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Sunday, May 29, 2011 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Been going here,there & everywhere&buying stuffs & eat & eat in between..haven't had much time to blog so here are some pictures I'd like to share with you guys..:)

*Bought a bunch of candies for work(Daim,Jelly Belly & coconut candy) & famous blogger Diana Rikasari said this about candies in her blog:
Someone: "Diana, how do you stay jolly the whole day?"
Me: "I eat a whole lot of candies and chocolate!"

*Fave earrings which I bought recently from Old Blossom Box Store & also my current fave ring..

*Bought 10 new books at The Big Bookshop warehouse sale..I remembered going there a few years back & found awesome books at great prices..I almost didn't make it cos' I forgot about it..Total price of everything is rm156 but they slash it for 50% off so I paid rm77 something!wooott..Awesome!

*I love this book & there's so many cool things inside it..can't wait to read it-yes I'm a nerd!:P

*My fave Kodomo bento from Sushi King!

*Fettuccine carbonara with steamed asparagus made by my boyfriend lil' sis during dinner at their house..--Funny bit:A friend on my fb asked which restaurant served this dish & I had to explain to her & if you notice,under the table you can actually see his dad who wore kain pelekat..haha
*The boyfriend tired face after lugging stuffs from our Digital Mall trip!He bought a printer & I bought a few stuffs.My first time buying a harddisk because my boyfriend said I needed one which is true & now he has filled it with so many awesome series & movies..:))
*Meringue buttercream frosting--if u lift the bowl upside down & the meringue doesn't rop,it's done!Mix it w butter & you have meringue buttercream.OR you can just bake the meringue & have pavlova!:) The recipe for the frosting was taken from HERE.
*I put daim or cadbury turkish delight in the cupcake as a surprise for 1 of my bestie--Izza cos she needed some cheering up lately & she has been wanting cupcakes!This pic was before it was frosted though..:)
*Lunch at the office..I had a regular size domino's thin crust bbq chicken pizza of my own..some of my seniors ordered with me as well..yummmah!*

*My crazy workmate at the office at night--Rose & Francis with Amin & Aiman at the back..I miss Rehan who just resigned last week..she will become a teacher soon!Goodluck babe!:)

*Met up with the boyf's bestfriend & lepak2 at his place in Damansara & had lunch at Sakae first time eating there & I have to say it's cool that you get to order on your own via the computer..The price is a bit higher than Sushi King but lower than Rakuzen.The food pics are below..

*Mochi is so cute & yummy!
*This crispy salmon skin roll is sooo good!*

*Played monopoly cards with the boys after & it was my first time & it was fun though it was annoying when boyfriend won twice!Hurmphh..*:P


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