Badly in need of a vacation!

Sunday, April 03, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

The last time I had a real vacation was June 2010.How sad is that?Thus I have decided that soon or for my 24th birthday which falls on the 25th of June(ehemmm),I will treat myself to a vacation in Port Dickson..bwahaha.

But before you go like, "whatttt PD je kot?"Take a look at this superb hotel that I have been eyeing a few hours ago.The villas has their own POOL--YOUR OWN FREAKING POOL IN YOUR OWN ROOM!How cool is that?

A cost of 1 night stay for the deluxe pool villa with free for 2 buffet breakfast is only rm450!That is veryyyy reasonable since a water chalet at Avilion does not has its own pool!

I want to stay in the Deluxe Pool Villa so badly that I googled other people's review about the room & they have only nice things to say.The room has fast internet access,lots of Astro channels,the buffet breakfast is excellent.Thus,when I will turn 24 soon,I will head over there and R-E-L-A-X!Yeahhhh!

P/S:This is the Deluxe Pool Villa at The Legend International Water Homes


I don't want to visit this place. I want to LIVE there!

Li said...

u should looks so spacious!!


Li said...

izza:jom babe jom!!!!!yeahhhhhh..ape lg!