Finally I went to Sephora!:)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Finally after many failed attempts to go to Sephora due to clashes of other things..I went there yesterday!!!Bought a few stuffs & I have to say,it was pretty small..I have seen some Watson outlet being bigger than this.I guess I had a higher expectation & wish it was atleast 2 floors.The shape of the building looks awesome from the outside.

The staffs was helpful & didn't bother you while you browse around the store.Pesky sales people who follow you around all the time is annoying so I'm glad Sephora isn't like that.They seem to know the products well when I ask them a few questions.I got a few free samples with my purchase as well--Boss Night perfume sample & Ole Henriksen night creme sample.

I bough these items at Sephora:

*Rosebud Salve--they had a few flavors but I choose this classic one.I have been dying to own one of these since forever(yeah,embellishing a little..haha).

*Mario Badescu drying lotion--this one was recommended in InStyle magazine & other mags in the States many2 times as it can heal pimples overnight & it works!!Seriously I put it on last night & this morning a lot of my pimple have shrunk.It is a bit pricey though at rm135 a bottle but hey a clear complexion is paramount!:)

*Sephora cranberry lychee perfume spray--this scent is fresh & it is tiny so I can take it with me to work so it's easy to spritz on.

Met Izza afterwards for tea/slash meal of the day for me & Razin.haha.

Some of the stuffs that I want to get the next time I go to Sephora:

OPI Purple with a purpose nail polish--I tried it on,on one of my nails & the color is just so pretty!!Didn't buy it because it wasn't a necessity for the time being.I remembered me & Izza loving their products but couldn't afford them back in uni days cos' it's like almost rm60 for a bottle of nail polish!But the pigments & colors are beautiful!

This blusher,when I tried it on just really makes you look good!I was contemplating whether to buy this one or Mario Badescu drying lotion since the price are almost the same(the blusher is rm130)& the boyfriend even asked me key questions & I even called Izza.She said that the drying lotion was recommended to her when she went to Sephora as well.Plus,I still have my Bodyshop blusher left.Will try to get them late June!

The name of this brand is so cute although Razin said it sounded weird.haha.This lip frosting tasted soooo good on my lips but it was a bit glossy so I had to forgo this & stick with the rosebud salve.But I would like to buy it next time & it's rm65.Pretty reasonable cos' it is quite big.

Beauty products that I wish were available at Sephora:

Bliss skincare/spa products

Philosophy products

*Random*--2 beauty products that I bought recently at the drugstore:

Revlon Photoready compact-I love how sleek the packaging is & it is easy to fit into your bag.Plus the powder is super smooth on the skin & just melts into the skin & does not cake at all!

Maybelline Crayon Liner in Brown--this was just really dark & smooth to line the eyes with...loves it!
*Special thanks to this guy for being patient with me at Sephora as I took a long time browsing through everything & he went along with the craziness & he said that I was like a kid in a toystore..hehehe.I love u!
*In those heels,it is apparent how tall my boyfriend is & how short*petite* I am..hahah


In pictures

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Been going here,there & everywhere&buying stuffs & eat & eat in between..haven't had much time to blog so here are some pictures I'd like to share with you guys..:)

*Bought a bunch of candies for work(Daim,Jelly Belly & coconut candy) & famous blogger Diana Rikasari said this about candies in her blog:
Someone: "Diana, how do you stay jolly the whole day?"
Me: "I eat a whole lot of candies and chocolate!"

*Fave earrings which I bought recently from Old Blossom Box Store & also my current fave ring..

*Bought 10 new books at The Big Bookshop warehouse sale..I remembered going there a few years back & found awesome books at great prices..I almost didn't make it cos' I forgot about it..Total price of everything is rm156 but they slash it for 50% off so I paid rm77 something!wooott..Awesome!

*I love this book & there's so many cool things inside it..can't wait to read it-yes I'm a nerd!:P

*My fave Kodomo bento from Sushi King!

