Movie Reviews:3 Idiots & No Strings Attached

Sunday, May 15, 2011 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

3 Idiots
"ALL IS WELL" ,Rancho frm 3 Idiots.

The boyfriend has been promoting this movie to me months ago but I wasn't able to watch it since the movie was with him & that time he was away from me.So once he got back I promised that I'd watch it with him & he wouldn't let me watch it alone either.haha.

He's not a Hindustani movie fan & so am I for that matter.But he was so enthusiastic about this movie that he even asked all of his family members to watch it.And I think when he watched it with me it was his 4th or 5th time watching it & even then,some of his family members was there to watch it again with us as well.It was THAT good!

The title of the movie refers to 3 bestfriends--Raju,Farhan & Rancho who met & bonded during their time studying at Imperial College.Together they face the ups and downs of life in the university especially when they have a stern & vicious Dean,named Virus who's the one that called them the 'Idiots'.

The plot is funny,smart and will make you shed a few tears here and there.The cinematography is breathtaking during some parts of the movie!

It is about the true sense of friendship and I have got to say that you just need to watch this movie and judge it for yourself.But rest assured,you won't be sorry!:) Although of course,I made the boyfriend skipped some of the lengthy singing parts as I find it unnecessary,but they're essential in any Hindustani movie.haha.

No Strings Attached

This movie tackles the question--Can a boy and a girl just have sex as friends withouth letting their emotions get in the way?But I think you know by now what the answer is,as this is a typical Hollywood movie after all.

BUT,the movie has some adorable parts in it which I find very memorable and sweet.Plus,it's Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher.Though they're not THAT believable,they look pretty cute together and it's rare to see Natalie play a role that is a bit fluffy.

One of the parts(SPOILER!!) that I love is when Natalie's character,Emma,was having PMS,along with all of her housemates,and Adam(Ashton's character) came to her house bearing cupcakes and a mix cd filled with songs that somehow has period related words in it like the song 'Bleeding Love'.He then fed her soup in bed with her wearing pjs & socks & they sang to the song Bleeding Love afterwards.hahaha

It's not a great of a movie as 3 Idiots was,but is quite enjoyable.

When I watched Emma scarfing all those doughnut holes in one of the scenes last night,I had a craving for doughnuts & asked my boyfriend to get it for me today..hehe.Sayang,don't forget!:P


3 idiots- one of my favorite.still the awesome movie although i'm watched it more than 3 times.Btw its songs quite catchy and funny too. give me some sunshine is the best one.

Liyana.H said...

yes surprisingly it proves to me & my boyfriend,the none-hindustani fans tat it is an awesome movie!i like the song in the bathroom too..hahaahahah

A fantastic movie and one wherein we could learn good moral lessons. I strongly suggest movie lovers to watch this.

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