A bit of an update!

Thursday, May 19, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Wow I haven't blog since the 15th??A huge gap there..hahaha.Been busy with work and plus,the boyfriend is back so been busy with him as well.We mostly hang at his house(he lives with his family okay) & watch movies or go out for dinner.

I'm just glad that he's here cos' I miss him a lot when he's away..T_T..I am SUPER mengada/manja with him..and ONLY with him am I able to do that.hahahaha.My friends knows me as the 'tough'(ganas) one and my family knows me as the 'garang'(fierce) one.:P..Razin said I am super degil(stubborn) one.hahaha..True true!:P

Some of the places that we've had dinner at recently ever since he's been back on the 7th,has been Homst--a first since I've never been there..the food is pretty good..the vegetable is super fresh & the way they cook it,retain it's freshness(yes I like veges!) and also not a first time since we've been there--Rakuzen at Empire Subang.A few pics of our eats..:)

*Met up with a few of my friends over food & gossip & nonsense on Wesak Day at Wangsa Maju.

*Finally bought myself a new tv!
The tv that I had in my room was a hand me down from my mum & she said that by now the tv is older than me since she bought it for my dad back when they first gotten married.

I got the tv when I was 16 years old.Because I'm the only girl in the family,having 3 brothers meant that we will always fight over what to watch on tv so my parents gave the tv to me.It has lasted many many years and I'm 24 years old now(almost!haha)& the brand of the tv is Sharp.

So I decided to replace it with a tv from Sharp as well.:)..My mum refuses to throw away the old tv & kept it cos' of the sentimental value..guess clearly I got the romantic side of me from her..ahahaha

Bought a few dvd's to watch on the new telly as well..
And no,the Gilmore Girls dvd is NOT rm149.90(won't spend that much on bloody dvd!) as the original plastic wrapper that I tore off stated it is rm 69.90 only..:P..The expensive price is before the discount.Bought 2 Korean series dvd..one an old one(Wonderful Life,which me & my friends LOVED back in uni days) & another series is quite a new one(IRIS cos' there's TOP from Big Bang in it!!!).

*Watched the movie Just Go With It!

I find that although the plot of the movie is predictable and the ending as well..but it is sweet and adorable & I love Jennifer Aniston so I didn't mind watching it at all..Especially love the makeover part!Nicole Kidman's character is just so funneh!hahaha..Look out for her!

The kid with the British accent is also hilarious if a bit annoying at times.And Brooklyn Decker is just too hot that it bordered on not being fair!haha.Her real life husband,Andy Roddick made an appearance in the movie.

*Been obsessed with this OBB tank & it's in one of my fave color-Lavender!Wore it twice in less than a week..ahaha..Wish there was 1 in pale pink or mint green as well..:)..It's so comfy& light& cute!!!:)

*EDITED:Went to OBB today with Adela to treat her since it was her birthday a few days back & they have another of the top but this time in hot pink & I grabbed it..although I've never had any hot pink top except for a blazer,the top is just too cute & comfy for words!

Got myself a black alexa bag & 2 earrings as well(a ballerina shaped earrings & the other is a round flower shaped one).

I remembered that I'd go to OBB so often & accumulated many of their pink stripped shopping bags that whenever I go back,I'd bring one of my own so that Jezmine doesn't have to waste so many pretty paper bags.She said that she's thinking of getting less expensive ones because the old ones was quite costly.Now taddaahh she has new & just as well as pretty paper bags for
us girls!:)
*The old paper bag,below*
*The new paper bag*


Zurin said...

I LOVE Rakuzen, although I usually go to their Damas branch, not the Subang one. You should try their Cranky Salmon Temaki (if you haven't already) they're super awesome :)

Liyana.H said...

Funnily last night when d boyf & I was looking at the menu,I pointed out that I should try the cranky salmon cos' I'm pretty cranky at times..but we ordered so much & didn't finish our food..maybe i'll order it the next time we go there!:)

Their staff is so courteous & attentive & I love it there!

babe..i love it when u said u only manja with him...n x gatal2 ngan org laen.. x mcm perempuan laen, ngn sume org nak gatal!!

Liyana.H said...

re:thanks babe!haha..mmg xreti la nk manja2 dgn org laen..maluuuu..:P
tu aku agree..saket mata kadang2..haha