It’s not just about YOU,it’s about US

Friday, May 13, 2011 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

If you think that this post is about something juicy between me & the boyfriend,you’re sadly mistaken!I discussed this with the boyfriend,about my opinion & glad we're on the same page!Fidelity,honesty,intimacy & communication are very important to me..:)

This is about something that I have been meaning to blog about ever since I saw and heard how some other people are treating their significant other in a relationship.

Now,I am not an expert in love and relationship,far from it in fact.Thus this post is about my opinion and if you disagree with it,by all means it’s fine with me.

When you are in a relationship,it is not just about you and your own life anymore.You are basically sharing it with another person.Letting them into your life,knowing you,loving you and seeing all the layers that you have,one by one.

No matter how much you deny it,it IS a preparation for marriage.Thus through the relationship,you are basically trying to find the balance between the both of you,whether you are ready for the long haul as having to grow old with someone is not an easy thing to do!

Some of the things that I've seen others are doing to the their significant other,makes me really sad,dizzy and just plain wanting to give my two cents on it here.Because seriously,I'm sure if the person matures in the years to come,they'll look back at it & think,"man I was really stupid back then!".

I can't fathom how one can be in a relationship with someone & then says they wish that the other person didn't love them too much cos' what if they find someone better one day?Wow..I was just blown away by that line because it sounds so wrong to me.

What's the point of being with that person if you're just waiting for something better to come along?Plus,you can't control how much you love a can you say to someone who's in a relationship with you to stop their amount of love towards you at a certain point?

It is also illogical if you think that you can follow your own 'beat' most of the time..You can be yourself of course,but not 100% because relationship is about compromise and assimilation and acccepting each other,thus you can't be all like, "F*$# it,it's my life,I can do whatever I want,say/write whatever I want--what is it to you?".

Just because you know that,that person loves you,doesn't mean you can treat them however you want.Remember,what you give,you'll get back!

When you're in relationship,you have someone who loves you and your actions or words will hurt them if you don't proceed with caution.You have someone who will miss you when you're not around,who worries about your well being and that is NORMAL.

What is not normal is when somebody doesn't like all those things ALL the time(if sometimes,it's normal cos' not everyone is able to compromise 100% of the time) & when that happens maybe you should reexamine yourself whether are you truly ready & want to be in a relationship or maybe you're in one just because.Be honest with yourself and the other person as well.

Love is simple,only people likes to complicate it.