The time of the month

Sunday, April 10, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

It's the time of the month and I hate it!!Urghhhhh..I hate the pain in my stomach and it hurts so bad and all I want to do is lay in bed with socks on,because my body also becomes very sensitive to anything cold--no cold drinks,no aircon on.

Just stay strong & bear with it until it's over I guess.The boyfriend is so sweet cos' he can't do anything to ease the pain though I've asked him if he wants to switch bodies..ahahaha.:P


Only one more episode to watch from the 3rd season of The Rachel Zoe show.Loves it!

On the 8th was my mum's 48th birthday..both she and my dad turned 48 this year!Nothing fancy,just that I plotted my annual leave months ago so that I can take her out on her birthday & not work(annual leave has to be plotted atleast 2 months in advance at my workplace).And tomorrow is my boyfriend's mum's birthday as well!Both of us were raised by Aries mum's.:)

Planning on going a little trip with some of my girlfriends..we need a vacation people!Hopefully we'll be able to do so..

Planning on a shopping trip with 2 of my workmates cos' for the first time ever,all 3 of us are having our off day on the same day(we don't work the normal working hours,hence different off day!)!

Saw a beautiful ruby ring that's just utterly perfect for me and I'm hoping that I'll be able to buy it when I get my pay soon!Please please stay there for me!haha

Will try to blog more soon..stay tuned!:)


Catanya said...

Hi sweetheart!!
I really hate that time of the month too!!
Anyway, you have such a cute blog, I have just started following it!!
lots of love and greetings from Spain:
Catanya's Things

Li said...

hey girl!isn't it the worst?next to giving birth i guess..and root canal..:P

thank u fr following my blog!read ur blog & so many cool things about makeup!

greetings from malaysia..:)