*Fettuccine carbonara with steamed asparagus made by my boyfriend lil' sis during dinner at their house..--Funny bit:A friend on my fb asked which restaurant served this dish & I had to explain to her & if you notice,under the table you can actually see his dad who wore kain pelekat..haha
*The boyfriend tired face after lugging stuffs from our Digital Mall trip!He bought a printer & I bought a few stuffs.My first time buying a harddisk because my boyfriend said I needed one which is true & now he has filled it with so many awesome series & movies..:))
*Meringue buttercream frosting--if u lift the bowl upside down & the meringue doesn't rop,it's done!Mix it w butter & you have meringue buttercream.OR you can just bake the meringue & have pavlova!:) The recipe for the frosting was taken from HERE.
*I put daim or cadbury turkish delight in the cupcake as a surprise for 1 of my bestie--Izza cos she needed some cheering up lately & she has been wanting cupcakes!This pic was before it was frosted though..:)
*Lunch at the office..I had a regular size domino's thin crust bbq chicken pizza of my own..some of my seniors ordered with me as well..yummmah!*

*My crazy workmate at the office at night--Rose & Francis with Amin & Aiman at the back..I miss Rehan who just resigned last week..she will become a teacher soon!Goodluck babe!:)

*Met up with the boyf's bestfriend & lepak2 at his place in Damansara & had lunch at Sakae first time eating there & I have to say it's cool that you get to order on your own via the computer..The price is a bit higher than Sushi King but lower than Rakuzen.The food pics are below..

*Mochi is so cute & yummy!
*This crispy salmon skin roll is sooo good!*

*Played monopoly cards with the boys after & it was my first time & it was fun though it was annoying when boyfriend won twice!Hurmphh..*:P


Top Chef All Stars

Saturday, May 28, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I love to eat.I love to cook and bake.I love people who like to eat.I love watching people cook.I read cookbooks and food blog.It makes total sense that I would enjoy watching Top Chef immensely.Top Chef is different than Masterchef because those competing are actually real chefs who have their own restaurants or have cooked professionally before.

Unfortunately,although I have heard about the show before,this is my first time watching it and I manage to watch the latest season 8 which is Top Chef All Stars.

This season consists of contestants from the previous 7 seasons that didn't quite make it in the finals and was either the runner up or 3rd and 4th place in their respective seasons.


Each episode is enjoyable and basically there are 2 challenges in each episode.One is the Quickfire whereby contestants are given a period of time spanning from 45-30 mins depending on the challenge to come up with a dish and even then there are requirements to adhere to.For example,there was one quickfire challenge whereby all the chefs couldn't use any utensils--AT ALL!

The other one is the Elimination challenge whereby the contestants will know about their challenge a day or 2 before & they'll be given a budget to shop for their ingredients & plan on what to cook.

Some of my favorite quickfire challenges was the one whereby they had to create snacks for kids that will be having sleepover at the National History Museum and the judge was Joe Jonas. The other enjoyable and adorable quickfire was when the characters of Sesame Street become the judges and the chefs have to create a cookie for them.It was sooo funny because Cookie Monster couldn't contain himself & ate the tablecloth..haha.


*The Jimmy Fallon episode*

Some of my favorite contestants are:
1)Richard Blais

No brainer as he is so focus to the point of being neurotic.And he is the winner after all(spoiler but if watch the season,you'd know that he will win!)!He's a genius in the kitchen & uses liquid nitrogen a lot of the time..haha.

2)Fabio Viviani

At first he was annoying but then he grew on me and his friendship with Richard is cute.He admires Richard a lot.And he has some of the best one liners in the season

3)Mike Isabella

Mike is funny and although he has lots of tattoo he is not that tough.It was ironic when almost at the end of the season,when the contestants had their family tree being shown to them in details,Mike is actually Antonia's cousin & no wonder they were at each other's throats all the time..ahaha.

