Happy Sunday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Hello everyone?Been neglecting this blog for a few days due to being busy with work and simply just plain tired to even use the net..haha.

Haven't time to do much lately other than work,catching up on much needed sleep,hook on episodes of All Star Top Chef,and planning my vacay with my girlfriends!

We're going to stay at the place below..a swimming pool in our own room!SWEET!Gonna enjoy it to the max since haven't been to the beach & stayed in a hotel in a loonggg time..sometime you just need to get away from the city!Sun,sand,sea,pool,food and lotsa pictures!

On the love front,it's been a few months that we've been together & amazingly the feeling is like the first day we met in a sense that it's still fresh and nothing but love love and love.

He just somehow really understands me and is constantly making sure that the foundation of this relationship is strong and solid by talking things out if there's anything I am not happy with,finding solutions for it as well and we don't hide things from each other--no problem communicating with him at all!

It's a very open and honest relationship and believe it or not,we tell each other EVERYTHING..to the mundane,from the embarrassing and many more.He told me to not get suck into the movie/tv/society definition of a relationship whereby you can't tell this or that to your partner cos' you're afraid how they'd react..ahahah.

To cut it short,I'm still very very much in love with him as he is with me..:)

The song above that he gave to me will always remind me of him & I listen to it constantly while driving but the downside is that because of it,I have been drinking sugarcane 3 times in a week(listen to the lyric!)!*ooops!*

Sunday is meant for sleeping in so since I worked until late night until wee hours in the morning yesterday,gonna get some much needed zzzzz.Won't be working tomorrow as well..weeee no Monday blues!!hahaha

Have a happy Sunday!:)