Rainbow cake

Sunday, May 22, 2011 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Early last year I had a brief fascination with rainbow cake and would look at in awe over the net & wishing they sell those here.Last night,due to something I saw on twitter,I was reminded again about the cake & told my boyfriend that I want that cake for my birthday..hahaha :P

Nevermind the fact that my birthday is a month & a few days away..Plus,it's not definite whether I'll be able to celebrate it since I might be working on said date..*sigh*.Anyhoo,the boyfriend search on the net & he actually found a baker in Klang Valley who actually makes them!!And they're sooooo pretty I could die!

I know that they're basically just butter cake in layers of various candy colors but still there's something about them that seem so pretty and magical to me...like fairies and unicorns and Razin Yuzer(eh2..hahaha).

He found a blog which had the prettiest rainbow cake ever!!She baked it for her little girl & covered it in white fondant and let her decorate it using edible pen..Look at the picture below..so pretty right??Arghhhh I want one I want one!Read more of the entry HERE..

Edited:A few weeks after this post was my birthday and I got 2 rainbow cakes.One from the boyfriend and one I ordered from a friend(cos I didn't know the boyfriend would order one haha)


oh goodness! it is so beautiful!!! babe, when u can bake one for ur loyal customer? since your red velvet cake is verryyy good... y dun try this one as well?

Liyana.H said...

it's so beautiful right??no time la babe to bake something as tedious as this..it will prolly take a very long time for me 2do so..haha

Anonymous said...

err hi. where can i get the baker's details ? cause im really interested in getting this cake for my friend. haha

Liyana.H said...

u can just click on d word baker in klang valley in d post dear..:)