First Impression

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Last night I had one of those usual long phonecalls with the boyfriend.I never get sick of talking to him for hours on.I just can't get enough of him! close friends and family members would probably say that I never get sick of talking,period.And actually,he has said that as well..ahaha..:P

Okay,so at some point during the conversation,we talked about our first impression of each other when we met for the first time months ago.It was hilarious because both of our first impression was just not what we expected!But we ended up falling in love with each other anyway.Life is funny that way!:)

Not to sound conceited or anything but I have dated quite a number of guys during my uni days but never leading to anything serious because frankly I just didn't have the time or commitment for a relationship,or the guy just wasn't right for me or I was just too shallow back then.Ooops!

The point being is that,most of those guys,when I met them for the first time they will look all metro-ish and neat, because they want to put on a good first impression.It was totally different with my boyfriend,the loveable and loving Razin..:)

He literally looked like he just woke up from his sleep which is true since he arrived a few hours before from his university(which is miles away from our hometown--Shah Alam yooo!) and he is sooooo not a morning person so the fact that he dragged himself out of bed just so he could have breakfast with me was an achievement on its own(his words,not mine!)..hahaha.

And he didn't wear anything fancy.A simple rumpled shirt and shorts.While although I was in one of my best(but hey,I always look my best..ahahaha) outfit,I had on,according to him..a 'kerek'(stuck up) expression because I was covering up my nervousness.

But I told him that in my defense I thought that the way that he was dressed looked like he wasn't excited to see me hence the look on my face when I saw him waiting for me!haha.Boy was I wrong because he did something after we finish our breakfast that totally caught me off guard..;)

I have to say to all those girls out there,don't be put off by a first impression.It is important however in a work interview to give a good first impression,but when it comes to love,give a chance for a second impression or third even. Because although our first impression of each other was not perfect,it turns out that we are perfectly suited for each other.:)

Dia ingat saya ni kerek,saya tengok dia macam selekeh.Tapi semua tu ternyata sangatlah salah..:)

P/S:He's actually my senior back in highschool & is 2 years older than me.One of his cousins is my classmate in primary school and my boyfriend & I went to the same primary school as well..:)