Check out Butikafe

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Girls,have you always wondered what to wear to your friend's or relatives wedding other than the normal baju kurung that has been worn so many times?How about trying something a bit different like caftans but still comfortable but at a much affordable price?

Well now you can buy them online via Butikafe.I have bought 3 items from them & am a very satisfied customer!They sell this gorgeous caftan dress that I saw a similar version at Drias which retails at rm395,for just,get THIS--RM97!!INSANEEEE!But just because they're cheaper doesn't mean the quality is compromised!

So glad that I waited & didn't buy the caftans at Drias because I ended up buying not one but TWO caftans from Butikafe because it's much cheaper and it's pretty & comfortable.A picture of me wearing the beautiful white caftan(I have a purple one as well) at a friend's wedding early this year,with my boyfriend.

I got this purple caftan last month as well because two is better than one!hahaha..

This green blouse is something new from them it's sooo floaty,ethereal & pretty on!Plus,I don't have much green colored tops in my closet so this is perfect & I can't wait to pair it up with a simple black maxi to wear on a special occasion.
They have many other pretty caftans with various designs there so girls,head over there & start to shop..I know I have!:)