4)Angelo Sosa

Angelo is one of the contestants or maybe the ONLY one that always make sure he looks good for the camera.He wears such impossibly tight jeans even when he has to cook!

Some of my favorite episodes are:

1)Episode 2: Night at the Museum

This was just awesome because the chef apart from creating midnight snacks for the kids,they had to cook breakfast for the parents that were picking up the kids in the morning as well.It was very funny when the other team that was headed by Tiffany who won the snack challenge,chose Carnivore ingredients for the elimination(breakfast) challenge and gave Herbivore to the other team.

They got to pick 1st & got screwed because they thought Carnivore meant you get to use flour/grains & other food items like spices as well along with it but no..they only got meat & dairy by products.The other 'losing' team got so many bountiful of fruits & veges & had the upperhand instead.

2)Episode 4: Advantage Chef

This episode was fun because the chefs competed against each other on a tennis court & it was like a tennis match as well because their dishes were pitted against each other.
Episode 9: Feeding Fallon

This episode was awesome because of the way the chefs got to pick the dishes that they're suppose to cook for Jimmy Fallon's birthday it to see how fun it was!It was also surprising to see some of the Fallon's unusual favorite dish like beef tongues!Ickk

I can't wait for season 9 of Top Chef which will premier next year or late this year since All Stars just ended in April.


Pirates of the carribean:On Stranger Tides

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I have to confess that I have NEVER watch any of the Pirates movies before.Not the 1st one,2nd or even the 3rd.So what made me want to watch the fourth one and in 3D nonetheless?Maybe because my boyfriend was the one who bought the tix last Sunday & wanted me to watch with him...ahh the things you do for love..hahaha..Kidding!I actually enjoyed watching the movie and it was pretty good.

There's a bit of a twist at the end which was unexpected.I love the whole adventure and myth about the fountain of youth which I'm sure anyone of you has heard about being mention in books,movies and in tv.

Due to the fact that I have never watch any of the previous Pirates movie,the boyfriend had to explain some of the plot to me and I didn't even have to ask him since he knew I'd be puzzled by some of the lines being mentioned in the movie.

Blackbeard is very scary and so are the mermaids.Never knew mermaid can be so vicious!Johnny Depp played the part of Captain Jack Sparrow to a T as he does look like a pirate in real life anyway.hahaha.

All in all,the movie is not too bad though I'm waiting for the last installment of Harry Potter which I hope will be explosive!


Rainbow cake

Sunday, May 22, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Early last year I had a brief fascination with rainbow cake and would look at in awe over the net & wishing they sell those here.Last night,due to something I saw on twitter,I was reminded again about the cake & told my boyfriend that I want that cake for my birthday..hahaha :P

Nevermind the fact that my birthday is a month & a few days away..Plus,it's not definite whether I'll be able to celebrate it since I might be working on said date..*sigh*.Anyhoo,the boyfriend search on the net & he actually found a baker in Klang Valley who actually makes them!!And they're sooooo pretty I could die!

I know that they're basically just butter cake in layers of various candy colors but still there's something about them that seem so pretty and magical to fairies and unicorns and Razin Yuzer(eh2..hahaha).

He found a blog which had the prettiest rainbow cake ever!!She baked it for her little girl & covered it in white fondant and let her decorate it using edible pen..Look at the picture pretty right??Arghhhh I want one I want one!Read more of the entry HERE..

Edited:A few weeks after this post was my birthday and I got 2 rainbow cakes.One from the boyfriend and one I ordered from a friend(cos I didn't know the boyfriend would order one haha)


Cos' he's awesome like that..:P

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Sometimes I tend to follow my heart more than my head but then he'll come along & puts thing into a logical perspective..And for that I'll always be thankful for you Razin Yuzer.

