A much deserve break

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

EDIT:Btw,we stayed at the Grand Garden Pool Villa..:)

*I stepped into the pool just as I arrived at the place!*

*The easter dinner buffet with a chocolate fountain--at rm72 per head,we forgo it!haha*

*The room entrance*

*Love the tv!*
*The pool!*
*Before going out for dinner*
*Me on the right chillin w Izza & Naddy*
*My friends!*

I have stayed at 3 different hotels in Port Dickson before..

1)The Regency: a family fave & been there many many times..love their childrens room as a kid..the books were awesome & they have a snack bar by the beach..loved eating hotdog there with the smell of the sea & the wind in my hair with my cousins.They have
movie nights by the pool years ago & I don’t know if the hotel still exist or not..haha

2)Delta Paradise Resort or now known as Corus Hotel
We’ve stayed there 2 times & I remembered how pretty the delta wa
s.Other than that,not so memorable to me.

3)Costa Rica Apartments
We went there years ago & back then it had just opened so everything was okay.But now I heard so many bad reviews about it!

Oh,staying in hotels aren’t unusual because I have a mum who loves staying there and if I have to list all of them,it would be a very long one.I remembered back when we live in Penang for 2 years,every weekend my family would stay at a different hotel.

I guess it is because of the ambiance and the amenities and the vacation spirit of it that makes staying in a hotel so appealing to us.Fun fact:My boyfriend's dad used to evaluate the hotels in Malaysia & rank them so he has been exposed to fine dining & staying in hotels much more than I have!Cool!

But I have to say,hands down,the best in PD now is of course The Legend International Water Homes.It is next to The Legend Water Chalet..although it is under the same company,the rooms are totally different because Water Homes have a swimming pool in EACH room!
*Covering my face w a top cos it was hot*

I actually stumbled upon this hotel while I was googling on places to stay in PD a few weeks back & read rave reviews about this place on numerous blog.It daunted on me that bloggers certainly have the power to influence other people and boost a person’s business.

I told one of my bestie,Izza about it & she decided that we should invite our other girlfriends to make it more enjoyable since heck,we’ll have our own pool!

So after a few planning with the girls,I booked the room over the net,we were on our way!

When we arrived,I can see that they are still in the midst of more renovation and adding more rooms or ‘water homes’.They had buggy cars to carry us to our room which was fun!The staff was attentive & courteous.
*I took this pic early morn when everyone was still asleep & I was in the pool!*

As I was about to swipe the key,I was nervous because I didn’t want to disappoint my friends just in case the rooms could be subpar to what I saw on the net & I was the one who suggested this place to them..but boy did the 5 star hotel surpass our expectation!
*The girls hopped into d bed when we arrived--it was sooo comfy!*

The room was AWESOME!Huge beds,lcd tv,the big pool,and many many more cool stuffs.Even the toiletries was from Aigner & Crabtree & Evelyn!
There were some downside though like a few malfunctioning amenities in the room(the exercise bicycle,the lamp outside near the pool), but I’ll overlook that since they’ve only been operating for 1 year.
*We spend time in the room & in the pool throughout the stay!haha*

But people,if you have money to splurge,stay and enjoy the luxury.We didn’t even went to the beach AT ALL during our stay & just chill in our room & in the pool.There’s free wifi in the room as well.
*Tomyam campur & kailan ikan masin at this seafood place somewhere in PD*

Oh,eat out for dinner--seafood/food is cheap outside—tomyam campur,ikan 3 rasa,telur bifstik x2 & kalian ikan masin with 4 kinds of fruit juices was only rm61 for 4 ppl.
*Baked beans,fluffy pancakes(I had 4 of these!) w maple syrup,beef bacon,sausage,sauteed mushroom & potatoes*

But the free buffet breakfast at the hotel is good.Imagine that there were so many people staying there that they had to do 2 buffet breakfast,one downstairs in the restaurant & the other in the ballroom!
*Was hungry when I arrived at d place & had to order this Nasi Goreng 1 Malaysia frm the room service menu which cost me rm29..a bit bland..didn't finish it!*

Though the ala carte menu was disappointing because everything was transplant from the room service menu.There is a Japanese restaurant though but didn’t get to see that.

When we went there,the parking lot was FILLED with cars from Singapore—no joke!I guess they heard rave reviews about the place as well.:)

If I have the money,I want to go there again and also there’s a couples package which cost around rm1100 that I hope I can get for my parents 25th anniversary this coming July!


Temi said...

so luxurious!

how much per night?

Li said...

hey temi!it depends on d room u want(how many ppl/beds)..d cheapest is rm450 per night..& tat consist of 1 king size bed..u can c more at their website..


Omg that's such a dream getaway!! The big pool takes the cake. Definitely staying there next time I'm there!! Amazing ♡

Liyana.H said...

you totally should dear!
so worth every penny..:)

all of the room at international water homes(not water chalet cos the hotel r side by side & by d same company)have their own pool!