a hassle so I waited and waited until the day I'll find the book.

One Saturday morning while I was walking,half awake & super sleepy with my family members,going to a lesser known mall in PJ,I found the book in pristine condition at Excess bookstore(they sell new books for prices cheaper than MPH/Popular) for a mere rm17.90!I was beyond ecstatic..I guess good things does come to those who wait!:)

Okay enough about how I found the book..more about how was the book?

Basically this book is non fiction & it's about how chocolate revolves around the life of Isabel Coe & her family..I have read books about how a family history revolves a lot around food like Frances Mayes books or Let Us Eat Cake by Sharon Boorstin & this is great as well.

I love how warm and fuzzy the story is.The story of how Isabel's great grandparents met.How her mother and father met.It's like you're going through a journey with all of them by reading this book.

Don't read this book while you're hungry because you'll be craving for chocolates later.I am not a big chocolate person like my mum.I love chocolates but not as much she does.She's a bigggg chocolate person but she never gain any weight!

Some of her favorites are Hawaiian Host(her ultimate fave & can only be find at KLIA!ahaha) to Lindt(a fave of Isabel's family)to Cote D Or(Belgian & my mum fave as I always see her buy this!) or the cheap Cadbury Crunchie or the simple M&M's!

I love chocolate but I don't eat it every week..more like a few times in a month.Some of my fave are the cheap Cadbury Twix,Bounty(my mum love this too!)or Turkish Delight or in OZ you get the delicious Creme Brulee flavor--which my friend bought from me when she went there,Lindt Pistachio(soo good!should buy it soon!),Guylian seashells & Ferrero Rocher.

Isabel family puts chocolate into a lot of things and this book contains a lot of family recipes which I can't wait to try when I have the time!It is interesting because her mother is from Switzerland while her father is a Londoner and her grandparents are Italian & Swiss a lot of food goes into their daily life.

Reading some of her eating experiences makes me want to go to Switzerland as well,because all this while I want to go to Italy more than anywhere in the world but now maybe I should consider Switzerland as well.They ate a lottt of chocolates there!

Overall,this is definitely a good read!Go and buy it.That is,if you can find it at the normal bookstores!:P