The hours/days/months just flew by..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

..when you're in love..:P(continuation of the blog title)

Today means something to me & my boyfriend..:)

The distance that has been separating us for a few months,certainly doesn't change how I feel about you for even one tiny bit.I love you and everything about you..Don't you ever forget!

Thank you for loving me the way do.
Thank you for making time for me everyday even when you're super busy.
Thank you for listening to my nonsensical babble every single day since we've been together.
Thank you for handling my tantrums/kemengedaan very very well(HE ASK ME TO ADD THIS..pfffttt..haha).
Thank you for your words,your love,your warmth and you,you,you..:)
*The smelly one(he always say he is but I beg to differ!) whom I miss every single day..*
Oh yeah,the background was when we were at Oldblossombox(one of my fave shop!)