Finally I went to Sephora!:)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Finally after many failed attempts to go to Sephora due to clashes of other things..I went there yesterday!!!Bought a few stuffs & I have to say,it was pretty small..I have seen some Watson outlet being bigger than this.I guess I had a higher expectation & wish it was atleast 2 floors.The shape of the building looks awesome from the outside.

The staffs was helpful & didn't bother you while you browse around the store.Pesky sales people who follow you around all the time is annoying so I'm glad Sephora isn't like that.They seem to know the products well when I ask them a few questions.I got a few free samples with my purchase as well--Boss Night perfume sample & Ole Henriksen night creme sample.

I bough these items at Sephora:

*Rosebud Salve--they had a few flavors but I choose this classic one.I have been dying to own one of these since forever(yeah,embellishing a little..haha).

*Mario Badescu drying lotion--this one was recommended in InStyle magazine & other mags in the States many2 times as it can heal pimples overnight & it works!!Seriously I put it on last night & this morning a lot of my pimple have shrunk.It is a bit pricey though at rm135 a bottle but hey a clear complexion is paramount!:)

*Sephora cranberry lychee perfume spray--this scent is fresh & it is tiny so I can take it with me to work so it's easy to spritz on.

Met Izza afterwards for tea/slash meal of the day for me & Razin.haha.

Some of the stuffs that I want to get the next time I go to Sephora:

OPI Purple with a purpose nail polish--I tried it on,on one of my nails & the color is just so pretty!!Didn't buy it because it wasn't a necessity for the time being.I remembered me & Izza loving their products but couldn't afford them back in uni days cos' it's like almost rm60 for a bottle of nail polish!But the pigments & colors are beautiful!

This blusher,when I tried it on just really makes you look good!I was contemplating whether to buy this one or Mario Badescu drying lotion since the price are almost the same(the blusher is rm130)& the boyfriend even asked me key questions & I even called Izza.She said that the drying lotion was recommended to her when she went to Sephora as well.Plus,I still have my Bodyshop blusher left.Will try to get them late June!

The name of this brand is so cute although Razin said it sounded weird.haha.This lip frosting tasted soooo good on my lips but it was a bit glossy so I had to forgo this & stick with the rosebud salve.But I would like to buy it next time & it's rm65.Pretty reasonable cos' it is quite big.

Beauty products that I wish were available at Sephora:

Bliss skincare/spa products

Philosophy products

*Random*--2 beauty products that I bought recently at the drugstore:

Revlon Photoready compact-I love how sleek the packaging is & it is easy to fit into your bag.Plus the powder is super smooth on the skin & just melts into the skin & does not cake at all!

Maybelline Crayon Liner in Brown--this was just really dark & smooth to line the eyes with...loves it!
*Special thanks to this guy for being patient with me at Sephora as I took a long time browsing through everything & he went along with the craziness & he said that I was like a kid in a toystore..hehehe.I love u!
*In those heels,it is apparent how tall my boyfriend is & how short*petite* I am..hahah


Where is this shop???

Liyana.H said...

ellen,it's right in front of pavillion

Samz said...

nice!!!thanks for sharing !!!love it !