He does unexpected things at times..he caught me off guard,in a good way.He makes me feel thousands of different emotions and I'm always always excited to see him.Look at what he did recently in the screenshot below--for those who understand Malay only..;)

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."-Elizabeth Barret Browning

You're awesome in many different ways:

Even when you were mad at me,you still held my hand.

You make me feel pretty even when I don't feel like it.

You know how to make me melt..mmhmm..:P

You're 101% full of silliness..hahaha.

And for many different reasons,I just want you to know that I love you very very much..:)


A bit of an update!

Thursday, May 19, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Wow I haven't blog since the 15th??A huge gap there..hahaha.Been busy with work and plus,the boyfriend is back so been busy with him as well.We mostly hang at his house(he lives with his family okay) & watch movies or go out for dinner.

I'm just glad that he's here cos' I miss him a lot when he's away..T_T..I am SUPER mengada/manja with him..and ONLY with him am I able to do that.hahahaha.My friends knows me as the 'tough'(ganas) one and my family knows me as the 'garang'(fierce) one.:P..Razin said I am super degil(stubborn) one.hahaha..True true!:P

Some of the places that we've had dinner at recently ever since he's been back on the 7th,has been Homst--a first since I've never been there..the food is pretty good..the vegetable is super fresh & the way they cook it,retain it's freshness(yes I like veges!) and also not a first time since we've been there--Rakuzen at Empire Subang.A few pics of our eats..:)

*Met up with a few of my friends over food & gossip & nonsense on Wesak Day at Wangsa Maju.

*Finally bought myself a new tv!
The tv that I had in my room was a hand me down from my mum & she said that by now the tv is older than me since she bought it for my dad back when they first gotten married.

I got the tv when I was 16 years old.Because I'm the only girl in the family,having 3 brothers meant that we will always fight over what to watch on tv so my parents gave the tv to me.It has lasted many many years and I'm 24 years old now(almost!haha)& the brand of the tv is Sharp.

So I decided to replace it with a tv from Sharp as well.:)..My mum refuses to throw away the old tv & kept it cos' of the sentimental value..guess clearly I got the romantic side of me from her..ahahaha

Bought a few dvd's to watch on the new telly as well..
And no,the Gilmore Girls dvd is NOT rm149.90(won't spend that much on bloody dvd!) as the original plastic wrapper that I tore off stated it is rm 69.90 only..:P..The expensive price is before the discount.Bought 2 Korean series an old one(Wonderful Life,which me & my friends LOVED back in uni days) & another series is quite a new one(IRIS cos' there's TOP from Big Bang in it!!!).

*Watched the movie Just Go With It!

I find that although the plot of the movie is predictable and the ending as well..but it is sweet and adorable & I love Jennifer Aniston so I didn't mind watching it at all..Especially love the makeover part!Nicole Kidman's character is just so funneh!hahaha..Look out for her!

The kid with the British accent is also hilarious if a bit annoying at times.And Brooklyn Decker is just too hot that it bordered on not being fair!haha.Her real life husband,Andy Roddick made an appearance in the movie.

*Been obsessed with this OBB tank & it's in one of my fave color-Lavender!Wore it twice in less than a week..ahaha..Wish there was 1 in pale pink or mint green as well..:)..It's so comfy& light& cute!!!:)

*EDITED:Went to OBB today with Adela to treat her since it was her birthday a few days back & they have another of the top but this time in hot pink & I grabbed it..although I've never had any hot pink top except for a blazer,the top is just too cute & comfy for words!

Got myself a black alexa bag & 2 earrings as well(a ballerina shaped earrings & the other is a round flower shaped one).

I remembered that I'd go to OBB so often & accumulated many of their pink stripped shopping bags that whenever I go back,I'd bring one of my own so that Jezmine doesn't have to waste so many pretty paper bags.She said that she's thinking of getting less expensive ones because the old ones was quite costly.Now taddaahh she has new & just as well as pretty paper bags for
us girls!:)
*The old paper bag,below*
*The new paper bag*