Coffee before the sunrises

Thursday, April 28, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Been super busy with work,not much time for anything else nowadays!Been waking up early each day now..atleast for these 2 weeks..My elixir of choice is shown in the picture below..
*Caramel Latte(sooo good!) and Mocha(the chocolate adds more bitterness)*
I loveee the cup..gonna buy the tumbler soon!:P

I buy them hot,a day before(we do have a drivethru Starbucks about 25 mins from here!) and then put them in the fridge so I can just take one to work in the morning..ahhhh a sip in the early morning when the sun isn't up yet is just bliss for me!

And if you are an American Express cardholder like me,you can get any 1 Starbucks handcrafted drinks for free when you charge 1 on your card.Sweet!The deals end by Oct 2011.So if you don't have a card,go and apply for one!:)

"I don't like coffee..I only drink it when my mum makes it or Starbucks,because you converted me to it.."..-The boyfriend,the not-so-lover of coffee..;P