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Thursday, May 05, 2011 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Lately I've been drinking coffee a few times in a week which is pretty extreme by my standards since I don't usually do that.But I need them in the early morning or else I'll be like the walking dead.
A few days ago I succumbed & bought this tumbler from Starbucks which I've been eyeing since I don't have a proper one for work & buying bottled water is a hassle & not good for the environment!

It cost me rm52 but it's worth it cos' I can change the design of it anytime I want just by adding pretty stickers or pictures since it's 'design your own'!..hehe..they have many other designs that are smaller & less expensive..

Got a few things to share...

Been eating ikan bakar(grilled fish) for 2 days now for lunch & I loveeeee it.Ikan bakar with rice,ulam & terung masak sambal.Simple and oh soooo good!

But on the other hand,my hands will smell of belacan afterwards,because what is eating ikan bakar without kuah asam right?Yep,they're in it & I make an exception with my allergies & dislike over it since it's only a small amount..haha

*Pic of the soft launch from their Facebook*

Sephora Malaysia is now open for business and I can't wait to go there and buy a few stuffs.Back when I was a teen,I would lust over their stuffs in Instyle magazine ads especially when the December issue comes out because they'd have these beautiful Christmas beauty sets coming out from all the different brands..can't wait!!

From the list of stockists that I see on their Facebook page,Rosebud Salve is on it!Yeayyyy!Hopefully if time permits,I'll be able to go there soon.

But I'm a bit sad that they don't have Philosophy,Fresh & Bliss stuff there yet..:((..I've been waiting for those..*sigh*

*A screenshot of one of my 'battles'..haha.*

I am now hooked again on playing online Scrabble and kicking strangers as*&s!hahaa..Did I mention that back in high school,when I was in form 4,my school won the first national tourney in our state& I was on the winning team with 2 other members..yeah yeah I'm a big nerd!:P I still have the trophy..hahaha

If only doing the physical form of exercise is as easy as doing my mental exercise(through this game..haha)..I need to start running in the morning & get rid of my flabs!Blearghhh..

The May issue of Instyle is out!I never ever miss to buy an issue each month ever since I was 15 years old,when I first discover this US based mag.Love love that Kate Hudson is on the me,she's the epitome of a free spirit and natural beauty.

In the magazine there's also an interview with celebs and their mom & who would have known that Chace Crawford(or Nate in Gossip Girl as he is more famously known),love to snack on SALADS as a kid!No joke!

A fashion spread with Lily Collins as the model made want to grow my hair up to her length because it looked so pretty!Must resist the urge to trim my hair!haha
And of course every year they have their Best Beauty Buys list and looking at their thorough list of professionals who tested all of the hundreds item,I can't wait to buy Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish!(I'll buy them online since the brand isn't available in Malaysia)

A profile on the designer duo from Rag & Bone was also awesome because managed to find out that both of them dudes have super cool of them is the famous makeup artist,Gucci Westman!

*Kate's dress is pretty similar to Grace Kelly's wedding dress to Prince Rainier(she's also a commoner,albeit a famous Hollywood actress)

Unless you've been living under a rock,you would have known about Prince William & Kate Middleton wedding..She's the first ever commoner to marry into the British Royal Family.And of course both of her dresses on her wedding day was gorgeous,simple and sleek.I'm sure lots of people will copy the look!
*Her evening dress was just as pretty*

My mum commented that her eyebrows looked too dark & wondered who did her makeup when we watch the Royal Wedding on tv..turns out she did her own makeup!Albeit it didn't cover her dark undereye circles,it's great to know that she wanted a little bit of normalcy.

Another breaking news is of course the death of Osama Bin Laden.I'm a bit skeptical over it because there are still some speculation going on that he is still alive.It's also scary to see what kind of backlash will hit the States regarding his death if it is really true.

A certain Malaysian celeb who is married to one of the Naza brothers was lambasted on twitter for her tweets on Osama's death by jubilating on it..ooops!

Sometimes we have to be mindful over what we share through social media..I guess the rumor about her brother in law disapproving of her was definitely true judging from his tweets that night!Yikesss!Drama drama!:P

*The fact that he sends me pics like dis proves how awesome posume(I made this word up..haha) he is!*

I laughed nonstop when I saw the pic above & it managed to make me forget the fact that I lost a thing that day..I told him that I just had to share it online & him being the cool person he is, was like, go ahead!haha*

He's coming home in less than 2 weeks!!Yipeeeee!I miss him sooo damn much!T_T..

Can't wait to go on dates,eat stuffs that I haven't ate since he's not here,like Japanese food--he's the only person in my life who lovessss Japanese a lot more than me..he managed to make me like raw salmon..haha.And also froyo!!Haven't had froyo in such a long time..


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Liyana.H said...

thank u for reading!

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